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  1. I have been married to my non-Objectivist husband for 47 years, and we married several years before I read Ayn Rand. My husband John is a really sweet man, generally rational, with little religiousity, and shares many values in common with me. He is not an intellectual, has never read Rand's books, but has strongly supported my need to find my own way, and encouraged me in my career as a psychologist when my family tried to discourage it. He tolerates my idiosyncrasies and accepts my fascination with ideas and All Things Objectivist. I think the most important points in a marriage include shared values, and a sense of partnership. If you have common values, and this partnership, the romance can thrive. BTW, it took me at least 20 years to figure out I had actually married the right guy--. Best wishes for a happy marriage!!
  2. Happy Birthday to Carolyn Buby

    Thanks for the birthday greetings, and for the poem, Brian. Having a birthday on 9/11, a day of such wholesale violence and destruction is rather difficult, especially now that there are calls to make it a "National Day of Service." However I was born in what I consider a vintage year--1939, the same year that produced sime of Hollywood's greatest films, Gone With the Wind, and The Wizard of Oz, for starters. Also it was the year of the birth of a couple of heroes, particularly Stephen Speicher, the founder of this Forum, but also Rick Rescorla, the security chief for Merrell Lynch who was credited with saving the lives of of thousands on that fateful 9/11. He perished in the fall of the towers as he was running back to help clear out the building.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and may the New Year be a happy one, for all of us. And Betsy, you look good too (not just Cali)!
  4. Happy Birthday to Linda

    Happy Birthday Linda. I am pleased to see that you are pursuing your travels to the ends of the Earth--quite a contrast, the Caribbean with Yosemite. Enjoy every moment of your life. And thanks for the Arts Cruise.
  5. Cordair Arts Cruise

    I just returned from the Arts Cruise, and found it provided a wonderful opportunity to see the world as it might be and ought to be, to see the best in Man, not only in the presentations of Cordair Art, but in the everyday life of the ship, in the art on board (at least most of it) and in the emphasis on excellence by the crew of the ship. We loved the efficiency and organization manifested by Royal Caribbean, and of course especially by Cordair Arts. And for the first time we were presented with a panel discussion on the State of the Arts, done by accomplished rational (Objectivist) artists. This discussion and the experiences and presentations on the cruise left me with a pleasant anticipation expressed in the statement in AS: "...there's to be a second Renaissance..." (quote not exact). It looks like that Renaissance is well underway. To all those who made the Arts Cruise a success, Thanks!!! Scott: you should have come along. It was a wonderful respite from the many dreary events of the present culture. And let's do it again---
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Betsy, thanks for the utterly charming Christmas greeting! I think we ought to claim Christmas as an Objectivist holiday, and steal it back from the Christians. Afterall it celebrates the joy of life, production and human progress, and the triumph of light over darkness. Merry Christmas everyone, and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!
  7. When I first heard of Benazir Bhutto's murder, I was horrified, but not surprized at this incredibly barbaric act. It is simply an extension of the same deadly ideas that fostered all other acts of Islamic barbarism. I found much to admire in Benazir Bhutto, especially her proWestern, pro American stance, and her courage, as cited in news sources. Her attitude was that everyone has to die sometime--and that she loved the Pakistani people and wanted to restore "democracy" in that country. Thus she was intent on returning to Pakistan in spite of death threats. This assassination may nevertheless escalate the almost inevitable physical conflict between between Western civilization and primitive mysticism embodied in the Islamic ideology. When will the government of the United States realize fully that we are indeed at war for the preservation of our civilization and of individual rights and dignity?
  8. My world is burning

    I have been watching the Fox news coverage today. I cannot imagine the horror of a disaster of that magnitude--last report was that 450,000 acres were burning. To everyone who lives in the area affected by the fire, I extend my sympathy. And to Forum members in the area: please be safe. Disgustingly, several political leaders appear to be pouncing on this disaster almost with an "I told you so" glee. We live in north Florida in an area affected notoriously by hurricanes, and had our homeowners insurance discontinued recently due to "an excess of risk" in our area--which I presume is the entire Gulf Coast. So we are looking for alternate coverage. Apparently, insurance companies, in order not to go broke, suspended coverage on a random basis. I would not be surprized that the Ca. fires would result in similar kinds of insurance problems. Due to governmental regulation, insurance companies cannot simply increase rates. Oh yes, Global Warming allegedly caused the hurricanes too. Please, Janet, Betsy, and others affected by this fire, as long as you can, let us know how you are faring.
  9. Founders College Psychology Program

    Scott. Congratulations Scott!! I am sure you will do an excellent job with this. Psychology and Founders College will gain an an outstanding faculty member and department head. Ayn Rand once stated, in a taped lecture, that psychology is not yet a science, and has yet to find a Plato, let alone an Aristotle to establish the discipline as a true science. You will be in a good position to move that process along. I went to graduate school in psychology during the time the field was dominated by behaviorism and "mind" was a dirty word considered irrelevant to understanding psychology. We have come a long way in the first fifty years after Atlas. Best wishes for your success. I look forward to hearing more about the program at Founders.
  10. Poetry by Carolyn Buby

    Another poem, a short and humorous limerick: ON INDEPENDENCE Once upon an isle stood a fish. He said: "Now I've had my one wish-- To come here on my own Instead of being thrown. For then I'd end up as a dish."
  11. Recalling 911

    Thanks Rose Lake for a beautiful and inspiring poem in remembrance of that awful day in 2001. ---Lest we forget--.
  12. Happy Birthday to Carolyn Buby

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I am finally getting around to reviewing Forum posts, and have been busy planning for the Arts Cruise and other fun things, besides eating lots of German Chocolate birthday cake (and no, I do not share that kind of cake with my dogs). But most of my birthday cards seem to have dogs on them, for some reason.
  13. Vitus (2006)

    Since it appears no one else has found this movie, I thought I might offer some more information and a brief review of Vitus. It is a refreshingly different film from most recent movies, but is apparently not enjoying a very wide audience. It appeared briefly in a local theater, however. The film is in German, with English subtitles, but has won awards in Europe (Swiss film awards) . It is the story of a young musical genius and his experiences in coping with family and school. There are some very interesting and unusual twists of plot, but this is also the tale of a young boy's unusual adaptation to others who make demands on him or reject him because of his genius. His eventual solution to the problem is very interesting from the standpoint of Objectivist philosophy. I found it an interesting and worthwhile experience to watch this film.
  14. An Objectivist Video Game?

    I have just downloaded Bioshock and started the game. One of my "hobbies" is video games (more like a mild addiction), and I learned of Bioshock from the Steam website while playing Half-Life 2. Half-Life 2 is interesting with more puzzle-solving and story line than most first person shooter games. When I get further into Bioshock, perhaps I will have something to say about the game, but so far, I find it a the undersea city of Rapture to be a very strange world indeed, and something of a turnoff initially. Thanks in part to Second Child's and other Forum members' postings on the game, I will continue it in hopes of an interesting game experience.
  15. Vitus

    Please add Vitus to the list of movies to rate & review.