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  1. Atlas Shrugged as a Spark

    Yes, you got it just right, Arnold.
  2. Hi, my name is Oleksandr (or a shorter version: Olex). I'm in early 20s and I currently live in USA where I'm studying for my Software Engineering MS degree. I'm an engineer who has ran into the philosophy of Objectivism almost a year ago. I have to thank Ayn Rand for creating and making her philosophy available, which has provided me with a chance to bring order and foundation to my ideas. If someone were to ask me a year ago: "Do you find philosophy useful?" I would reply: "No, all philosophies I know are useless." Nowadays, my answer is "Philosophy is a matter of life and death." Having grown up in a post-Soviet country, Ayn Rand or her philosophy has never appeared on my radar. I finally bumped into a comment of her main work, Atlas Shrugged, on one of web portals. I put forth such a quick reaction to read the book (running to the nearest bookstore, and buying the book after reading a few pages) from a simple quote that I am now thinking if I had longed for such philosophy and had somehow figured out that this was "it" from a simple note. (I'm still reflecting on this from time to time.) In the past year I've read all her major novels and non-fiction, including ITOE, which I finished recently. I think I'm still surprised how consistent and rational is Objectivism. It's an immense pleasure and a healthy boost of self-confidence to have the conceptual knowledge to build up all ideas from the ground-up, from the very basic axioms, to the largest and most complex concepts of human knowledge. It feels serene and self-assertive to have the conceptual backbone that unites all my ideas. I used to have separated ideas in almost everything with the exception of sciences. I had strived to build all my scientific knowledge through relationships, where one concept relates to others, to minimize memorization and increase the capacity to reconstruct one idea from the rest. (Many of my college tests ended up being just like that.) Matters of philosophy were a harder problem. They have a much larger (though not as intensive) context, and I built only a few points, most of them being separated and disconnected, before I had found Objectivism. I am looking to enjoy this forum judging by the quality of its members, and further increase my understanding of philosophy and its topics. See you around. P.S. It took some time to calm down the "mental" flux in my mind caused by the inflow of Ayn Rand's ideas. (I wrote a blog post when I was in the first chapters of Atlas Shrugged which describes it: Atlas Shrugged as a Spark. Upon reading it again, I decided to submit it to "essay" section of this forum.)
  3. If nothing else, it exposes the philosophy to a rather large audience with a correct interpretation. Stephen Colbert has gain a lot of popularity among the college (and few years out of college) population. P.S. Nothing on youtube yet.
  4. Hype for the movie "300"

    Wow, those posters look awesome. Indeed, its arrival is an expected gift.P.S. First poster is a dead URL for me.