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  1. Immigration Gumballs

  2. Happy Birthday to PhilO

    Phil, it was nice to finally meet you recently. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  3. Jeter's Latest Immortal Play

    No one said they are the whole story. But they are facts; stats are a form of the human need of measurement in order to understand reality. All I see is a writing off of these facts and then a cashing-in of the blank check of intangibles. And not only that, but this is all being done without any discussion of how these intangibles themselves compare to those possessed by players across the 100+ years we've had of baseball. E.g., does anyone have any actual data of how good Jeter's clutch hitting is as compared to the many other clutch hitters in the history of the game? If phrases like "one of the best of all time" are going to be used, then one needs to step up to the plate (pun intended) and provide the comparative evidence against baseball players across the decades--especially when Jeter is decidedly not "one of the best of all time" when it comes to batting average, homeruns, stolen bases, fielding percentage, or virtually any stat you choose. Strong statements require strong proof, not anecdotes. If this is not provided then I have nothing more to say.
  4. Jeter's Latest Immortal Play

    This argument seems to rely on the claim that the large difference in on-field production between guys like Aaron on the one hand, and Jeter on the other, is made up for because the difference between Jeter's attitude and hustle and those players' is similarly large. But aren't there plenty of guys with much better numbers than Jeter who hustled and wanted to win? Also, how do we say that, causally, Jeter's attitude and hustle is worth as much in wins as, say, the 500+ more homeruns of an Aaron, or the 20-30 points higher career batting average of a Tony Gwynn or a Ted Williams? I'm genuinely open to argument here, but it's definitely not obvious to me. Moreover, this is all separate from the fact that, nationally, people who regard Jeter's on-field production as anything short of epochal often get a lot of flak. I think this is what drives a lot of the "overrated" talk.
  5. Jeter's Latest Immortal Play

    Well, beyond noteworthy, sure. But you'll have to justify one of the greatest players of all time. Perhaps you could provide some statistical categories in which he is close to one of the greatest of all time. By the way, I don't agree with the "if you watched him day-in and day-out you'd see" argument. Jeter's hustle and attitude is not a blank check to say that the fairly massive difference in on-field production between him and myriad other players in the history of the game is thereby offset. Other players who have much better numbers gave it their all and wanted to win, too.
  6. Jeter's Latest Immortal Play

    Yes, as is obligatory when discussing issues like this, it's important to say that I'm a big Jeter fan who often sings his numerously deserved praises.
  7. Jeter's Latest Immortal Play

    If we're thinking of the same SI piece (which we may not be), SI was reporting that MLB players voted Jeter to be the most overrated in baseball. I don't think that's a crazy viewpoint. But let me first ask: what do you mean by "one of the greatest"? One of the greatest players (or shortstops) of all time? One of the greatest players (or shortstops) right now?
  8. I Quit College!

    I agree with ewv that his views have been misrepresented. As moderator, let's be more careful when speaking about others' views. Quote things in context, and avoid sloppy reformulations. Lastly, there should be no more claiming that ewv regards "building character" as such to be a floating abstraction, or that a liberal arts education always has nothing to do with building character. He has made it especially clear that these are not his views.
  9. Major shooting at Virginia Tech this AM

    I think FORUM member egochick goes to Virginia Tech (or at least that's what it says on her myspace profile). For those who know her: is this true, and if so have you heard from her?
  10. CONGRATULATIONS! My wife Sarah and I got married last summer, and I can tell you that despite how happy you feel now, it will only get better. Sarah and I both wish you and Kevin all the best.
  11. Stephen's Health

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful man. Thank you, Betsy -- and thank you, Stephen.
  12. Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to member Levi.
  13. Stephen's Health

    In my shock, and my honoring of Betsy's request to post the terrible news for her, I neglected to publicly speak to her. Of course, my and Sarah's deepest sympathies are with Betsy, and we will be there for her in any manner she needs for as long as she needs. You are in our thoughts, Betsy. Always.
  14. Stephen's Health

    It pains me greatly to have to inform everyone that Stephen passed away tonight. He waged a valiant battle. But he took another turn for the worse and there was nothing his doctors could do. I know this must come as a shock. I'm beside myself. All I can think of right now is how much Stephen loved the song "What a Wonderful World," and how with Stephen gone the world is no longer quite as wonderful. You will be missed, Stephen, and you will always be loved by those who knew you best. --Alex