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  1. My Site

    Great idea! I started with the beer poem.
  2. Vanishing Cancer Cells

    Wow, thanks!
  3. Happy Birthday to TexasTeacherMom

    Happy Birthday to you! Late.
  4. Happy Birthday to Ed from OC

    Happy Birthday Ed
  5. Ladyhawke (1985)

    Yeah, I thought I remembered that he was in really horrible movies -- and/or in genres I don't generally watch. He was in Blade Runner too, where he played a bad guy, and the original movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where he was a vampire. So clearly, looks only - in his younger days - for playing Ragnar -- not philosophy, or more likely -- lack thereof. I saw this quote from him on IMDb: "'Good guy' or 'bad guy', hero or anti hero; doesn't matter to me, what role I play, only the character have something magical." Another bit of trivia from IMDb is that the director of Ladyhawke was originally interested in him for the role of the villain, but he wanted the Etienne Navarre role, presumably because it was 'magical.'
  6. Ladyhawke (1985)

    I loved Rutger Hauer - great S.A. (in his prime - he might have played Ragnar Danneskjold) - but could have done with a lot less of "the Mouse" (the Matthew Broderick comic-relief character), though that might have been difficult, as this character is also the narrator. Michelle Pfeiffer was perfect for her part, truly beautiful, ethereal - with her translucent eyes and skin, while also being really sensual. A fun movie if you can manage not to get too annoyed by "the mouse."
  7. Happy Birthday to Scott A.

    Just three days late - happy birthday Scott Hope you had a nice day off
  8. Happy Birthday to Paul's Here

    Happy Birthday Paul! Maybe your birthday present will be no more snow
  9. Mercury contamination

    I hope this isn't too far off the main topic, but what happens to the mercury in a CFL bulb when it breaks? Presuming that mercury is released, and is a neurotoxin (especially dangerous to children), won't this fact prevent lawmakers from mandating these bulbs? Does anyone know whether or not the implementation of plans to ban incandescent bulbs are still set?
  10. Happy Birthday to ~Sophia~

    Hope it was happy Sophia
  11. Bravo to Evan Lysacek

    I haven't been watching the Olympics at all, but happened to see this one performance as it was happening. What incredible luck that was! Loved it, especially the landings -- so perfect. And I loved those spins where he was squatting on one leg, with the other held straight out. Beautiful. I decided not to watch anything after that performance, because it had been so perfect that I didn't want to see another one, because I didn't want to see someone mess up. And it turns out that the very next skater, although he did so well that he took home the bronze medal, fell on his first (very difficult) jump. Anyway, considering what I'd wanted to avoid seeing, after seeing perfection, I was right not to continue to watch. Apparently Lysecek had to sit through (I think) five more performances before he knew that he'd won the gold. What an agony of waiting! I didn't know until much later, when I read it online, that I'd seen a gold medal performance. I just knew that I'd seen a superlative performance. In a news clip, I at first misheard that 1998 was the last year that an American won the Gold in men's figure skating. But it turns out that an American has not won it since 1988, so I was luckier than ever! Such a great American win is just one more reason to love this performance.
  12. Happy Birthday to bborg

    Happy Birthday and congratulations again on passing your comprehensive exams - what a terrific birthday present you gave yourself with that achievement. I hope this coming year is your best year ever!
  13. Happy Birthday to Vespasiano

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday. Somehow, I have no doubt that you had some fabulous food and music
  14. Yep, this is for another thread, so here it is. Starting out by asserting that anyone has proposed that there is a "gay gene" is a straw man. The actual mechanism would have to be indirect. For instance (and I really have no idea) it may involve hormones, pheromones, all that business - which might cause sexual arousal, which all normal people feel, even without the presence of other people, to be stronger in response to, say, the scents emitted by the members of one's own sex. But discovering the actual mechanism is not necessary in order to observe that animals of all kinds, including human beings, engage in homosexual sex - and that somehow this has not died out. If the theory of natural selection is correct, then the behavior must either be neutral in that regard, or serve some purpose which promotes the survival and reproduction of individuals. One must choose to act on his sensations - or not. So it is, again, a straw man to suggest that one must invalidate free will in order to accept that man experiences unchosen sensations. Whether and how he chooses to act on such sensations is his own choice.
  15. Happy Birthday to Linda

