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  1. To be even more precise, I use caffeine pills (1 pill is 200 mg - which is equivalent to a 16 oz cup of coffee). I have been using them infrequently since high school, and like Alex said, they give me 4 very energy-filled hours. One thing you have to be careful of is not using other caffeinated products when you take the pills. If you are a healthy person, with no heart problems, then I recommend caffeine pills. I myself prefer "Pep-Back," as well as "Vivarin."
  2. femininity vs heroine worship

    According to Dr. Peikoff in the "Love, Sex, and Romance" talk, Ayn Rand saw the difference between masculinity and femininity as metaphysical- that is, as part of the nature of men and women. I transcribed the relevent part in this thread <{POST_SNAPBACK}>. I definitely think there is merit to this view of hers. However, I do think that there (at least) seem to be instances where the woman gives and the man receives (I'm not sure how explicit the FORUM rules allow me to be here ).
  3. My Temple

    Since the first time I saw photographs of John Lautner’s Sheats/Goldstein house about 5 years ago, I have been in love with it. It has been my temple. I have imagined myself walking through the rooms, lounging in the Lautner designed furniture, and resting my books on the glass and concrete cantilevered tables. When looking at pictures of the house, all I can think is: This is where Man should live. Looking at Lautner’s houses - just knowing that they exist - made my isolated and sometimes lonely undergraduate years much more bearable. I fell in love with architecture after reading The Fountainhead in high school. I wanted so desperately to experience for myself that feeling of awe from seeing a structure that you know was designed as a creative solution for a unique site, and for the owner’s specified purposes. I wanted to see structures like Roark’s - structures with integrity. I love Howard Roark, and I love reading about his buildings. But I want more - I want to experience them - I want to enter them. And now I have - I have entered my temple. I have personally toured the Sheats/Goldstein house. I have walked through those rooms that Lautner created - and it sent shivers down my spine. I walked under his momentous angular concrete roof in the living room, I have run my hand under the water in the glass sink in the glass bathroom, and I have stood in the cantilevered bedroom - surrounded by sheets of glass. As I walked through the house, I was constantly aware that my every percept, thought, and magnificent aesthetic feeling was due to the originality and brilliance of Lautner’s mind that made the experience possible. I have spent so many hours staring at photos of this house, and it just seems proper that I was given the extraordinary opportunity to see it myself. Oh, yes, life is glorious! To see some pictures for yourself go to this website here. For those who like what they see, I highly recommend this book.
  4. Hooray! Michael Wilkinson's acrylic sculptures are now at Cordair! Congrats on the move, Linda!
  5. An Objectivist Art Movement

    I have not read either of Miss York's published books, and so I was unaware that Sciabarra co-edited the non-fiction one. That is not very encouraging. It's certainly not an issue of sanction to read books (or journals) that are published or authored by those you disagree with. Re: publishing and the issue of sanction, I don't think I've given this enough thought myself to give you a very good answer. However, I agree with you that it is fine to publish something in the Times, but not some publication run my TOC. Unfortunately I can't state this in terms of a principle, but perhaps there are other FORUM members that have given the issue more thought?
  6. An Objectivist Art Movement

    I, too, have been toying with the idea of starting a website devoted to aesthetics (not just literature) to include articles on art and aesthetics and showcasing works of art.
  7. Samson

    I love Regina Spektor's voice!!! She is a little quirky, and her music is definitely not for everyone. But I agree, I think "Samson," "Better," and "Fidelity" are great songs (though I'm a fan of the whole album)!
  8. THE OUTCASTS -- Chapter 4

    Wow, this is beautiful writing! I am very intrigued to find out how the story progresses, and especially to read more about the character Marco. I can't wait to read more (both of this novel and future novels)! One aspect that I think is particularly deserving of being highlighted is the quality of writing style. From what I've read so far, this novel has the rare makings to achieve the oft sought literary goal of the integration of both form and content. Cheers to you, Mr Bucko! For those of you who haven't read the chapters yet, I highly recommend them!
  9. Anyone here going to see Monna Vanna?

    I bought my ticket for the Dec. 2nd show at 2pm. Since I'm not going on the cruise, I'm really looking forward to seeing it performed in Hollywood! I read the play about 6 years ago.
  10. I don't think it's a crazy idea. I personally wear an "I" necklace. It is a simple sterling silver charm. For the same reasons that Christians wear crosses, I wanted my god around my neck. Of course, my reasoning was different than your suggestion that Objectivists have something to recognize one another by, but I think it is a wonderful symbol.
  11. Something the Lord Made (2004)

    I definitely agree with this advice! Very good movie; I gave it an 8.
  12. Picasa

    In praise of the good . . . Picasa Picasa is a FREE photo editing program from Google. I have been wanting to get Photoshop or some other photo editing program, but the prices are a little high for me. So, I have tried out many of the online photo printing services (Kodak, Shutterfly, DotPhoto, Snapfish) that have editing functions. These services are great; they allow you to use basic editing tools (like crop, borders, red-eye removal, black&white, sepia, etc). I have been pretty happy just using these services for my amateur use (and I still think these are great printing services - all of which will give you your first 20 to 50 4x6 photos free). But then I recently learned about Picasa. Though it is not a printing service, Picasa is a terrific editing program - perfect for my purposes! You don't have to upload your pictures yourself - the program will automatically search your computer for your saved images. It has great editing tools - you can change the color, the tint, the contrast, the light, or the shadows; you can straighten the photo, sharpen it, crop it, etc. The red-eye removal works great and is very easy to use! Picasa also allows you to set up a web album, and you can make your pictures public or keep them private. For those of you who love photos, I just can't recommended this highly enough for editing photos! Here is a simple example of a picture I took about a month ago. All I did was use the sharpen and auto color tools. I hope you can tell that the second one has been improved!
  13. Wedding

