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  1. Atlas Shrugged movie redux

    Ouch. Had not seen the actor playing Ellis Wyatt - an exception to the cast looking right. Ellis Wyatt should look better. Overweight looks wrong.
  2. Atlas Shrugged movie redux

    Atlas Shrugged Move Wraps: Where is John Galt? - by Greg Zeigerson Yuck! Ellis Wyatt on TV with the ideas of idiots coming out of his mouth. And David Kelley is script consultant, who either approved or failed to stop this pathetic idea of what Ellis Wyatt would say. Too bad that a good film does not depend entirely on the looks of the cast. IMO the casting is good with regard to the looks of the characters. But who knows about the acting, and the production seems too cheap and too rushed to properly convey the epic scope of the story. Worst of all, the film was scripted by someone capable of writing the scene above, and handed off to a director with little experience, only nine days to prepare, and a small budget. That, IMO, is likely to result in a film that looks, sounds, and feels like a cheap soap opera.
  3. Happy Birthday to RJM and Zigory

    Happy Birthday R. What's the new position? And Happy Birthday to 'Zigory' too. Hope it was swell. Here is some virtual birthday cake for you both. The Virtual Birthday Cake You see your cake -- and share it too and still have some for you, and you. However, you can't eat it too. I'm sorry if that makes you blue. But there's a bright side to it too. You can chew, and chew, and chew; but unlike eating cheese fondue, or cordon bleu, or Brunswick stew, no pesky calories accrue. Nor will it cause a stomach flu like oyster stew from South Baku. So please enjoy the yummy view and have a happy birthday too.
  4. Cesar Millan

    This seems like interesting website about dogs and how to buy them. My sister, a veterinarian, told me a long time ago to trust dog trainers over breed enthusiasts when it comes to getting objective information about dogs. The owner of this site seems to be selling her own books, but has been a trainer for 35 years, offers quite a bit of information about dog breeds for no charge, and the e-books or CDs are very reasonably priced.
  5. Cesar Millan

    I love watching those shows, and have never owned a dog. He's great with dogs, and shows pet owners who aren't, what they must do to change their wrong approaches to dogs. Every time I go for a walk, and see dogs out walking their people, I feel like I ought to be handing out Cesar Milan videos.
  6. Happy Birthday to alann

    Happy Birthday Alan! I found a really cool song for your birthday.
  7. Atlas Shrugged movie redux

  8. Cesar Millan

    Ewv - "Calm submissive" is the phrase Cesar Milan uses to describe the ideal state of consciousness for a well-adjusted happy dog. He instructs owners, that in order to get their dogs into that ideal state, the master must learn to develop a "calm assertive" approach when interacting with dogs. "Calm submissive" indicates only proper submission to the pet-owner. "Calm" is a critical modifier, with which he distinguishes the ideal state from the nervous kind of submission.
  9. Happy Birthday to Joss Delage

    Happy Birthday JD Don't know how good the words are, since I don't understand them, but it sounds pretty nice to me... once she gets started. Or, there is this weird thing:
  10. Cesar Millan

    Oops. Forgot the link: Your Pure Bred Puppy
  11. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    Pat Condell's view of the current war, and his recommendation about which book to read (6 min. 45 sec.) There is a significant difference between studying the Zero, a physical weapon of war, and studying whichever Shinto texts were used to support the Japanese war machine. Personally, I see nothing wrong with studying the religious texts of the enemy. But I'm not convinced that it's mandatory in order to win the war. If someone can show me that WWII was won with knowledge gained by reading Shinto texts, I might agree. Until then, perhaps the best book to read is the one recommended in the Pat Condell's podcast.
  12. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    It means that I won't divert into much discussion with JW on this thread, because doing so would (IMO) require that it range way beyond the scope of the thread --- for the sake of one individual whose view on this issue (again IMO) stems from a cause that is fundamentally different from that which informs the views of other Objectivists on the same issue.
  13. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    Exactly. And unhappily there are people who consider themselves Objectivists who, IMO, have not yet seen reality correctly on this issue, though I know that this can change (with one exception*), because my own views were similar before I had read more on the issue by well-informed, rational Objectivists, and by well-informed, primarily rational non-Objectivists, i.e. academics, activists, former Muslims, and mixtures of those. * JW's view, in my opinion, has a different cause, is unique to him, and is unlikely to change.
  14. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    In this sense: There are Islamic nations depositing soldiers of Islam in the U.S. They have been doing it for years.
  15. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    Thugs cannot be reasoned with, they must be defeated by force.
  16. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    This isn't a legal context, it is a war.
  17. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    Breitbart's Big Hollywood Blog Archive -- Appeasement Doesn't Work: Fatwa Issue Against 'Draw Muhammed Day' Cartoonist - by Edward Cline Within that article, Edward Cline quotes from this Yahoo news story: Yahoo News -- Qaeda magazine urges killing of those who defame Mohammed Regardless of the cowardice and/or appeasement of our government, citizens have a right to protect ourselves from this blatant aggression of enemies who are at war with what is left of the civilized world. We must try to convince politicians to uphold the constitution, and protect citizens from the aggression of those who intend to replace the U.S. constitution with Islamic law. When government does not uphold the constitution, we are defenseless, and in a de facto state of anarchy. At this point there is no alternative but to try to protect ourselves from Muslims by any means necessary, i.e. from their colonization, and from their ceaseless efforts to impose Islamic law in the U.S. in any amount or form, by increment, by incursion, by non-objective law, by colonization, by terror, by sabotage, by pretenses of friendliness or "moderation," by infiltration into health, government, and military institutions, and by any other form of deceit they can devise. I am also concerned that if Objectivists fail to understand the nature of the situation we are facing, and fail to promote the proper course, that Christians will be the ones who instigate military action, and they will likely get the justification for such action wrong, and fight ineffectively, as was already done in Iraq, i.e. with the justification for military action offered as "Iraqi Freedom." And military action is coming at some point. That is inevitable. What form it will take I do not know. But the American public will eventually insist on some sort of military action, though they may be so ideologically crippled as to insist on federal troops deployed *only* domestically on piecemeal bases, rather than insisting on full bore military attacks on foreign states that are supporting the kind of activities listed in the preceding paragraph.
  18. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    I don't think it's a "treason to reason" to point out that Muslims have failed to reform their religion from within. Sheep was a metaphor, yes, to point out the useless nature of attempts to treat Muslims as anything other than suspect, until the Islamic war waged against us is properly fought and won.
  19. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    No, it is a reference to the fact that Muslims have proved ineffective at stopping the terrorism of Islam from within, so it is suicidal to focus such failed efforts in place of fighting the obvious war.
  20. In Memory of Janet Busch - "oldsalt"

