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  1. Happy Birthday to Jenn

    Thank you both very much! Have a nice Thanksgiving!
  2. Vacation Cabin for Rent

    We'd love to branch out into other areas of the country, too. We're very pleased with our cabin so far and can't wait to invest in another one. Here's a link (hope I inserted that correctly). How old are your kids? Good luck with your investment! ~Jenn
  3. Vacation Cabin for Rent

    Stay At Home Mom. Although I much prefer Superior And Heroic Mom! ~Jenn, SAHM Extraordinaire
  4. Vacation Cabin for Rent

    Awesome! Congrats on your business! What made you pick Ellijay? Our cabin is in Cherry Log, about 10 miles up the road (with renters there right now!). It's really nice up there, especially this time of year. I'd love to purchase more rental homes. That's in our long term plans, but for now we just have the one. Where are your other homes located? We use a property management company to handle advertising, renters, cleaning, etc. If you're looking for a good one, I do recommend ours. Do you have a floor plan picked out yet? I always love to discuss homes and real estate stuff. Feel free to email me offlist. ~Jenn
  5. Ratatouille (2007)

    Wow! I'm quite eager to see this movie now, and to take my 5 year old, too. I love that there are movies out there with a great sense of life and values that I can share with my kids! ~Jenn
  6. Vacation Cabin for Rent

    EWV, Thanks for your insight into your business. Your property is gorgeous. I've been to Maine exactly once, but its images have stayed with me very vividly. It is so pretty up there. The coastline......ahhhh. Yes, we are intending to grow this as a business over time, planning to acquire 3-5 properties over the next 10 or so years, as we can. My husband is self-employed (computer/web guy) and my primary career right now is that of caring for our small children. As I mentioned before, we have been interested in that area of North Georgia ever since our first trip up there about 10 years ago. Oh, if we had only invested then! Ah well, we didn't have the money then anyway. We had always intended to diversify into real estate and decided that this might be an interesting way to do so. We formed our LLC last summer, with me as the Managing Partner. As a business, it's something I can manage from home as well as the children (whom I really enjoy being with, except they have a negative cash flow associated with them!). It's a way for me to contribute to our income while affording me the ability to stay at home. And of course, we're hoping that the property increases in value, too--which I think will come in handy for other investments and for sending the kids to college, things like that. We are only 75 miles from the property. I think once the little ones are older and if we get a couple more houses, I'd like to maybe handle the property management aspect myself. As it is right now, it's not really practical for me to try to manage screening renters and handling cleaning services, etc., so the property managers will get their chunk of my revenue stream for a few years. Did you find managing all the aspects of your rental property to be time-consuming? Do you live near your property? I still have much to learn, which is another reason why I didn't want to jump into doing everything myself right away. What are the restrictions that Maine imposed? I know from my research that other areas of the country are now trying to tax vacation rentals and regulate them as if they are hotels. So now owners have to make their homes handicapped accessible, for instance, or have weird restrictions on hot tubs and things like that. So ridiculous. Fortunately for me, Georgia doesn't seem at all interested in pursuing that route, at least not yet. Is that what happened to you up in Maine? Thanks for your words of encouragement. If it's okay with you, I might pick your brain from time to time, especially as we acquire more properties. I'm proud to say that the cabin has already been rented 3 nights--and it was only listed last week. That is extremely encouraging, especially since there is so much I have yet to learn about this business. Thanks, have a good weekend! ~Jenn Casey
  7. I hope this is the right section to post this announcement! I'm a longtime reader of THE FORUM even though I haven't posted too much. My husband and I have purchased and remodeled a rental cabin in North Georgia (between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, for those familiar with the area). We fell in love with that section of Georgia many years ago and are pleased to be in the rental cabin business. The cabin has an amazing year-round mountain view, sleeps 8-10, a hot tub, wireless internet, books (including some Ayn Rand purchased specially), foosball, darts. The neighborhood features several hiking trails (including the Benton-McKaye Trail) and four stocked lakes. Fun things to do in the surrounding towns include water sports (Lake Blue Ridge), horseback riding, hiking, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, shopping, and antiques. Check out our cabin, called Mountain Serenity, at our property manager's website: (Click "Cabin Rentals" and then "Mountain Serenity" for information about our cabin.) Our property managers will help set up in-cabin massages, gourmet meals, gift baskets, and other goodies (for a fee). We are proud and excited to embark on this new venture and appreciate any feedback (and of course, referrals!). Thanks! ~Jenn Casey Managing Partner, Serenity Vacation Cabins, LLC
  8. Stephen's Health

    Betsy, My sincerest condolences to you and your son. I really enjoyed reading the beautiful tribute that you wrote. Stephen was a remarkable man. ~Jenn Casey
  9. I have emailed the company to inquire about whether they obtained the necessary permissions. I'll give them a few days to answer. If I don't hear from them, I would like to bring this to Mr. Peikoff's attention. Do you have any idea how he might be contacted? You can email me offline. Thanks! ~Jenn
  10. Actually, I wondered about that. Is it possible that they did obtain permission? Is there someone at ARI who should be informed? ~Jenn
  11. Oh, here's another one. A friend of mine up in Boston was recently contacted by someone at this company: Be sure to read their story, too! ~Jenn
  12. Along the same lines, has anyone ever noticed the street address for Omaha Steaks? 10909 John Galt Blvd P.O. Box 3300 Omaha, NE 68103 ~Jenn
  13. I completely agree! I should have mentioned in my original post that I think this is something he will truly enjoy. Before enrolling him in gymnastics, we watched some competitions on television, took a free class first, and talked to him about what's involved with the sport. When he wanted to change instructors, we found another that worked better with children. He loves gymnastics (my furniture, not so much ). I plan to follow the same plan if/when we pursue the martial arts route. He wouldn't do well if I just signed him up and told him, "Well, you're doing karate now!" and dropped him off at a karate center. I think this is something he'd really like to do, but if he doesn't, we wouldn't make him pursue it. He should only pursue it if if makes him happy, not for any other altruistic reason. It's too easy (and sadly, all too common) for parents to kill a child's instrinsic motivation and create a situation where children doubt their abilities to make decisions, to have legitimate desires, etc. and to basically create little secondhanders by constantly overruling their kids, not really listening to what the child needs/wants, by protecting them from consequences so thoroughly that the child has no opportunity to understand how the world works. It's one of my (and my husband's) express parenting goals to help our kids identify and pursue their values as freely as possible so they can be efficacious, productive, and happy (within context--if their value was playing in a crowded parking lot, then of course, we'd put a stop to it--obviously, kids aren't fully rational yet and that's where the parenting is necessary). But I digress from the martial arts issue. I have tons to say about parenting philosophy, but that's best for a different thread! Thanks for all your help!
  14. I love it, too! Sometimes, if you're lucky, they'll even fall asleep! Thanks for your insights. It's really helpful to hear about your experience. Were you always involved in martial arts, or did you get involved later? ~Jenn
  15. Joss, Thanks for your reply. I hadn't even considered boxing. He loves to play with the punching bags at the sporting goods store. I wonder if I might find someone to instruct a child that young. I am actually going to sign him up for swimming lessons this summer. He wants to learn and it's definitely one of those "life skills" that's good to have. I think I'll see if we can sit in on some classes at the local tae kwon do/karate centers before we sign him up. Even as I wrote that question, I knew the answer was the one you gave: get him in a place that's got good instructors. Especially for my guy--he's a sensitive soul and responds best to kind, firm direction as opposed to loud orders. Maybe that's not a realistic expectation? Again, thanks! I'll let you know how it turns out. ~Jenn