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  1. Iran Captures 15 UK Sailors

    The quicker this ends in war, the better.
  2. Iran Captures 15 UK Sailors

    Russian sources believe the United States will launch airstrikes against Iranian military and civilian targets at 12:40AM Friday morning of God knows what time zone. [debka/ post/russian news and intelligence] I sure hope this materializes an hour early
  3. Stephen's Health

    I live my life as if nothing will change, that THE FORUM will always be there and so will Stephen, but now something has changed and I am so shocked that all I can think about is to take life by the throat and live it.
  4. Saving the earth

    I agree with Michael, the shutter has definately been left open longer on the top photograph, possibly as long as 5-10 seconds.
  5. Japan.

    Correction, "the majority will not question [the higher taxes, increased regulations, etc]"... I wouldn't be surprised if the United States dissolves in the next 25 years, in April 2000 the United States had liabilities of $20.1 trillion, in October 2006 when I did my calculations I got $55 trillion, in December, the Treasury for the first time ever released in its Comptroller report [chief accountant of the United States] the liabilities of the United States, summing up by government figures at $53 trillion (so I was $2 trillion off). According to my calculations in February the United States has liabilities of $74 trillion. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in testimony after the late February crash on capitol hill cited $76 trillion. The United States is a $12.8-$14.1 trillion/year economy. The United States should receive tax receipts of $2.4-$2.7 trillion in the next financial year. The public debt is $8.9 trillion. The total liabilities of medicaid and social security is $39.5 trillion. Just to name a few disgusting figures.
  6. Japan.

    What makes the United States obviously far worse today than that portrayed around the producers in Atlas Shrugged is reality. Ayn Rand dramatized events in her novel, and it's fiction [spectacular burning of Wyatt Oil fields, heroic characters, etc]. I take Atlas Shrugged not as a future prediction, but as a theme to always keep in mind. The looting, the shrugging and everything imbetween constitutes the fiction novel of Atlas Shrugged and nothing more. If I refer someone to what is happening in contrast to what did in Atlas Shrugged that is perfectly valid. In reality, if the world is going to the crapper people do not walk around asking Who is John Galt? Instead people are brainwashed since they're 3 years old that being selfish is bad and told when Mom wants them to do something or has to give them a reason that it's because "Mommy said so" or "God made it so". Irrationality comes before the social system and sooner or later everyone is extremely happy with mass censorship in the United States such as the banning of tobacco advertising or the actions of the FCC and the local regulation of the airwaves and mass slavery through progressive taxation. No matter how high the taxes go, no matter how much the censorship increases -- no-one will question it since it has been justified by authority and authority thinks for them rather than themselves thinking independently. After all it's democracy, and most people are unwise and uneducated. There is still people on TV debating on CNN or FOX or CNBC or talk radio for the other viewpoint, but most of the listeners are inactive. This is why I do what I do, plan for an LFC, I'd rather live in Galt's Gultch in Atlas Shrugged. Did I ever say avoid taxes at ALL costs? I don't shrug so the world will collapse, but rather to erect civilization. Just like no man can control all industry throughout the world, the gultch in Atlas Shrugged was nothing with only John Galt in it, I'm an individual, it's only if I were to take a group to the Cayman Islands that maybe some things may collapse
  7. Japan.

    Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands, the Republic of Chile, Bermuda, Vanuatu, Monaco, etc... these nations are far more free than the United States... with particular emphasis on the Republic of Chile which is my primary focus for implementing pure, unregulated, Laissez Faire Capitalism. The Republic of Chile is the only nowist country which is moving towards and not away from free market capitalism. Japan has recently popped up into my playbook, since I will be trading the financial markets and moving around the world as a permanent tourist, with that EN-JP liason/language upperhand on Wall Street. I also like the Asian Tigers, particularly Hong Kong, whose skyline makes New York City look like Darfur. The United States has far advanced ahead of the trends highlighted in Atlas Shrugged. The United States portrayed in Atlas Shrugged is almost exactly like the United States from 1929-1945, and when you look at the concretes you can see periods where the trend is worse faster than the worst of times in Atlas Shrugged, however, this period, 1929-1945 has added swings because of world events. There are states in the United States, such as Delaware, Florida and New Hampshire that stand as shining beacons of freedom in comparison to the rest of the United States. I am surprised the United States is not even considered a socialist nation. Ever since the United States invaded a country, which it had the right to invade, but with the only reason being the delivery of democracy, I have viewed the United States as a complete, unfettered democracy with no chance in the world of returning to a Republic unless by the stroke of luck, or the skill of the right cultural changes pulled by Objectivists, or the right man at the right time, i.e.: Rudy Guiliani becomes President in 2008, the anti-capital gains tax, pro-supply side [laffer curve] low tax rate (1-10% flat tax), anti-sales taxes, pro-choice, candidate. Think about it, almost all western industrialized nations today are democracies, and even though the United States is technically a Republic, this means absolutely nothing because there's no way this can be so, the rest of the world [aforementioned nations] follow the direction of the United States, if the United States kills Gold, so do the rest, if the United States is the first with a Family Affairs Bureau then the rest follow. There's no way every other democratic western industralized nation have not been, at least in key respects in regards to the evolution of democratic institutions during the 20th century, following the lead of the United States. -- with the United States being the biggest and most evolved democracy in the world. Contrary to the stance of most Objectivists I know, on this matter, I consider the most democratic of democracies, regardless of the protection built into the Republic such as the nuances of majorities in Congress versus the popular vote in Europe obtaining absolute rule. As we all know the United States has never truly been 100% consistent as a Republic, from the contradictions beginning with 'well-regulated' in the second amendment to the passage of the 16th amendment, the United States has been in a downtrend worse than anything I think fiction, anyones fiction, can produce. Here's an ominous parallel, ExxonMobil's CEO, a few senators, global warming deniers being attributed as worthy for Nuremburg style trials. The convergence of ideas of the people against the Jewish minority in Nazi Germany.
  8. Japan.

    Yes, I don't merely think that, I know she'd most emphatically advocate it, infact, it's somewhat of a moral imperative if you really care about your life and given the cost of travel and the abundance of tax havens as well as international professions -- it depends upon your profession however IMHO -- if you're a 45 year old plumber who has built clients in San Diego and San Diego only then probably not a good idea. Not as a patriotic bromide, she had reasons, and yes the US is the only moral country in the history of the world. I now recommend you look at the ominous parallels.
  9. Japan.

  10. Japan.

    Japan has been booming, the only two reasons they raised interest rates recently is because there was an exogenous factor that would not make the public suspicious of a rate hike [so you can blame it on energy prices] and to slow down what it sees as 'excessive' growth. They say it was inflation, that's central banking for you... 0% interest rates are extremely bullish, the lower the interest rate, the lower the inflation rate, and because the interest rate is universal and under 2% (increase in gold supply annually) means that Japan has been going through a period of extreme deflation. The background for the rate rise (rather than the timing) in Japan, with interest rates now at 0.5% is because Japan wants to depreciate the Yen for its own exporters and so the US dollar can stop falling against it, boosting up the US dollar. This is all long term stuff, not spare of the moment short ranged foreign exchange market nuance, where the theory goes that a nations currency will appreciate if it raises interest rates [which is completely false]). Central banks invert things with a brilliant PR campaign, that raising interest rates will fight inflation [when it expands its effects by causing less demand for the physical currency used over the counter (which means more than the banks holding FX reserves overnight to receive the interest rate differential, this act actually reduces the demand for that currency long term because the reserve holdings change almost hourly [in the tens of billions] and thus go through massive fluctuations putting strain on the interbank money markets)]. Something to remember is the prime factor which determines whether a central bank will raise or lower interest rates is whether it can blame an exogenous factor and fool the market. Central banks know sometimes years in advance whether they will raise interest rates and by how much, the only thing they play with then is timing -- this gives them time to work on PR -- ask a central banker [the jobs of those on the board is only PR, managing US T-bond purchases, and targetting the Fed funds rate [for the Fed]]. Evidence for this lies in central bank minutes, there is never an inconsistency in the editing! Also take a look at the speech writing as well as presentations that members of a central bank do almost daily to business groups, times in history where central bankers have told reporters what they're going to do next and how far it was before they actually did it. Hope it helps [i trade the financial markets, and intend to do it for a living].
  11. Japan.

    [bold added by me] If some group of Japanese businessmen create big buildings that is not the accomplishment of the people who discovered individual liberty and delivered it to Japan, but the businessmen. The reason Japan is a wealthy, western industrialized nation is because the United States forced a constitution down their throats, and same with Germany -- you notice the best industrial economies of the world have had the United States force a constitution down their throats? By any means my last two sentences are not contradictions, liberty is discovered, and sometimes such knowledge is delivered by its discoverers; but the achievements of the receiver of such discoveries, Japan, who implemented them, are the sole effort of the people who are then free (because of the implementations), i.e.: the businessmen who put those buildings together (whether they bought the knowledge of building construction from English speakers or Americans or from Germans or from Greeks does not matter, nor whether 90% of their engineers were imported from the United States). The fact of the matter is the skyscrapers in Tokyo are man's will in action.
  12. Japan.

