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  1. [emphasis added] I'm very glad to hear it Adam. Keep up the good work.
  2. I don't think that anyone has proof of this yet (as far as I know). But after just living, observing people, and thinking about this issue for many years, my opinion is in line with Arnold's. I mean, I think that's the explanation for a good percentage of men and women who choose individuals of their own sex for sexual relationships. The parts that I think involve choice are: the pursuit and attainment of any sexual partner at all, and the pursuit of sexual relationships with specific individuals. The part that I think is not a choice (my opinion, obviously) is the gender of the individuals to which one is sexually attracted. I also think that Mac's speculation about why that individual was attracted to other men is probably not right. Still, it sounds very sensible to me, as an explanation from the point of view of a man who simply, and naturally (by which I mean genetically) cannot project what it's like to be sexually attracted primarily or exclusively to men.
  3. Brown! Brown! Brown! 52 to 47!

    Wow, I had not seen that ad - incredibly good. I wonder who was responsible for creating it. My favorite part was the photograph of the traffic sign that said 'Choice' with two arrows pointing in opposite directions, and beneath, the words, 'Exit Now.' I also loved that painting of George Washington (I think?) kneeling in the snow next to his horse. A beautiful work of art. If anyone is familiar with it, I'd love to know the names of the artist and/or painting. I was so curious about this 800 group, only to discover that I'm one of them. I got a laugh out of my own curiosity and its resolution. And I love (and had not heard) the phrase "battle-hardened Objectivists," as well as the intellectual 'soldiers' who fit that description. Fortunately, one can support Objectivist intellectuals with funding, since some people do well in the front lines, and others do not.
  4. Supreme Court strikes down censorship!

    The Truth About President Obama and Citizens United by Hans Von Spakovsky January 28, 2010 published at The Foundry The Heritage Foundation Blog The Truth About President Obama and Citizens United, January 28th, 2010 by Hans Von Spakovsky
  5. Happy Birthday to phil

    Oops. Oh well. We'll wait until April and then say happy b-day again to Phil O.
  6. Happy Birthday to phil

    Happy Birthday Phil (I hope this is O'ist CD-ROM Phil, but if it's not, happy birthday anyway.)
  7. Happy Birthday to piz

    What a beautiful gift. That bow looks especially festive! Happy Birthday Michael
  8. Happy Birthday to Kitty Hawk

    Hello Kitty Hope it's hippo!
  9. New Stossel Show on Fox

    What I enjoyed most were the things that did not happen, and which have appeared in every other main stream TV show that I've seen which purported to present anything from the viewpoint of current Objectivist intellectuals, and/or to present any aspect of Ayn Rand's life, fiction, or philosophy. 1) Unanswered hostile attacks against Ayn Rand or Objectivism 2) Hosts who are either hostile to Objectivism, or have major misapprehensions about it 3) Hosts who continually ignore those (if any) with the right answers, and keep offering center-stage to the enemies of reason This resulted in Objectivists having their say for once. And it allowed idiots to demonstrate their own ignorance. Could have been better: Ideally, the "Reason" editor should not have been on the show. But since he was, it should have been made clear that he is not an Objectivist. The show had its share of pandering to a low level. I suppose that's what the producers or network executives demand.
  10. Sparkling Wine