    Felicitations, Ashley and Nicolaus! It's so wonderful to hear of your happiness! --Alex and Sarah
  14. The Morality of Monogamy

    I am in total agreement with Alex and Inspector on this issue. One thing about Alex that initially attracted me to him was the fact that we had/have identical dating philosophies. If he had engaged in multiple casual sexual relationships, I don't think it is likely that we would have ever started dating. If the criteria for a sexual relationship is sharing a few values, then how do you decide who you should just be friends with and who you should enter into a sexual relationship with?
  15. Happy Birthday to ADS

    Happy Birthday, my love!
  16. Happy Birthday to SCS

    Thanks everyone for the congratulations on our engagement! We set the date for July 16th - exactly three years since we first met. I am quite looking forward to being Sarah S........!
  17. Stephen's Health

    Many great things changed in my life when my husband Alex and I first started dating 3 years ago, but among the most treasured was that I got to meet and spend time with Stephen and Betsy Speicher. Even though we were on opposite sides of the country, Stephen and I got to know each other on the FORUM, through PMs and emails, and occasionally on the phone. It wasn’t long before we realized that we had an amazing affinity with regards to art – an affinity I’ve never shared so strongly with any other person. Not only in regards to movies, but with sculpture, painting, and especially, architecture. Even more importantly, it wasn’t just that we liked the same works, rather it was the similarity in the depth at which we both felt about art. Steve was like a real-life fairy godfather to me. It was as if anything I wished for, he would grant me. I wrote in a post on the FORUM that if I could ever enter John Lautner’s Sheats/Goldstein house that I would simply fall to my knees. He replied that when I did he would be right by my side -- and he was. With his and Betsy’s myriad connections, Stephen was able to arrange a private tour of this house when Alex and I were visiting the Speichers in the summer of 2005. When Alex and I moved to California last fall, I mentioned that I wanted to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Marin County Civic Center and the Quent Cordair Art Gallery, so Stephen made the arrangements and the four of us were planning a trip to San Francisco next month. For this last Christmas, Steve and Betsy tracked down and bought for me the impossible-to-find Capuletti book – a book that they own that they knew I coveted. And most recently Steve had brought up visiting Wright’s Talieson West in Arizona because he knew that I really wanted to see it myself (even though he’d already been there himself more than once). It was actually because of our close relationship with Steve and Betsy (and with their encouragement) that I applied to graduate programs in Southern California. And when I was admitted to one of those schools, that’s where I chose to be. And I am so glad that I did. Moving to Santa Barbara allowed us to see Steve and Betsy several times a month rather than once or twice a year. The most beautiful way that Stephen will live on in me is through art. Every time I watch a movie, see a painting or sculpture, or find a modern architect that I like, I’ll always be thinking to myself: “I wonder what Stephen would have thought.” And when I find those works that move me particularly deeply, I’ll know that if he were there standing by my side, he’d be feeling exactly as I would be. While I’ll miss you greatly, Stephen, I am just so grateful to have known you.
  18. Stephen's Health

    If you're having trouble viewing the pictures of Stephen, here are the web addresses:
  19. Stephen's Health

    I've spent a good part of the day looking at pictures of Stephen and thinking about the many precious memories I have of him. He was one of a kind, and I am proud to say that he was my friend. I miss him terribly, and it is still hard to believe that this is even true. Betsy, you have all my love and support. At Thoyd's suggestion, here are a couple pictures of Stephen.
  20. Kipling's IF

    Thanks for posting this, B. Royce! I enjoyed the reading by "Chip" - but my favorite reading was version 6, by "Kayvan Sylvan." I found most of the other versions to be too quick, without much emotion. But version 6 is closer to the way I read it in my head when I read this beautiful poem.

    Wow, Bill! Thank you so much for all your hard work, and for posting it for us to read!
  22. Jewelry grade artificial diamonds

    Ooh, great topic! I love jewelry, and while diamonds aren't my favorites (I prefer gemstones), I decided several years ago that I will one day own an Apollo Diamond! Their slogan is "Nature, Perfected." From Apollo Diamond's website: This is such an exquisitely beautiful example of man's ability to create solutions to nature's "deficiencies" in the supply of a value that is in such high demand.
  23. Frequency (2000)

    Wow! I just finished watching this movie, and it has simply left me beaming. The plot is suberb, and I was on edge waiting for each twist and turn as it unfolded. Highly recommended! I gave it an 8.
  24. Happy Birthday to JMR

    Happy Birthday, Jared! I hope you and Becky did something special to celebrate the day!
  25. Is This Art?

    I would also like to thank Mac very much for starting this thread! Though some works are a little too dark for my tastes, I really like the drama and fantasy in Linda Bergkvist's work. Her work can be seen at the site called Furiae, which Stephen just posted about. It is amazing how philosophically terrible these artists are, and yet what an extraordinary style they have! I really love: The artist is Marta Dahlig. I found this artist from a link from a website that also sells the works of Linda Bergkvist. Pints are also available here.