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  1. How do I get someone to respect my time and desire to not be dragged into their emotional hysteria?

    Is it wrong to intentionally try to offend someone or hurt their feelings merely for the purpose of ending a conversation which you've already stated you do not want to have, and to end the process of this person dumping their emotions on you?

    Is this approach more likely to just feed the cycle of destructive emotionalism and keep them coming back, or do you think they would actually stop treating me as an emotional dumping ground if doing so results in me being borderline verbally abusive every time?

    I'm really desperate here... I have no desire to hurt this person emotionally at all, but I value my time and my own emotional state and I can't take it anymore. These conversations are hurting even the relationship I have with this person, which she apparently views as just a vehicle for this exact undertaking as being its only basis of value.

    My candid expressions (which have been repeated and unequivocal) that I do not desire these conversations have had no discernable impact on the person's behavior whatsoever, because this indivdiual feels entitled to not only my time and participation in this, but my implicit validation of those emotions.