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  • Interests Intellectual activism (more than anything else), my wife ,Thi(she is a fascinating and lovely person), reading (I like to read investment letters, commentary on current events, texts on philosophical subjects, popular science magazines and spanking erotica (I have a big library of "spanklit", as it is called), going to movies (I like commercial films, which are solely intended for entertainment, I do not think that they make any serious movies of the Atlas Shrugged kind, and I am not interested in seeing lesser serious movies), listening to music (my favorite groups/artists are Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, The Beatles and Blue Oyster Cult, in that order).

About Me

I was born in Sweden, but I grew up in the USA. I was 5 when my family moved to America, and we moved back to Sweden when I was 16. About 9 years after I returned to Sweden, in 1979, I discovered Objectivism.

I have been studying, and spreading, Objectivism on my spare time ever since. In Objectivist circles in Sweden, I am sometimes called "Sweden´s second Objectivist". I was the second person in Sweden to become a serious Objectivist (to the best of my knowledge at any rate). I was a pioneer for Objectivism in Sweden.

I am 55 years old now. I live and work in a suburb of Stockholm called Skarpnack. I make a living working as a factory worker.

In my view 3 really great things have happened to me in my life. The first happened in 1959, at the age of 5, when my family moved to the USA. Thanks to that, I had the privilege of growing up in the most free, most rational society at the time. The second great thing that has happened to me, was that I discovered Objectivism in 1979, at the age of 25. Everybody here can understand why that was a great thing for me. The third great thing that has happened to me, was that I met Thi Cuc Tran, a woman from Vietnam, this spring in Stockholm. We were married a little over 5 weeks ago. I love Thi, and I consider myself happily married now. I expect my marriage to last.

Aside from Objectivism, some of my interests are: pop music, movies, erotic books and Internet sites, reading books and magazines on such subjects as philosophy, history, popular science, economics and psychology. I love to write. I write several debate pieces every week to debate sites on the Internet. In regard to pop music, I am a big fan of Madonna, Pet Shop Boys and The Beatles, in that order. My favorite author and philosopher is, needless to say, Ayn Rand. One of my character traits is that I take ideas and morality really seriously. I also value justice highly.