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  1. Value of gold?

    Aside from the properties that make gold a useful metal, another reason it has so much value has to do with the demand for it. To support my statement, I will use Platinum as an example: There was a time (not so long ago) when the value of Platinum was significantly less than the value of gold. Platinum has some very attractive qualities that are specific to that element, and as a result, have created a demand higher than that of gold, hence the suddenly increased value.
  2. Jewelry grade artificial diamonds

    I too have decided that some day I would like to own one of these wonderful lab-made diamonds. Since they are structured exactly as mined diamonds, I do not believe they should be labeled as "synthetic", but instead as "cultured" or "lab grown". The decrease in price is a definate bonus too! Technology never ceases to amaze me these days..
  3. Hunting- Hide tanning suggestions?

    Thanks, but I was planning on doing it myself. I wanted to use the hide to cover a sporran for an upcoming scottish festival.
  4. For any hunters out there: Does anyone have suggestions for easy hide tanning (deer)? I don't exactly have lots of time on my hands, but I would like to keep the hair on the pelt and make it into something.. Thanks!
  5. Substitute for onions revealed!

    Of course! With a pump action 12 g FN... that's probably enough information for the crowds!
  6. The Airport and the Cabbies

    What I have found that bothers me most about employees (I don't care where or by whom they are employed) is when they refuse to perform one or more duties listed in their job description. I am under the impression, from my experience and from additional informative sourses, that a hard copy of your prospective job position and list of duties is provided for the new employee by the employer during or after the hiring process. Why anyone would accept a job offer and then refuse to perform their duties for which they have been hired to perform is beyond me. Refusing to provide service to someone who is violent, sexually inappropriate or projectile vomiting without garbage bag is probably easy enough to explain to an employer. Little else should be considered. Customers are customers, and if the cabby is not there to provide the service he is being paid to offer, then he should quit his job.
  7. Substitute for onions revealed!

    That salad sounds absolutely fabulous! Your comment about organic foods containing pesticides is certainly interesting. It almost seems to be waste of money to pay up for organic produce. Hopefully washing them well removes most of the chemicals!
  8. Substitute for onions revealed!

    I would also like to mention that if you are a person trying to like onions, try replacing about 50% of the recommended onion in a recipie with fennel. I was also just informed that Fennel isn't a vegetable. Not sure what it is then. A legume perhaps? If you know what the classification is, please post. Thanks, T
  9. Perfect Pancakes

    In addition to your wonderful idea of separating and fluffing the egg whites, you could also try folding them into the batter instead of mixing them. This would allow for more air to stay in the whites and even fluffier pancakes! I have used this technique while making fudge before.
  10. Substitute for onions revealed!

    For those who aren't onion fans, or can only stand them in small quantities, I have recently learned of a wonderful substitute that can be eaten raw or cooked: FENNEL. This vegetable actually does look an onion (it has a large bulb and green stalks on top) and can be found in most grocery stores with an extensive produce selection. It will often be mis-labeled as "sweet anise". *When eaten raw, Fennel is similar to celery with a faint anise (aka black licorice flavor) taste. *When cooked, Fennel still looks like an onion, but it smells and tastes much sweeter. The anise flavor will actually cook down and you will be left with a delicious addition to stew, side dishes, or fish (often recommended in cooking books)! Last night I actually cooked it and added it to my mixture of potatoes, carrots, and venison in golden curry. Just delicious!!
  11. Sushi

    Interesting that you believe fish smells gross. If you take a moment to smell a piece of sushi grade fish, you will note that it does not smell like fish at all! This is sometimes the reason that people who hate seafood actually enjoy sushi very much.
  12. Thinking Up Romantic Encounters

    I agree with Stephen. Find out what your lover likes. What food does she like? What environments? How does she spend her free time? For example, I love the outdoors, love firearms, and love Japanese food! The most romantic weekend I had with my partner was his idea and we have actually repeated several times. We "borrowed" his father's house (more like a cabin in the woods) for the weekend, kept a fire going in the fireplace, watched the windows for deer with our guns handy, read Cabelas magazines and ate Japanese food. What a weekend! My partner skillfully took note of my favorite environment (the woods), favorite food group (Japanese), and favorite pasttime (guns/shooting). And the really great part is that it didn't cost more than the price of a Japanese buffet dinner! Good luck to you!
  13. Where is Nat Taggart when you need him?

    Interesting situation. Since in reality, the owners of the land will probably not regain their rights to it, they should have turned it into a chemical wasteland before leaving!
  14. Coffee

    So basically, if you are not a fan of coffee, besides adding cream and sugar, try making it look attractive (in addition to your enjoyment of the smell, this can be important). Invest in a couple of irish coffee glass mugs with stem and handle. put in your cream, sugar, whiskey, cinnamon, or whatever. Add you coffee. Then, add a swirl of whipped cream to fill the rest of the glass (or less if you just think whipped cream is ok)! Now you have a smell you like, presented in a beautiful way. Now you get to taste it! The main problem with this lovely, tasty ensamble is its caloric content. But, if you are not a big breakfast person, this is a great way to get a few calories in the am to get your metabolism running!
  15. Onions Are Evil

    I am glad that I have found a group of people that understand how the texture and smell of onions can be repulsing. I don't mind them if I can't see or taste them though, mainly because I know they are good for me. My boyfriend loves onions, and picks on me for not liking them , but he hates coconut, so maybe he should start one of these threads...