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  1. Monkeys and Wall Street

    Monkeys = subprime mortgages, and the Man = Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac?
  2. iPhone

    Organon, thanks for the tip on Stanza! There is also a free Amazon Kindle app for iPhone, so you can buy Kindle version books and read them without buying a Kindle.
  3. Funny Videos

    They're wild javelinas (a.k.a. collared peccaries), not pigs, though they look similar. They sure are persistent! They have successfully gotten into the trash, even when bungeed shut, but the key is to have the can on the ground bungee-side-down so they can wedge their snout in. This one was working on the hinged end. Not quite smart enough to realize his initial blunder.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Paul. That's what I suspected: "Clean-burning" means yielding only CO2 and H2O. And now they're redefining it so that "clean burning" can only yield H2O, which could be kinda tricky if we're burning hydrocarbons! I love how politicians think they can legislate away natural laws. Or legislate an engineering improvement and then take credit for it. I remember Nancy Pelosi saying how Congress improved vehicle fuel efficiency. I wished I could heckle her: "Oh really, Nancy. So now Congress is moonlighting in an automotive engineering lab, huh."
  5. Do we have any chemists on the forum? I am bothered by the implication that fuels that give off carbon dioxide as a product of combustion are "dirty". (And not just because of the political implications of that!) What would be a "clean" product of combustion? Is carbon monoxide or sulphur or soot considered "cleaner" than carbon dioxide nowadays?
  6. Antanaclasis

    "If the rain keeps up, it won't come down"? Antanaclasis.... You taught me a new word.
  7. Funny Videos

    I'm sure this isn't the funniest one, but I shot it myself Sunday, so I can't resist posting it. Javelinas trying to get into my trash can.
  8. Optical Illusion

    Yes. It's the fact that this 2-d representation of a 3-d object uses shading (differences in color or intensity) to give the illusion of 3-d that allows for the optical illusion. You could say that the "correct" representation, below, is really also an "optical illusion"; it's the illusion of three dimensions in a 2-d drawing.
  9. Optical Illusion

    It's the shading, which allows the circled area to look like the beam that should be in the back is actually in front of the horizontal beam at the top.
  10. Screeeeeech! What? I don't get this!

    Hi - Lots of people have that reaction to the scene. I personally was not bothered by it, though. I think what Ayn Rand was trying to say was, "Look at this guy - he literally won't bother to think, to save his life!" All he had to do was get out of the way, but he was so insecure that he wouldn't even take responsibility for that one decision. He made Dagny choose for him.
  11. Anniversary from a different country

    I suspect the terrorists (or, those who put them up to it) wanted to stir up trouble between India and Pakistan, to weaken the Pakistani government so that the terrorists can make a play to take it over. I don't think the current Pakistani government was behind the attacks. Of course, it is perfectly understandable and justified for India to avenge the attacks, but attacking the wrong target is worse than doing nothing.
  12. Amen to your whole post, Carlos, and particularly this one important word. Let's put the Objectivity back in Objectivism. By the way, in an "objectivity contest" between Betsy and Diana, well... even "Betsy wins hands-down" is not strong enough because it implies that Diana would show up to the contest!
  13. No way will the Supreme Court disqualify him. Not gonna happen.
  14. Halloween costume advice

    That could be a really cheap costume! All you need is a "Hello, My Name Is..." sticker with John Galt written on it; other than that, come as you are!
  15. Happy Birthday, Betsy!

    Best wishes, Betsy!