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  1. I've made a 'favorite' (on YouTube) of another version of this selection, which he sang in the 1970s in front of a bunch of people who display barely any emotion at all over it. Germans I think . Anyway, I posted the above version because it has a bit of visual interest as well as great singing. In the 1970 staged version, his eyes shifted constantly, but I didn't care. He sounds wonderful to me. I feel blessed to have finally heard of this singer - never had before. And I found a place called Premier Opera that sells a CD version (without subtitles) of a 1959 Spanish film that this singer starred in, titled Gayarra -- about an earlier Spanish opera singer with that name. It's an opera musical in which he sings a lot, so that's for me. I don't care if I understand the spoken part. And if anyone wondered: What-the-bleep is a "fach"? Now I wonder, which "fach" he is, and what it means.
  2. Communist Party at the Empire State Building

    Alright then, what color(s)?!
  3. Chickens Coming Home to the Reservation to Roost

    !!! I admit, my first impulse was to laugh. But I dunno. It's just so screwed up. There's nowhere to start, aside from: READ Ayn Rand.
  4. Who Is Tim Pawlenty?

    As far as I know (which isn't very - sorry) he's the usual idiot, though I don't think nearly as bad as Huckabee. But if the Republican party can't come up with anyone better, it deserves seven + more years of Obama (even though we don't).
  5. Communist Party at the Empire State Building

    I wonder what the right color(s) would be? That blue-green that was AR's favorite color? And let's say we succeeded, and they agreed. Would it be right to have the lights lit for her, by people who see it as equivalent to have a lighting display for her -- or for the commies?
  6. Communist Party at the Empire State Building

    If anyone else wonders, like I did, how the Chinese government arranged this... [All information from the Empire State Building Website] From the FAQ Unless the building owners are Chinese citizens, someone 1. was asleep at the switch, and/or 2. sorely needs a brief history lesson
  7. Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland

    I'll bet that the same 'reasoning' applies to the Hollywoodholes who're signing a petition against extradition.
  8. How bad is soft drink?

  9. How bad is soft drink?

    I don't know if it's been said, but it should be, that the very existence of the FDA is immoral. Why? Because its purpose is preventive LAW, which is destructive to man's life in principle and in fact. The FDA generates regulations that require-by-law (that is, by force) private entities to follow government guidelines for testing and labeling of foods and drugs before offering them for sale. Without going into the inevitably arbitrary nature of such guidelines: In a proper society, such testing should and would be done by private facilities, entirely voluntarily, and only to the degree that the market demanded it. Coercion (particularly by government) that interferes with private contracts between individuals, or between legal individuals (which include corporations), is an abrogation of individual rights. That's the political principle, and I doubt that I'll write any more about it. If one wishes to understand the Objectivist view, he should try doing some research about what Ayn Rand said concerning the topic. Look it up (preventive law - The Ayn Rand Lexicon is available online for free at the Ayn Rand Institute) -- and try your best to understand what Ayn Rand said about it. It's not that difficult. She is an excellent writer and can explain her philosophy very well, so long as one pays attention.
  10. Happy Birthday to Dan Cross

    Happy Birthday Dan! Hope it was nice.
  11. Pay Czar to regulate pay

    Okay. Objectivists are doing their best to work on it through intellectual activism, and/or by funding the right ideas. I am not interested in placing (primary) blame on businessmen, by any means. That is reserved for American intellectuals. It's just that I do not find enslavement, and the pathetic, piecemeal reactions to it, a source of amusement.
  12. Pay Czar to regulate pay

    I hope this is not serious. I do not find it at all amusing to observe pragmatists scrambling to avoid the inevitable consequences of consenting to their own enslavement, because they cannot / will not fight it on principle. I despise those who try to figure out how to fool the masters into forging links that they can secretly break when the master's back is turned, or lighter links to their chains (which are also our chains). This is doubly true because these people are my fellow citizens, whose failure to oppose slavery on moral grounds negatively affects my life, as well as their own. I hate the "inventiveness" that is employed as a a third-rate substitute for self-esteem.
  13. Is Samuel Adams prediction coming true?

    I don't think that the diversity of climate and manners are an issue, but surviving and throwing off government schools is a harder problem... we'll see.
  14. Happy Birthday to free spirit

    Lovely flowers above - just right for the birthday girl. Happy Birthday!
  15. about me

    Hello Garret, Welcome! Hope to hear more from you.
  16. I can't bear it

    SPOILERS ahead I loved the part where the little bear started to really howl and, seemingly magically, the cougar backed off. I was saying to myself: I can't believe that cougar is backing off because that little bear is howling. Hahaha. Then you see what really made the cougar back off. Smart cougar after all.
  17. Lady Brin

    I knew Brin from here, and from her posts on Facebook. When I saw her on Facebook, in March 2009, and sent a friend request, I asked her how she was doing, because I remembered from her posts here that she had health issues. She referred to her pain, but said that it wasn't the pain that bothered her most. She was more irritated by mental fog. Her primary attitude toward anything destructive seemed to be impatience, contempt, or (when it would help) humor. In spite of the obstacles she faced, she was busy living. She was newly married in January. In March, she was listening to physics lectures, and when I told her about the history classes I was taking, said that she'd like to brush up on her history too. Her husband wrote (on Facebook) that she wished to be remembered as she was, which people seem to do. And judging by my own memory, and by all the replies here, she was a memorable person - leaving a strong impression in just a short while.
  18. Norman E. Borlaug 1914-2009

    Thanks for the information and link Betsy. I'd heard that this revolution had saved may lives, but didn't know who the fountainhead was.
  19. Twin Towers Alliance

    The Twin Towers Alliance has been trying for years to get the Twin Towers rebuilt properly. The first thing one sees on their petition page is a photo of the towers with this caption: It's not too late! To sign the petition, and/or make a donation visit this link: The Twin Towers Alliance Petition for rebuilding the Towers
  20. 9/11 Tribute

    All I saw was a blank (black) page. That's not supposed to be the tribute, is it?
  21. Amy Peikoff and her dog?

    What dogs hear
  22. Jury Duty

    Your only choice as a juror is to decide whether or not a defendant violated some particular law(s). What a juror thinks of the law is not taken into consideration during a trial, though attorneys would probably choose to strike a juror who expressed open disagreement with whatever law(s) is/are serving as the basis for the trial. IMO, if you think that the law in question is non-objective, you cannot be on the jury, because deciding whether or not some law has been violated is all a juror can generally do, and participating in the enforcement of non-objective law is an act of sanction. I have a lot of trouble though, with failing to attempt something when an innocent person's rights are being violated. I would have to look at the particular situation, and decide whether anything I could do as a juror could eliminate or ameliorate some unjust punishment that an innocent victim of non-objective law may receive.
  23. Funny Videos

    I can't think of anything cuter: Looney Tunes: Feed the Kitty Love those old Warner Brothers cartoons.
  24. I Got Married

    Ha ha ha. Ditto!
  25. Happy Birthday to Bob Kolker

    Happy Birthday!