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  1. 300 (2007)

    You seem to using "abstract" here as something disconnected from reality, but the "idea of freedom" is an abstraction. Perhaps it is worthwhile clarifying your meaning, so as not to be misunderstood.
  2. Windows Vista and a new computer

    I'm having trouble finding any off-the-shelf machines set up (at BestBuy, at Fry's -- Dell, Gateway, Sony, HP, etc.) with 64-bit Vista Ultimate to run Media Center. I do not want to have to worry about finding drivers myself, which is why I would like to have the machine already set up that way. Is there someplace else I should be looking?
  3. A Waltz for Friday Evening

    I have never actually seen her perform; she is quite lovely. The ending notes were exquisite. YouTube sure is becoming a popular source for entertainment and the arts.
  4. 300 (2007)

    The URL for the movie became garbled above, so here is the pointer to the 300 website. (The video with Lena Headey is delightful. Thanks, Lu.)
  5. Are you good at counting?

    Interesting that their An Overview of Inattentional Blindness page contains misspelled and missing words. Physician, heal thyself!
  6. Are you good at counting?

    Yes. The black team had one additional player.
  7. The Great Global Warming Swindle

    Thanks for providing the pointer to the DVD of the show. Allan Chapman's Great Scientists DVD looks interesting. Do you know who are the five scientists that he focuses on? Also, when the price is only in pounds, as it is for Great Scientists, I assume that is because the DVD is available for Region 2 only. Do you know if that is right?
  8. Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to members RJM and Zigory. We found a perfect gift for RJM's birthday: his own BioPhotonic Antioxidant Skin Carotenoid Scanner And, RJM's work has earned him this year's SUPER FLY award. Zigory seems to really enjoy the movies, so for his birthday we got him these.
  9. Those are very nice shots, Darren. How did you capture them?
  10. PI Day - March 14 (3.14)

    They do seem rather half-baked. Someone probably whipped them up just to get some dough.
  11. PI Day - March 14 (3.14)

    There are three competing theories that I know of: the LM, AC, and SC theories (Lemon Meringue, Apple Crumb, and Strawberry Cream). However, I have limited knowledge in this area, so there might be other flavors theories as well.
  12. PI Day - March 14 (3.14)

    It just means a quantity which itself has no physical units (no distance, no time, etc.). Most often, the number itself relates together various quantities that themselves do have physical units, but the relationship among the quantities is such that all the units cancel out. So, the fine structure constant relates the speed of light, Planck's constant, and the electric charge in such a way that the units cancel each other out, whatever consistent system of units they are expressed in. A more common dimensionless quantity that almost everyone has some sense of, is a drag coefficient. Most all know that a sleekly designed car has less air resistance than a car in the shape of a box. The dimensionless quantity that expresses that relationship is known as the drag coefficient.
  13. Computer glitch for Daylight-Saving time this year?

    Ha! I found the group, and a whole bunch of guys who applied the DST update to SP2 are complaining about their own one-hour-off problem. It seems that, for them, the schedule appears correctly, but the recording time is one hour off. (You can't win. ) Before I found that group, I poked around in Media Center and found that the software uses zap2it as the scheduling source. I put in my zip code at and viewed the same-named provider that I downloaded to Media Center. The website schedule has the correct times, but the Media Center schedule times are off by an hour. At this point I have concluded two things: 1. Getting the 6 o'clock news at 5 o'clock should be interesting, especially for live news. 2. I'll wait until the old DST comes into effect. I suspect the problem will go away then.
  14. Computer glitch for Daylight-Saving time this year?

    I don't know anyone around my area who is using it, though some members of THE FORUM use Media Center. Regarding Jeff's several suppositions, I have confirmed one thing: whatever is going on is independent of the local time on my computer. I set my computer time to be hours off of the actual time and when downloading the schedule everything is off by one hour, just like before.
  15. 300 (2007)

    Is this not the sense of "sacrifice" as Miller used?