    Did I say bad ideas are only in English? No. The fact this current generation in Japan is passing through school learning English is a huge advantage for Objectivist activity in Japan. I think you mean Romaji, which is the romanization of Japanese. You'd find most words pinned to 'English' are etymologically and linguistically Latin or Germanic words rather than English, furthermore English has added virtually the same amount of words to every other language, especially since the birth of computing (although probably more words to the indo-european languages). I have seen your YouTube video, I worship individualism not the United States of America like yourself -- there's simply no reason for patriotism at all. As Ayn Rand herself said, loyalty is like a rubber band that wears thin. From my observations I have concluded that the essence of patriotism is undeserved loyalty, and thus I think patriotism is evil [the immoral = impractical (patriotism as a completely unnecessary waste of time)]. Many of the things people call patriotism is really just plain loyalty and pride. Pride in one's nation, do you write down your own pride? Then why do it for one's nation? The only reason I can imagine wanting to write down my accomplishments is if I was no longer accomplishing great things and I wanted the written history of my previous accomplishments to remind me of how great I used to be lest I lose the will to live. This is the purpose patriotism serves... and if you're only learning this for the first time -- knowledge of patriotism's true essence acts also as vindication that the United States is running on inertia from the 19th century and heading towards the dark ages because of the evolution of 19th [e.g. Kant] century ideas. I do not know about you but I took the book Atlas Shrugged extremely seriously, I am currently taking steps to shrug and I am only 19 years of age. People traveling through a country do not have to pay income taxes, etc. For instance, I can stay in the United States for 122 days, some countries 9 months, as a tourist, after awhile you lose domicile and become a permanent tourist and have no obligations to your homeland all thanks to the 19th century (electricity) and the most beautiful invention of the 20th century (in my opinion), the Boeing 747-400. You asked us not to over-analyse your YouTube video here... "America is better than your country" ... your thread title was explicitly "My patriotic YouTube video".
  13. Japan.

    Is Japan the ideal location to focus our efforts on advancing Objectivism? A few things I have noticed, these are things I scribbled down on paper awhile back.. -- Emotions are shown to have direct causes in Japanese film, also the actors tend to act more emotionally, not necessarily over emotionally because we in the West are used to people, especially men, repressing their emotions; so whilst I think that guy is acting over emotionally maybe he's happier than I am? If Japanese people are happier, why? Or what about the swing in emotion from happiness to sadness? -- Technological superiority, self-sufficiency, trade, I'd argue the most advanced mixed economy on Earth with the best allocation of public funds for public consumption [infrastructure]. -- The suicide rate, the extreme between happiness and sadness, good and evil, Japanese revisionism of history and what it means. -- The lack of a dominant epistemological bent/sweeping movement that has the nation in its epistemological grip. Or rather, the total lack of epistemology and how you can see it in Japanese culture. -- The lack of English [lack of infiltration of bad ideas]. -- Isolationism and conservatism [in the sense of status-quo]. -- The fall of authority. -- Atheism as a step towards Egoism, as enabling self-esteem, implicit Egoism through the wide acceptance culturally of business enterprise, market, and especially commercialism in Japan. Could bringing about an LFC be sparked best by erasing irrationalism in what seems to be the nation with the most rational people?
  14. UCLA Objectivist club

    That site you linked to mentioned the protests are in essence sparked because of one sides views, yet does not mention that side.. is it Yaron Brook's unpopular views or Minuteman "toughtalk" that people protest to?
  15. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    Does anyone have any websites they can link me to with a rock solid history or other interesting information regarding what actually happened with the nationalization of American oil property in the Islamic Republic of Iran and maybe other places and perhaps when, in regards to Iran. I root the day where most Objectivists cite not the hostage taking as the first in the string of aggression against the United States, but the expropriation of American oil property. [ solid information in the following sense: factual, not wikipediad, consistent and at best hierachial in presentation [if a page with the whole history], a solid source you could bet your hat on ] Thanks in advance to anyone who has some solid links out there, I've googled and just find a heap of trash, maybe I need to improvise on my keywords.