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    I hope you had a happy birthday, Betsy. Sorry I'm a day late (again).
  2. Happy Birthday, Betsy!

    Happy birthday, Betsy - very late, I know. Maybe someone else will add a greeting so I won't be last! RJM
  3. Happy Birthday to RJM

    Thank you for the birthday greetings! I try to keep a low public profile these days, and I always seem to have loads of work to do, but I wish everyone here the best, and hope to see many of you in California in the summer. RJM
  4. Stephen's Health

    I am deeply saddened tonight to have lost my most learned friend. Ayn Rand fans around the world will also be saddened to have lost one of the strongest supporters and defenders of her philosophy, forever altering the course of this forum, which he founded, and to which he contributed 7,870 posts. The idea of California without Stephen Speicher will never seem fully real to me. That is all the more true because the end was sudden and so premature. My personal form of tribute will be to stand still for a while, in order to give my undivided attention to each memory before moving forward again. Respectfully, RJM South Pasadena, CA
  5. Happy Birthday to RJM and Zigory

    My belated thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings. I hope we all have a lot more birthdays to come, and I'm doing everything in my power to make that hope real. I wish it was possible to do more. "We all" is an ever-changing set, and that knowledge is the greatest spur to faster action, but it is also essential to pursue more proximate values and to enjoy each day as much as possible. It is too early to speak of any new position, but that "soon to be" position is a hope for the future that I am also working to make real. Meanwhile, I wish everyone on THE FORUM the very best of health, and all the values that virtues can achieve. Sincerely, RJM
  6. Stephen's Health

    I would like to join everyone here by making a public expression of sadness, in addition to my private messages of support to Stephen and Betsy. Life is already too short, without any premature loss of health. May the best of modern science keep this loss temporary. Sincerely, R
  7. Happy Birthday. I wish you many happy returns today, and on many future birthdays.
  8. Onions Are Evil

    My digestive system heartily endorses the subject line of this topic thread: "onions are evil". Given that onion intolerance is fairly common, I have found it surprisingly difficult to locate research reports on the molecular basis of this phenomenon. Does anyone have reference material on this topic?
  9. Closing of the "Ask the Experts" forums

    As one of the "Experts" who frequently answered questions after long delays, I would like to thank Stephen for giving me the title of "Expert" on THE FORUM. It was a privilege, but it also carried a responsibility to consider each question carefully before responding, and in some cases to do extra research. I thank those members who asked questions about Longevity Research, and I hope the inevitable trade-off between thoroughness and speed was understandable. For those members who read this message after the closing of the "Ask the Experts" forums, I invite anyone with an interest in longevity research to send me questions via FORUM personal messages. I will be able to respond much more quickly in the less formal context of private communications. Sincerely, RJM
  10. Happy Birthday to Betsy Speicher

    Happy birthday from nearby, Betsy - a geographically and philosophically local greeting! Cordially, Robin
  11. I looked at the latest posts on this thread twice this evening, and then scrolled to the bottom of THE FORUM home page. On both occasions, Google.com was listed among the users active within the past 15 minutes. I also noted Stephen's statements, with which I identify, in post 57: "To me, I think it is important to take a moral stand on issues like these, independent of any practical consequences. It is good for my soul to know that I exercise choice in favor of what I value, and against that which I disvalue." Although there are doubtless at least a few members who came to THE FORUM as a consequence of Google searches (did anyone reading this message come via Google?), I wonder if there is software that would make it possible to block them from accessing material on THE FORUM. If they rely on widespread access to current material in order to create a popular search engine and attract advertisers, then why not let them be the ones to write letters asking why they are banned? Furthermore, if turning the tables in this way were to catch on amongst supporters of the conservatives who are currently being blocked, it might generate more publicity than a conventional boycott of their adveritsers. I read a story on the BBC news site this week-end about Amnesty International campaigning against internet censorship by governments, and mentioning (briefly, but unfavourably) the cooperation of Google with the Chinese government: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/5024874.stm If this story gains additional attention in the mainstream media, then Google's selective presentation of search results, in the absence of government coercion, might also be reported.
  12. Besides intellectual refuelling, a newcomer to the United States might also be interested in developing new friendships and conversing with like-minded individuals. Will the cover letter with the care package note that it came from supporters or admirers of Miss Hirsi Ali at forums.4aynrandfans.com?
  13. To readers of THE FORUM, I would like to thank FORUM administrator Stephen Speicher for granting an exception to the standard question-and-answer format of "Ask the Experts". A number of readers have expressed interest in the status of research focussed on the biology of aging, and some have expressed the wish that the work could be accelerated. The purpose of this message is to invite readers who desire and are in a position to make nonsacrificial financial contributions (a selfish investment in the future!) to contact me privately via FORUM personal messaging or e-mail at rjmockett@hotmail.com. I would be happy to discuss and receive feedback on the details of specific research projects I would like to conduct, which are currently stalled due to a lack of funding. Although I hesitate to provide such details in a public forum, anyone who is curious about the scope and nature of the proposed work is encouraged to contact me, with no implied commitment to make a contribution. Additionally, anyone who considers contributing to my work can be assured of candid, private discussion of the planned research at the outset, and subsequent updates on progress. Published results will also be open for discussion on THE FORUM. I would like to note that this message is not only for the "super-wealthy". Although the amount that can be accomplished is roughly proportional to the size of any donation, and six-figure amounts would obviously have a large impact, only a modest amount is required to initiate the work. Subsequently, donations of any size can be accepted, and will of course be appreciated. Finally, this invitation will remain in effect until further notice within this topic thread. My thanks to everyone who shares my interest in longevity research. Sincerely, RJM
  14. Test your Autism Spectrum Quotient

    32, so Dufresne, you are not alone.
  15. Happy Birthday to PhilO

    Happy birthday, Phil - sorry for being a couple of days late. I look forward to purchasing a copy of the TIA CD-ROM. Stay young! Cordially, Robin