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  1. Collectivism and Altruism to Dominate Democrats

    "liberals say that Republican policies promote a "radical individualism" If only that were actually true...
  2. Male-Female sexual roles

    Add me to the list of people who are perplexed by your question. It seems to me that you are asking for the difference between the two without context. In other words, my understanding of your question and subsequent responses is that you wish to know if penetrating as a general concept is inherently dominant. To this I think the answer is no. In war if I were stabbed with a bayonet, then I (being penetrated)would not be in a dominant position and if I were surrounded(enveloped) by the enemy I would also not be in a dominant position. But sex is a particular context and to view the act of penetration without all of the psychological and social considerations does it little justice. Let me know if I'm on the right track or not. Gordon
  3. Male-Female sexual roles

    To start with full disclosure, I do agree with Rand's assessment of the metaphysical dominance of men. That being said, I am not sure how well I can defend the view. Having never been a woman, I can only surmise, but I believe it would be a far more vulnerable feeling to have someone inside of your body then to be in anothers and vulnerabilty seems to be incompatable with dominance. More of an 'incoming' experience rather then an 'outgoing' experience, so to speak. Also, my (first hand) experience has been that more action is required on the part of the male whether on top or bottom for a number of reasons, one of which piz alluded to. I think his statements are relevent because the male must be actively and conciously engaged in order for errection and then penetration to occur. So even when not acting as the primary mover, he cannot be in a completely passive state.
  4. Help - noisy down-spouts

    Actually, you can usually spot where the sound is coming from, from the ground. If you can localize it, then you could have a gutter guy come out and secure the spot without his having to be there on a windy day. If he knows at all what he's doing, then he should be able to find the cause if you get him within 10 feet of it.
  5. Help - noisy down-spouts

    Coincidentally, I architectural sheet metal contractor and a member of this board. The most common sound that I have seen occur is when a piece of metal is not fastened properly and vibrates really quickly, but that tends to make more of a high pitched hum then a whistle. To stop it, on a windy day go out and find the offending piece and refasten it. If it has a more airy sound it may just be an effect similiar to when you blow sideways across a bottle, in which case you could put a diverter onto the bottom of the downspout which turns it away from the prevailing wind direction. If it is neither of these things, perhaps you could explain it in more detail and I might be able to think of some other possibility. best Gordon
  6. The End of Faith

    I read "end of faith" a few years ago, but remember liking it for the most part. The first 90% I found to be a well reasoned attack on religion. In the last chapter he brought up "eastern mysticism" as an antidote but I don't remember him advocating it as a form of mysticism, exactly. If I remember correctly, he was more interested in the psychological benefits of meditation and so forth. I am not familiar with any of his more recent writings or speeches. It is possible that he held or now holds supernatural beliefs, but I don't remember getting that from that book. So I recommend it. Best Regards, Gordon
  7. Death penalty

    Unfortunately I do not remember the article where I read it originally but the article I found and listed below discusses it. As to whether or not it it has withstood public scrutiny, I really can't say. "Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) spokesperson Tela Mange notes that her agency's crime lab has handled 49 such inmate requests (not all of them death-penalty cases) for DNA retesting. A significant percentage of the inmates have been exonerated. "Eight tests were inconclusive, and there were nine individuals that were excluded as donors of the biological evidence left at the scene," Mange said from her Austin office. "
  8. Death penalty

    I find myself a reluctant opponent of the death penalty. I would love murderers to be executed, but don't have the stomach to allow innocents to be executed in the process. There are apparently dozens of people on death row who have been exonerated by DNA tesing. Something like 1 in 5 of the people tested in Texas have been found not guilty. These people had all been sentanced to death unanimously by a jury of 12. I would have to be convinced that a wrongful execution would be an incredible anomoly rather then a common occurrence before I considered it justifiable.
  9. Universal health care bill ratified in California

    As I understand it, medicare/medicaid patients make up over 50% of health care spending. Because they are legislated prices, hospitals and doctors have to make up costs with private payers...especially cash people. Another factor which might contribute is the high cost of getting a medical degree. $250,000 in student loans is not unusual at graduation. If they defer their loans through residency then it can be as high as $500,000. Add those loan payments to the average $8000/month in malpractice insurance premiums and doctors have a pretty serious nut to crack before including a mortgage payment and putting their kids through college. All of those costs have been experiencing double digit % increases for years which they of course have to pass on to the consumer. Not to worry though. California will fix all that with socialized medicine.
  10. Borrowing books.

    Something not unlike licensing on software could probably be arranged.
  11. Borrowing books.

    As I understand(I am not an author), having a book purchased by libraries is actually very beneficial to a writer. In addition to being paid for the book by the libraries, it creates an expansion of readership in a number of ways. Good books are often worth reading more then once so many people will purchase a book they have already read for that reason alone. Also if you read it and like it, you are very likely to recomend it to others. This increases book sales since many who hear about it will purchase rather then borrow it. Additionally, if they like the book, they might purchase it as gifts for friends. I also do not see the force involved. An author could ostensibly refuse to sell a book to the library.
  12. Introduction

    Thank you, and I'm sorry twice over. I'll try and make a point of that. I should know better by now.
  13. The Toilers of the Sea

    I suppose that is exactly what he meant. After reading that, it is easy to see why Miss Rand thought he possessed a malevolent universe premise.
  14. The Toilers of the Sea

    I had the same response. The greatest book I have ever read and the worst ending I have ever read. It'd be like reading Atlas Shrugged and having Galt give up hope and commit suicide in the end. Horrble. I still give it a 10. Just stop reading 10 pages from the end and make up your own ending. Then it'll be perfect.
  15. Hello everyone. I just discovered this board a couple days ago and so far am impressed with the level of discussion. I look forward to geting to know those of you that I don't already know from other boards. as to not leave anyone out...I suppose I look forward to getting to know the rest of you better. My name is Gordon Kearns. I am a contactor(construction) living in Denver, CO. I have been reading Objectivist writings for about 10 years now. I have read everything by Rand as well as OPAR and many essays by other objectivists. Additionally, I have listened to a fair number of taped lectures. To clarify my philosophical views, I consider myself to be an objectivist, in that I do not disagree about much of anything that Miss Rand wrote and precious little of what other objectivist scholars have written or said in talks. So that's it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks in advance to the providers of this board and their moderators for making this forum available. From what I have read, you seem to be doing a good job. Best regards everyone, Gordon