    Happy Birthday Linda!
  16. [emphasis added]As opposed to the other assertions in this post, which are based in fact and logic?
  17. Criminal Justice

    Congratulations Bryson! Have a wonderful celebration And I hope you get that position!
  18. Prison might be compared to a "lifeboat" situation, wherein men's actions cannot be rationally compared with the actions of free men. Interesting observation about women, which may make you interested in reading about some of the studies of homosexual behaviors in female animals.
  19. First, if you are close to your sister, you might learn more about her experiences by means of conversation. I have always assumed that the mechanism, whatever it is [perhaps the generation and balance of some sort of hormone(s)], results in attraction (or not) to members of whichever sex, along a continuum, which would account for any variation along that spectrum. Someone near either end would rarely, or never be attracted to a person of the same (or opposite) sex. Someone in the middle might be attracted to either. That said, choice is necessarily involved in the pursuit of particular individuals, and in the cultivation and maintenance of any particular relationship.
  20. Pedophilia-Psychology, Morality, and Legality

    There is no question that pedophilia should be a legal crime, regardless of its cause. Ayn Rand, regardless of her moral view of homosexuality stated that homosexual sex between consenting adults should not be a matter for the law. Therefore, the subject of pedophilia is another layer of complication. I don't even know if it's something that occurs in any animal other than man. So, anyone with an uncontrollable urge to discuss pedophilia -- please begin a separate thread.
  21. Nicely said. I agree. And thanks also for the previous post, because I was actually thinking that something like that must be so, though I didn't know how it could be, i.e. that some identical twins are more identical than others. I suppose that identical twins having different sexual preferences could be the result of free will alone, yet that didn't seem satisfactory to me, given my ideas. But the difference between identical twins that share placenta and those that do not could explain why some identical twins are SO identical in almost every respect, and others, not as much. Sophia's view is the most consistent with mine, and IMO, with the observable facts. The primarily psychological explanations seem, to me, strained, to say the least, if one tries to apply that kind of explanation to all cases.
  22. Free will, which I have never denied.
  23. The physical and conscious aspects involved in the release of hormones are not commensurable in any case, nor are they separable, because any mental activity depends upon the existence of a living body. So one has no measurement by which he could say that a majority (a large part) of urge x is caused by mental aspects, and a minority (a small part) by given physical aspects. Physical aspects with which we are born, and of which we are not consciously unaware, may indirectly affect conscious thoughts and choices. For instance, I know a woman who eats a lot of salt. And I mean A LOT. She did not discover for years why this was so, and often tried to curb this desire, to little avail. It turned out to be some sort of congenital deficiency. And as a result of that, she thought about salt, she ate a lot of salt, etc. So I would say that this physical aspect of her indirectly caused thoughts to arise (about salt) and action (eating salt), though she consciously chose to eat salt. And of course past experiences may affect our choices, though these are certainly not entirely under our control. What I threw out with regard to hormones was only a 'for instance.' And once again, I do not know the mechanism. Nobody does, though there is a lot of interesting information to think about. But the fact remains, that homosexual behaviors are expressed in animals. And it is that, and my own observation of people, which leads me to believe that such urges in the human animal, may either arise, or not, as an indirect result of some physical aspect with which one is born. And I will repeat here, to ensure that I am not misunderstood, that whatever (un-coerced) actions men take, are entirely a matter of free will.
  24. Check out what Betsy and Sophia wrote in the thread that Scott linked to. The point is that no matter what the mechanism is, for some people their urge is notably stronger toward their own sex. And I stated specifically that no one has to act on his urges. But if one's desire is persistently and notably present in response to members of his own sex, and weak or absent in response to members of the opposite sex, one would be a fraud to pretend otherwise. And since this kind of attraction is a fact for a lot of people, an adult may, IMO, rationally choose to pursue, develop and fulfill his desires rather than try to live as either as a celibate or a fraud. Also, from a woman's point of view, I would much rather be spared the attentions of a man who can never have as strong a desire for me as he can for a man.
  25. I started a new thread with Ray's post as the start, 'cause this is a bit off topic for this thread, if you want to post there.