    I have missed her. A great lady.
  21. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    It would be idiotic to allow it to be built. But if it is not stopped - yes the U.S. government should direct that it be destroyed. It sounds like high drama to say "bombed," when it seems like demolition would do the job. I don't know if that would be considered, "bombing." Whatever. The point is: Idiot Americans should not be allowed to let Muslims erect a mosque over the grave of the Americans that were slaughtered in New York City in the name of Islam.
  22. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    My argument includes the fact that American citizens have failed to convince our own government to stop this menace while it was still possible to do so on foreign soil. But the current man-made reality is that this was not done, and we are now faced with an enemy that is colonizing within this country, and has already done so to an even greater degree in Europe to the extent of destroying the areas in Western nations where the Muslims have colonized, which are now anarchic, and/or already under the yoke of Islamic law. It would be best, though I do not know if it would still be sufficient, to fight a war against Muslim nations. That is primary. But until that occurs, we are in the position of other Western nations which have allowed Islam to establish itself within their borders. And it is obvious that many more Muslims will have to die -- if this war is to be stopped now, or in the near future -- than would have been the case if action had been taken earlier, and that that number will likely keep increasing for as long as the West keeps appeasing Muslims and Muslim nations. Non-citizen Muslims should be deported, and immigration from Muslim nations should be stopped right now, and remain at zero until the war is over. If, instead, the West remains on its current course, it is the "infidels" who will die in great numbers, and lose any semblance of civilization. If the Muslims are not stopped by force, our country will descend into anarchy and dictatorship, perhaps Christian in the near term, and possibly Muslim in the long term, and/or endless civil war, as can be seen in any nation where Muslims have been allowed to establish themselves. I consider Objectivists who think that Islam should be treated like any other religion to be entirely disconnected from reality, by means of inverting the hierarchy of philosophy, and placing the political "rights" of adherents of this vicious ideology, who have utterly failed to instigate any effective reform, above the metaphysical survival of Islam's non-Muslim victims. It is LONG PAST time to stop counting on reform to stop the war of Islam on the civilized world. And the point for non-Muslims to face is: War is HERE, NOW. That has been so since, at least, 9/11/2001, whether or not U.S. politicians and citizens insist on failing to acknowledge it. The Muslims have known that this is war for years, and it is certainly true that we had a better opportunity to more easily and successfully fight the war in its earlier stages. For instance, if the U.S. had defended herself in 1979, our defense could have been achieved at very little cost. But that time is long, long over. And all those who defend and appease Muslims now should be prepared to lose even those shreds of a free rational society that are being demolished by the current congress and administration by the hour.
  23. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    The Religion of Peace
  24. Dr. Peikoff on The Mosque in Manhattan at Ground Zero

    When the members of some religion other than Islam mass slaughter 3000 Americans, and proceed to commit more than 15,000 deadly terrorist attacks in the following years, issue death warrants against those who draw pictures of their gods, etc. they should be considered enemy combatants, and one should advocate for the government to shut down by force anyplace in which they congregate, execute their leaders, and stop them by any means necessary. Proselytizing for the "rights" of murderers and their sheep is treason to the innocent. Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki puts 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' cartoonist Molly Norris on execution hitlist