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  1. Latest Painting

    I love this. I can imagine spending long hours plumbing the depths of this. What is the girl thinking? She looks anything but happy. Is it fear? Sadness? Both? I don't recognize the painting on the wall. Is that an allusion to a famous painting? Did the girl paint it?
  2. How can this man be the front runner for the GOP?!?! What kind of upside down world am I living in? FYI - I've started an anti-Romney Facebook group. Please join:
  3. I would not vote for Ron Paul. His views on foreign policy are an immediate non-starter for me. He is typical of Big L Libertarians (I used to be one) that have only one principal - whatever the government does is bad. Paul is also wiggly regarding abortion rights (and other religious issues) hiding behind States-Rights. -JZ
  4. Happy Birthday to Betsy Speicher

    Happy Birthday and, as always, thank you for the Forum.
  5. Happy Birthday to jordanz

    Thanks everyone.
  6. Happy Birthday to jordanz

    Thanks John If only I could afford it.
  7. Happy Birthday to jordanz

    I play drums and have a gig tonight. Thanks
  8. Happy Birthday to jordanz

    Oh yeah, I guess it is. Thank you For my Birthday I would like a better GOP candidate than what we're presented with now.
  9. Steve Jobs is gone. Age 56

    A true American business Hero. Rest in peace and thank you.
  10. Gold strategy

    I sold a big portion of my GLD today. I believe the long term target for gold is still well above $2,000 but I think the next few weeks will be incredibly volatile. Yesterday's Fed move was a semi-stealthy short term interest rate increase. Also, people are selling their gold into cash to cover losses.
  11. Anti bailout Ford commercial

  12. Gold strategy

    FYI - in addition to GLD, I'm now holding EUO and SH.
  13. Gold strategy

    I know there are other GLD investors here. I've long thought that Gold is headed to $2000 or higher. But, I smell a possible correction in the short term. Anyone else concur?
  14. Current line up of presidential candidates

    I agree with this except for the odious Romney. I can't imagine voting for Obama if it's Obama v Romney, though. Maybe I'll just leave the country
  15. The Boys from Brooklyn

    Have you heard his Jewish Liturgical singing?
  16. The Boys from Brooklyn

    Stupendous - wonderful. Richard Tucker in particular - I so love him. He sings in that "old" way - adding lots of inflection and little trills. It gives me chills!
  17. Demonic

    Excellent review - thank you.
  18. I put TAS in the subject as a warning for those who dislike that group. TAS has put together an interesting website called Myths About Ayn Rand. FYI Myths About Ayn Rand
  19. New book: I am John Galt

    I'm reading it out of order. The chapter on Paul Krugman is worth getting the book for.
  20. New book: I am John Galt

    I just got a new book co-authored by Donald Luskin called "I Am John Galt". I've only read the introduction, but wow! This book is starting out wonderfully.
  21. Schéhérazade

    My wife and I had the pleasure of hearing the St. Petersburg Orchestra play this in San Francisco a few months ago. Stunning.
  22. Osama Bin Laden Killed

    Bi Laden Dead!!
  23. Atlas Shrugged

    Let's rate the movie!