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  1. Cop with questions.....

    Why not try get into an area where you won't have to be considering the equivalent of jury nullification, say homocide investigation? ( And you could then use your wisrcracking! My favorite novels are murder mysteries with smart alecky dtectives... )
  2. Induction, generalizations, and causality

    ewv, to what Workshop and writings are you referring? Thanks, Flyboy Steve
  3. Induction, generalizations, and causality

    I absolutely agree with this. Thank you ewv for stating it so eloquently.
  4. Gran Torino (2008)

    I don't recommend this film. It is a perfect example of Eastwood's and America's seriously mixed philosophical principles. (Mystic River almost swore me off any more Eastwood movies; this one did it.) Just when you think you're going to see a man of action reject religion in favor of decisions and actions here on this earth, you instead see that man cave in to the 'truth' of the mystic yammerings of, literally, a bone throwing witch doctor. After saying that he only went to church to please his wife, he relents and goes to confession when he is about to die… Although you see a man who does have some standards for judging that are not based on race, all his speech indicates otherwise. He mixes really derogatory speech with 'kidding' with his friends. You see a seriously mixed representation of serving in the American military. The courage under fire and pride in fighting for what America stands for - as depicted by the medal - is completely undercut with the 'baby killer' style confession. Is this guy proud of his fighting for America or not? You see a man without the full, proper understanding of what it is to 'be a man'. Is it courage under fire, standing up to tyranny, and working to support himself or knowing how to recite the typical brain-dead day-to-day banalities, including lying about your ability to get a job. A few witty lines ("And keep your hands off my dog."………"We eat cats.") and some resistance to thugs aren't enough to save this film for me. There are better representations of both without the undercutting flaws of this one. Once again I just have to wonder "What could someone with this talent have done if he had the correct philosophy?" *********sigh*******
  5. Marathon

    "pre and post" above should be "pre and during."
  6. Marathon

    a huge mistake will be to overtrain by running too many miles leading up to the race. you will wear out your body or end up not mentally fresh for the race. i found that following bowerman's / oregon duck training scheme worked the best for me for marathon training: 45-50 miles a week, training as if for a 10K, including hard interval training at a much faster pace than the marathon run. a month before the marathon, i'd run one 10 miler as hard as i could - at a much faster pace than the marathon pace- and a 15-17 miler at faster than marathon pace just to get the feel of running for a longer time / hydrating / pre and post race toilet activity. when you train at a much faster than maraton pace, the marathon run will literally feel like you're walking for the first 12-15 miles. running longer, slower-paced runs in training backfired for me. ditto with the pasta loading - it backfired for me. caffeine can be your friend! (i believe it helps metabolize fat, but i'm not sure) i backed off it for a several days before the race, then stoked up the morning of the race. my best time (at boston) included a beer along frat row (about mile 15??), which is against all advice. go figure.... i found that tapering off beginning a week before the race was best. i only ran a few gentle miles once or twice in the week before the race and took 2-3 days completely off before a race. with all that rest and lots of coffee, i'd feel like the hulk or rambo or rocky on the starting line.....ready to get it on with mr. t. have fun!!!!!
  7. John Lautner Exhibit

    ^^^^^^^^ Yes, Betsy, the video was "the Spirit in Architecture." Yes, I have one of the books. To someone who doesn't, all I can say is that knowing what I know now, I'd pay the $400+ for one if that's what it took. These were the first "real" structures that looked to me like something Roark would have done. To me, $400 would be worth it to be able to view these over and over at my leisure. Alas, no, I still don't like the massive roofs. (As I recall, not all of the concrete roofs were massive. I liked the lighter, isogrid stiffened ones.) As i I don't doubt that such roofs can be correctly designed. And I can see why pouring a liquid is a neat way to get his sweeping shapes. But I'm an airplane guy, trained to design stiff, lighweight structures in which people sometimes care about grams. (LOLOLOLOLOLOL Stop, stop, stop - don't break out the logical waaaaaambulance saying "but these are roofs not airplanes." LOLOLOLOL) So all that mass just seems like more that what is required. Thanks for the tip on the upcoming tour!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll even pay to go see things I've already seen!
  8. John Lautner Exhibit

    15 or 20 years ago the Society Architectural Historians organized a one day tour of between 5 and 10 of Lautner's Los Angeles work. The owners allowed the tour inside the buildings. One part the tour was viewing a movie of between 30 and 60 minutes of Lautner's work. It was produced by B.E.E. productions in Los Angeles. I highly recommend it if you like Lautner's work. Tour members could also purchase a large, beatifully photographed book of Lautner's work titled "John Lautner, Architect." The author is Frank Escher; the publisher is Artemis. It has 2 ISBN numbers 1-874056-65-X (London) and 3-7608-8096-7 (Zurich). I also recommend this if you like Lautner's work. But neither can compare to standing in the actual spaces. For only the second time in my life I had my hair stand on end while viewing a work of art: inside the Sheats home. What genius it took to create some of these spaces!! The only things I whose style I questioned were the tiny little rooms in the Bergen house and some of the massive reinforced concrete roofs on some of the later homes. If I recall correctly, one of the Silverlake roofs was 30 tons!
  9. You could try the Dragon.
  10. What a ride!

    All right, all right, the moderators don't like my notions about friends and romantic partners that are critical of Branden, but I just have to chime in to one of these gearhead threads; LOLOLOL And Brin, that Hot Rod Lincoln line just pushed me over the edge. LOLOLOL You gearheads have just got to try one of the new generation Mini Cooper Ss. They slide forgivingly right at the limit and they turn-in "like a go kart." There's none of that evil mid and rear engine trailing/off throttle snap oversteer that I hated in the Toyota Mr2s and X1/9s (and which I've read about in the 911 style Porsches.) The iron block 2002-2006 engine is very stout with numerous forged pieces can be easily hopped up to get an extra 40-50 hp. And after that, I've got an aerobatic plane or 2 for you to try........ Flyboy Steve
  11. Haute Couture Hijab?