    Most of the wine I drink is sparkling wine. For normal situations and low prices, I've found the best to be from Spain. I can't recall ever having anything very bad from there, and Trader Joe's used to carry some that was pretty amazing for its $5 price tag, though I haven't seen it there for years, and am having trouble dredging up the name from memory. I've had some decent sparkling wine from France, but have also found that my chances are about 50/50 that it will be terrible, presumably because I try the inexpensive ones. With one recent exception (Astoria Lounge Prosecco del Veneto) anything else I've ever had from Italy has been too sweet for my taste. I recently bought some cheap Italian stuff from TJ's that was remarkably bad, Le Grotte Lambrusco. Three people tasted it before we poured it down the drain. It wasn't normal sparkling wine anyway, but lightly fermented, with bubbles sort of like those that appear in some naturally sparkling bottled water. Nice gentle sparkle, but terrible taste. I'd love to try some sparkling wine from Australia, though I don't remember ever seeing any, though I'll now try harder to look for it. I buy the tawny port from the Australian vineyard, Hardy's, the best inexpensive tawny ($15 - $20) I've had. I'm sure I've had good non-bubbly wine from Australia, though I'm not recalling specific names. For special occasions, sparkling wines that are readily available: Dom Perignon ^ $100, Veuve Clicquot ~ $50, Schramsberg Blanc de Noir ~ $30 (great for the price IMO), and I don't know current prices, but other good ones I've had are Moet & Chandon, Mumm, Piper-Heidsieck, and there's a vineyard whose sparkling wine I have never yet tried, but would like to, Pommery -- it was good enough for Tracy Lord, so...
  11. Happy Birthday to RickWilmes

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday to B. Royce

    Brian's Birthday Bee When Brian's little birthday bee buzzed along so merrily humming the birthday tune His drone, soft and deep put me gently to sleep... until he bee-latedly stung me! -- Rose Lake Happy BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-lated birthday Brian!
  13. Happy Birthday to Mac

    LOL! I just saw this. I can guess who told you about that. It was worth it though! And for a bonus, we got a poem out of it too. I spent forever choosing the frame, and used museum glass too -- woo hoo. I guess I was compensating myself for not having bought the original, which was purchased by.... Alan?! Alan, did you get that at the 2002 OCON? All these years I've thought it was somebody else who was smarter than me, but I guess it was you all the time. Anyway, thanks again Robert for all your beautiful art - and I hope you have many more happy birthdays.
  14. Happy Birthday to RayK

  15. Happy Birthday to Mac

    Happy Birthday, and thank you for all the art!

    Happy Birthday dearest lady!

    I puzzled over the identity of that thing that looked like an iPhone, but kinda weird. Finally figured it out... it's an "apple" cake! That's pretty cool. Betsy, I hope you enjoy your birthday goodies - a champagne toast, the green dollar sign, some royal Korean cuisine for dinner, a clever birthday poem, a bit of Rube Goldbergian wonder, a capitalist cake for dessert (yummy!) and the birthday greetings and wishes from your fellow Ayn Rand fans who took the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday, and to express gratitude for the values you offer, material and spiritual, and for the character that makes them possible. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!
  18. I just have to re-post an interesting comment posted in response to the print article to which I posted a link:
  19. CNN: White House Attacks On Fox Help Its Ratings, Hurt Democrats - By Noel Sheppard - October 11, 2009 - 22:32 ET
  20. Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

    Thanks Paul, great link. The initial commentary was especially eloquent. Further commentary posted by Betsy on Facebook: Robert Tracinski article
  21. From 9/30 to 10/01 this year, the Empire State Building owners and management will light up the famous NYC landmark in the colors of the Chinese Communist flag, in celebration of the anniversary of the founding of one of the bloodiest dictatorships in history. Lighting Schedule for the Empire State Building From an AFP story: Link: Full AFP story
  22. Miracle

    It's almost ten minute long, but worth watching if you have not seen the critical shots, heard this exciting commentary, and cheered with the team and the crowd. Powerful. Original Miracle on Ice Live
  23. Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

    A humorous take (because how else can you look at, really): Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize. No, really. Update: “It’s not April 1, is it?”
  24. Long ago, two fishermen from Ceylon, Nadir and Zurga, both fell in love with a beautiful priestess. She threatened their friendship, but after they returned to their village, they swore eternal friendship. Now, a veiled priestess has come to the village to bless the fishermen. Nadir sees her, believes it to be the same woman, and sings of his love, which has never diminished. (at 1:49) I still believe I hear, hidden under the palm trees, her voice, tender and deep, like the song of wood pigeons. Oh enchanted night, divine rapture -- oh charming memory, delirious intoxication, soft dream! In the clearness of the stars I still believe I see her, opening her long veils to the warm winds of the evening. Oh enchanted night, divine rapture -- oh charming memory delirious intoxication, soft dream!