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  1. Peikoff on the coming election

    So the situation is that you are on an Objectivist forum, a detailed analysis is available for free by what I (and many) consider the top Objectivist philosopher in the world, and you want me, a non-philosopher, student of Objectivism to attempt to explain it to you. (BTW, it's 15 one-and-a-half -hour lessons.) If you make an effort to study his course, I will be happy to discuss my understanding of specific points. Otherwise, why should I make the effort?
  2. Peikoff on the coming election

    OK, I see. I thought maybe that you hadn't listened to Dr. Peikoff's DIM analysis.
  3. Peikoff on the coming election

    You can listen for yourself at www.aynrand.org. (You have to register, but it's free.)
  4. Peikoff on the coming election

    Dr. Peikoff provided what I consider ample evidence, philosophical analysis backed by concretes, in his course "DIM Hypothesis". Do you reject all of this?
  5. How would (will) you vote in the 2006 election?

    I don’t consider Peikoff just “some authority”. I’ve studied many hours of his lectures, including his DIM course. He has convinced me that: Philosophy is the driving force of history; Those with the most consistent principles have the greatest impact. The Democrats are basically nihilistic (few or no principles). The Republicans are basically religious with consistent evil principles. This makes the Republicans our greater enemy.
  6. How would (will) you vote in the 2006 election?

    Peikoff's view is from a mountain top. I'll vote with him.
  7. Best TV Series Ever

    I generally don't watch TV comedies because I find the laugh track very annoying. Does anyone else have this problem?
  8. Copyright

    What are the considerations in copying material (quotes) from this forum?
  9. Give AR Books

    Dr. Andrew Bernstein in his taped lecture, “How to Spread Objectivism”, states that a good way to spread Objectivism is to actually place one of Ayn Rand’s books (usually “The Fountainhead”) in someone’s hands. The recipient should be intelligent and intellectually honest and probably under 25. I know that ARI gives books to high school teachers and campus clubs, but I wonder if there are potential one-on-one gifts that are not made because of finances. Young people (students) that have this opportunity to give a book may not have the money to purchase a book to give away. If this is the case, I am willing to supply a limited number of forum members a book to give away to a potential new Objectivist. PM or e-mail me.
  10. Objectivist Holidays

    About this time of year I always listen to a tape of The Leonard Peikoff Show, Dec. 24, 1995, "Christmas Should Be Commercial". It gets me in a nice Xmas mood.
  11. Mr. Salsman: I enjoyed your lecture, "Frank Sinatra: An American Success Story", that you gave at the 1999 Objectivist Conference. Is a recording of this available?
  12. California Propositions

    My wife and I raised two children in California. No doctor as much as removed a splinter from them without our permission. What doctor is going to perform an abortion on a 13-year old coming in off the street without the parent's permission? (Who would pay for it?) This bill is completely unnecessary. It is only a ruse to: 1) Further establish the State's meddling in private affairs and 2) Establish that the fetus is an "unborn child".
  13. California Propositions

    I'm voting NO on Prop. 73. Its text refers to the fetus as an unborn child. It's clear to me that this is a planned incremental step to banning all abortion.
  14. It seems that the detractors of TEW don’t take this into account. Is there anything in the way that the experiments are conducted (i.e., do they focus on individual particles or streams of particles) that would favor the “individual particle” or Bell approach as compared with the TEW approach?
  15. Mr. Speicher: There have been several posts over the past several days on HBL about TEW. There are probably several members of this forum who also read HBL. I know that you have been very patient in the past and have responded several places many times about TEW. But, if you have read HBL lately, would you care to comment on this forum?