    "But the designer found inspiration in religion...." Here's the rest of the outfit. It doesn't appear to be a comfy dress. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !!!!!!!! what religion inspired the rest of the outfit? Pastafarianism? Don't worry about comfy: I don't think Lindsay would mind this if you ditched the stuff from the neck up.....
  12. Haute Couture Hijab?

    Grammar correction: Should read "shape and which are slobs."
  13. Haute Couture Hijab?

    Yikes is that UGLY!!!!! What does this reveal about the designer's metaphysical values? If this catches on and includes those big black full length things, we won't have anymore whining about too thin heroin-chic runway models. The fat-is-beautiful-crowd will be in heaven. You won't be able to tell which women are in shape are which are slobs. THIS HAS GOT TO BE FOUGHT!
  14. What's going on with Seattle?

    I didn't really answer the question. My answer is "thinning the herd."
  15. What's going on with Seattle?

    Uh, perhaps you should retitle this thread "What's going on with stupid people, Part 7,234,565,897,346,654"
  16. Hey, hey, hey,........I'm starting to question whether I like the idea of being touched by His noodly appendage. This isn't the Catholic Church. Since revisionist history is all the rage, why not a Holy Her? After all, I believe there is a Revisionsist Revelation debate about whether the large orbs are testicles or breasts. Or both, as some have claimed!!!!
  17. I tried searching to see if you guys had a thread on this yet, but I didn't find anything (or i did the search incorrectly.) Anyway, at first glance, this is hysterical, especially the letters in response to the hate mail. The Jesus freak crowd complains "Hey, you just made this up. To which the Pastafarians reply 'Just like you did.'" I haven't figured out how to get to the discussion forum page from the home page, so I'll give them both Hmmmmm....maybe this should be in one of the serious forums here, since it's a possible way to counter religion (making fun of it.) And yes, I had Penne for dinner.
  18. Working Girl (1988)

    This is a positive presentation of how business success is the result of creative thinking, of how there are businessmen who will stand up and do the right thing rather than cheat somebody, of how it's proper in a romantic relationship for each partner to have respect for the ability of the other, and how in a romantic relationship it's proper to celebrate an achievement. (Yup, another positive post before I wade into the doom and gloom threads!!
  19. Objectivist Acura

    (Now insert several stammering smilies) But....but.....this is......this is......CHILD ABUSE! I'm....I'm.... calling child services, 911, and my lawyer!! Laure, I too don't like the large Kamm rear on the late model Vettes, but the front 3/4 of the 2006 cars is beautiful. The 2006 rear is better than the 2005 version, but I still have a Too Many Junkyard Wars and Too Many Monster Garages fueled fantasy of changing the back end into something more like the last version of the RX7.
  20. SR-71 Blackbird

    I agree with those who admire the beauty and the achievments of this plane. ( ( My first 3 posts are all on positive things. The gloom and doom comments can wait.........) Another place to see one is at the Boeing Air Museum in Seattle. You can even sit in it there! The forward fuselage has a very small cross section. The cockpit is also small; I wouldn't relish a long flight in that cockpit.
  21. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

    Forgotten from just above: Another element I liked was the presentation of being responsible for your actions. There isn't any of the modern whining about "It wasn't my fault, I didn't do it, it was like that when I got here (quoting Homer Simpson)." Neither Bill anor his brother try to weasel out of what they did. Bill acknowledges this to BB as he tucks her in.
  22. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

    Despite my disgust with Tarantino's politics and my very much disliking Pulp Fiction, I give the Kill Bill movies thumbs up. Several sequences make the movies much more than just glorified chop suey. The closing sequences present, in a positive light, two aspects of Romantic fiction that "make" the movies for me. The first is the positive presentation free will vs. determinism (or here, an inherited nature.) Beatrice's attempt to change her life is contrasted against Bill's claim that she is "a natural born killer" who can never change. Another is the idea that happiness can be achieved. The closing sequence, showing Beatrice joyously escaping with her daughter, after having struggled against great odds, is a positive presentation of both choice and the possibility of happiness. Compare this presenation with the end of a thoroughly malevolent universe film, Chinatown. Another aspect I enjoyed was the presentation of the idea that man made objects, in this case the swords, can be worthy of respect and awe for the skill involved in their creation. A minor touch I very much liked was Beatrice turning back to seek Hanzo's permission to touch the swords, acknowledging that they were his creations and property. Finally, there is the obvious positive presentation that the "bad" guys aren't going to get away, that justice will be served. (I admit that Beatrice's profession may make her also a "bad" guy, I viewed this overall as a presentation not letting a wrong go unpunished.)
  23. Objectivist Acura

    Acura shmacura EVERYBODY knows that John Galt drives a Mini Cooper S!!! And yes, this is my first post....Learning about philosophy on this forum??? Nah, it took reading things from some Objectivist gearheads to finally make me to join. While I'm at it, how about a separate forum for gearheads, in which we discuss cars, planes, motorcyles, etc. ? I don't care for any of the designs shown, especially those with the classic long hood - short rear design. These just look old fashioned to me, like the very early luxury cars with long engines and lots of room around the engine. I much prefer the 'cab forward' look with very short overhangs. This is partly from my liking to sit close to the front wheels and to the front of the car. In a long hood car I feel disconnected from the front wheels and on the 'wrong side' of the cg as the car pivots. The last design on page 2 is closer to something I'd like, but it's too childlike simplistic for my tastes.