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    Check out invision's website, they make the forum software. Its probably related to you cookies being baked.
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    What browser are you using and version? The BROWSE/UPLOAD capability has been around for a while, but will fail on really ancient computers.
  4. You Be the Jury #1

    Maybe, but just imagine how bonkers you would go with 11 other men/women taken at random from society and trying to reach a verdict.
  5. You Be the Jury #1

    What is the difference between "NO doubt" and "NO reasonable doubt"? If there's no difference, then the current system is compatible with the death penalty. If such a distinction exists, then why not just call the stonger standard "reasonable doubt".
  6. You Be the Jury #1

    I see your point about the difference between nature vs the man-made. I would have to say that in a free society (which you choose to live under) requires that you give up the most use of physical force in resolving disputes. The exception is (suprise, suprise) self-defense. Watson made this choice and when things go badly for him, he cannot opt out right in the middle of a legal proceeding. Anyway, following the logic in your post, i'm wondering if you consider this scenario grounds for Watson to kill the Trooper: Lets say Watson is wrongly convicted of littering and given two weeks in jail. Natural law says those two weeks are his, and the government cannot take them away. Thus he can kill a trooper on the train to get back those precious two weeks that natural law entitles him to. When O.J. locates the real litterer, Watson claims self defense,, etc...
  7. An introduction!

    Ten years (1986 - 1996). My dad still lives there (in Sundre, Alberta) on a farm. I went to school at the U of C and thought it was a very friendly school. My step mom grew up in London, Ontario, but I have never visited the eastern part of the country. I miss the wilderness and rocky mountain experience that Alberta offers. I even miss the minus 40 degree weather, and the shanook winds that come in the winter.
  8. You Be the Jury #1

    Various contexts would make the killing of the trooper moral in order to save ones life. A dictatorship in which the METHOD used to reach a guilty verdict was bogus, would give the poor person a lot of latitude in using violence to preserve his life (killing whole scores of people to protect ones life could be justified in such a case). Even in a perfectly moral society errors can in justice can occur. These errors are *innocent* errors. The poor condemned person cannot kill a trooper or anybody else to protect himself, as he would have to recognize that he recieved a fair trial and all the benefits that a moral society can offer. The movie 'shawshank redemption' begins with a person in just this situation. Although innocent, Robbin's was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The accused himself would have to admit that his situation sucks. But to kill a trooper that was keeping a moral system functioning turns the prisoner into murderer. Inherent in any system of justice is the potenial for errors, as man is not infallible. This is a fact of reality that a moral person should not be given credit for evading. Killing the trooper would be fighting against a fact of reality in the same way as if you had a terminal disease that can only be cured by expensive treatment (which you lack the means to afford) would not make it self defense to rob a bank.
  9. I lost touch with a great friend from when I lived in the bay area. Last I heard he moved back to India (in 2000). Anybody have an e-mail for Gautam Sarup???? He ran the Bay Area Objectivist Society (BOS) for several years.
  10. An introduction!

    What part of Canada? I used to live in Calgary, Alberta and loved it.
  11. Tease-itus film editing disease

    My favorite commerical is a Dodge Ram commercial where they tease the viewer with half second images of a cute country singer. I keep watching the commerical to get more and more glimpses of her. But my efforts are thwarted by shots of a some dumb pickup truck. Arghhh!! This teasing is epidemic in commercials and music videos (and elsewhere). Offenders in this category are entertainment news shows that tease the viewer before and after each commercial break, then when they finally report on the story there is no new content. The true crime news show "48 hours mystery" does this too. They take an obviously open-shut muder case and magically transform it into a "mystery" by fancy teasing about the possible outcomes, but after the show is over the viewer left thinking that there was no mystery here, but a manufactured one. This is my major pet peeve with the current media establishment, because I don't appreciate being manipulated. Has Television/Movies always been this way? My opinion is that this is a tecnique to transform little or no content so that it fills an hour long time slot? It's reminds me of how school children will double or triple space, or use large fonts in order to make their school reports look longer and more impressive.
  12. Temperature, Velocity and Curved Space

    Physics is a difficult subject for the layman to dabble in, unlike darwinism/evolution in which the layman can do some armchair reasoning and have it actually bear fruit. Physics requires a great deal of technical knowledge and mind boggling math. I miss the days when all I knew of physics was Newton. (Darn Reality for being so confusing!!!! <insert smiley here>). I appreciate being able to ask potentially naive questions about physics and get a respectful reply. Thanks Stephen
  13. Richard Dawkins Annoys Me!

    In all of Richard Dawkins' books he include volumous attacks on creationism. I rarely encounter an astronomer who spends a lot of time countering flat-earthers or man-on-moon-was-a-hoaxers. Dawkins clearly recognizes creationism as a bad thing and deserving of counter arguments to difuse. Hatred of Creationism may not be the reason he wakes up in the morning, but it motivates him enough to devote a lot of his thought. You cannot love something (Darwinism) and not hate the exact opposite too (creationism). I was theorizing that his political views, especially when it comes to Bush/Republicanism was being colored by and irational generalization about the political landscape of the US. I could be wrong. You are free to elaborate on where you think I am wrong. In the same way you don't see Christians groups funding a "Flat Earth Evidence museum" next to your local Planetarium. Clearly Christians believe (correctly or not) that their religion is not compatible with Darwinism. The fact that the earth is not the center of the universe is no threat to their ideas (as far as I can tell). You are free to elaborate on where you think I am wrong.
  14. Richard Dawkins Annoys Me!

    The creation evidence museum claims to have foot prints of both man and dinosaurs. Hee hee hee. By the way dinosaur meat tastes like chicken :-)