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  1. The United States Army

    As the daughter of a Navy Officer, I can only just picked the wrong force to join! silly, of course. I'm sorry there was a snafu. I appreciate all you did while you were with them, and admire and applaud your bravery! I look forward to hearing that they figure out a way to keep you, perhaps next year...
  2. Problems with the forum and firefox?

    Looks like I spoke too soon! My iBook G4, using Firefox, seized up as described a few times last week. So, does anyone know a fix?
  3. Interview with James Valliant

    Thanks! That was well worth viewing. What a change from the days when interviewers struggled to pronounce her name. Excellent.
  4. Problems with the forum and firefox?

    I use Firefox, newest version, on my iBook G4 and have for several problems with the forum yet...
  5. Abortion

    Sounds like you are thinking only about what happens in an accidental pregnancy, i.e., when it comes by surprise. I would hope that since the "possible consequences" are real and serious, the action to be taken would be decided BEFORE intercourse. I myself would take no chances with a man who would consider putting me through the trauma of an unwanted of pregnancy and childbirth Would any other women here?
  6. A triple header Happy Brithday

    Now if only we had sound trax... I'd play Happpppppy Biiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  7. Me TOO! I get to go most of both days. I'm SO excited! Is everybody else on the wrong coast???
  8. Actually, I did think of that, but...thought I"d let somebody else say it
  9. Gay Parents

    I'd like to ask from a different point of view: in what way could it possibly be immoral?
  10. Life and Values

    I have appreciated and learned from your very articulate posts on this topic. You bring to bear a broad view of the significance of human life which reminds me of our potential for greatness. Thank you. Wow. Whatever metropolitan area you protect is lucky to have you. As one who has deeply loved her pets, I know it would be emotionally charged for me to choose between a beloved pet and a stranger. But humans win, every time. No contest. I'm not sure I understand how anyone could watch a human being die, knowing it could have been prevented. I have often left my pets behind as I travel, visit other humans, etc. Never gave it a second thought, only an occasional worry. I think anyone who would save the pet needs to get out and meet more people! It implies a dependence on the pet which is, perhaps, inappropriate? Or is that too "playing shrink?"
  11. Do you believe anything?

    Yes, that's what I was thinking too. I can't find where I saw it written. Thanks for stating your opinion, which reflects surely thoughtful beliefs...
  12. I've noticed Thank You notes posted at random and thought it would be nice if we could put them in one place, too. Although this is my first forum, I think I'm right in suggesting it is unusual. And I decided it is rather like a party we have been invited to join, with conversations in this corner and that, with the host and hostess flitting about making sure the guests are doing well. It is a remarkable party, and I thank you, dear hosts, for the new friends and new information and the welcome witticisms and for the superb format and the absolutely fantastic job! (oh, yes, waiter, I'd love more Champagne, thank you!)
  13. Apropos of Nothing

    OH! you are SO right what was I thinking! Still, I'm always hesitant to look to hard at someone's screen, unless invited...
  14. Queen Christina

    I have loved this movie for as long as I can remmeber. The pure sensuality of Garbo is thrilling. I think of her whenever I eat grapes...
  15. Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)

    Thnkas! I totally agree.I loved the movie. Loved it in french!