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  1. My Latest

    Thank you very much, Carlos.
  2. My Latest

    The Housemade Oils on linen 8 x 10" 2013
  3. Rediscovering the Pencil

    My latest: Portrait of Brian Faulkner Pencil7 x 8¾"2013 I started this from life over a period of several days. From life I captured the keynotes I was pursuing. I took several photos that I used later for reference. Thanks for looking.
  4. Where to get my own Galt cigarettes?

    The link no longer works. Try this:
  5. Book: The Art of Robert Tracy

    Thanks, Bill. Please let me know how the softcover looks. I'll get around to ordering one for myself in time.
  6. Book: The Art of Robert Tracy

    Arnold, what a curly cue way of getting the book! Thank you very much. Please let me know how it looks.
  7. I had said on my web site’s links page “Do not buy this book until I get around to updating it.” Now the book is updated. Since I made that book in 2007 I've got a better camera, newer pictures and have learned how to adjust them in Photoshop so they look nearer the originals. The softcover and hardcover are available, but expensive. The publisher does not yet offer a conversion to Kindle, only to iPad. This is an e-book for i-Pad. I offer it for $10.99 for a $1.00 profit. That’s as low as Blurb offers it. It seems too high to me. I could sell it at no profit just to get it out there. I don’t have an iPad but have seen them and wonder how my book would look on so tiny a thing as the iPad. Blurb is looking seriously into making books available for Kindle, but who knows when? A year or two? I’d be pleased to have 50 people buy the iPad version. Let me know if I should drop the price to $9.99 for no profit to me but the book would be out there. And that’s good enough. As in 2007 when first published, I will sign the physical books at your request. You'll need to send it to me; I sign it and send it back to you. Click the above image. It will take you to the page for ordering. There are 15 drawings, and 55 paintings. Here are previews of one drawing and one painting in the book: Portrait of Lillian Gish Silver Point 8 x 11" 1990 Enlarged view here. No Dear John Oils on Canvas 24 x 12" 1986 Please see an enlarged view of this painting and read my description of how I created it, and clues to its meaning. And here are enlarged views of the flower, the lamp and the Marine outside the window. Thank you for looking.
  8. 4 Cats

    Thank you Carlos
  9. 4 Cats

    Thank you Betsy.
  10. 4 Cats

    Thank you. Yes, the pane of glass--it's a cat TV.
  11. 4 Cats

    4 Cats Robert Tracy Oils on linen 8 x 10" 2012 Finished this on Nov. 7 2012.
  12. Happy Birthday to Mac

    Thank you very much, Carlos.
  13. Happy Birthday to Mac

    Thank you very much, John.
  14. Happy Birthday to Mac

    Thank you very much, Betsy.
  15. Rediscovering the Pencil

    Sorry, the first link should work here: