THE MONTESSORIAN on Montessori Education

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THE MONTESSORIAN earned a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of California. She researched how children learn to speak a first language and also how children think ahead to solve problems while teaching at a college. She has written a thesis challenging the Chomskyan idea that language is innate by investigating the amount of mental effort which three and four year olds exert when forming concepts of grammatical structures. She has taught courses such as Child Development, Cognitive Development, and Child Language Acquisition on the college level.

THE MONTESSORIAN is certified as a Montessori teacher by the American Montessori Society and holds a Montessori Preschool credential and an Elementary (6-9) Montessori credential. She taught at several Montessori schools before taking over the ownership of her own school in 1992. Since then, this school has grown from a tiny Montessori preschool in a church basement to a stand-alone school with about 300 pupils as young as six weeks and as old as Eighth Grade. The school is currently undertaking a third major addition and the new wing will include more space for Middle School, and also an Arts and Sports Barn with a gymnasium, music studios, and a performance space.