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  2. The Writer's Roundtable

    The purpose of The Writer's Roundtable is to provide a place for writers to describe their own writing problems and offer solutions to others' problems. The Roundtable is open to all writers. That includes fiction (such as poetry, screen plays, short stories, and novels) and nonfiction (such as scientific treatises, technical manuals, business communications, letters to editors, books on history, philosophical essays, academic works, and posts in The Forum).

  3. Special Interest Study Groups

    A Special-Interest Study Group (SISG) brings together serious students for close, scheduled study of a particular text -- whether it be a book, a paper, or other writing worthy of careful examination. The topic moderator specifies the text several months ahead, distributes a schedule, and selects members. He opens each scheduled week with his own contribution (e.g., a summary of the assigned reading). Members then post their contributions and discuss them. When the scheduled SISG ends, the moderator opens the topic to everyone.

  4. Self-Improvement and Self-Help

    The Self-Improvement and Self-Help subform contains topics that may assist ambitious individuals in improving the quality of their lives. Topics are initiated as an area in which improvement or help is sought, or a solution offered, each open to discussion. For easy identification, the topic's title clearly names both the subject and the theme -- "Central Purpose in Life, What is the best way to select one?" is an example.