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  1. Deus Ex

    I agree with all of egochick's comments. I can add that one of the things I enjoyed most about the game was that it is very open ended (i.e. not like Doom 3). You can almost go anywhere and do anything. There is a storyline to follow which is linear to some extent, but even that has some major forks that are directly affected by your own actions. This gives the player the sense that they are in control of what happens in the story, and also adds replay value. There is something for everyone in the gamplay. You can choose any approach to solve a problem; you can be a demolition man or a ghost or anything in between. It all depends on which skills you have specialized in, which equipment you choose to carry and ultimately your personal preference as the player. Deus Ex looks a little dated today, however it was (and still is) a highly original game, sucessfully combining elements of the RPG genre with an FPS. There was also a sequel made, which I think is worth playing if you enjoyed the first game. However, I would not recommend the sequel as heavily, as it does not have the same groundbreaking originality, lacks some of the nice features from the first game, and the locations are just not as realistic. I would strongly recommend the original Deus Ex, it is quite an experience for any gamer who is a fan of the RPG or FPS genre, or just story-driven games in general.
  2. Pre-Objectivist Political Leanings

    Was originally an agnostic, and eventually an atheist. Never did believe strongly in any political ideas until finding out about Objectivism. They all seemed like nonsense to me, so I generally ignored the topic. I'm glad I found a philosophy that makes sense! Learning about Objectivism (which I first encountered 3-4 years ago) has made me a lot more definite and confident about life, before I was far more vague and didn't have a side to choose. From what I've observed, I would say that the majority of people in the world are in a vague state of having few solid principles similar to how I was before. My family always voted for the more conservative of the major political parties down here in Australia however (voting is compulsory here), so I believe that has influenced me.