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  1. Book: Calculus Made Easy

    Right on! Thanks.
  2. Book: Calculus Made Easy

    I'm working my way through Calculus Made Easy by: Silvanus P. Thompson Copy and Pastable Version: http://bit.ly/PGwcpKttp://ebit.ly/PGwcpK PDF Version: http://djm.cc/library/Calculus_Made_Easy_Thompson.pdf In it he gives an example: y+dy = (x+dx)² and after squaring it gets: y+dy = x²+2x*dx+(dx)² I have no clue how he got from one to the other. Maybe someone can explain or show the steps? Thank you.
  3. Book: Calculus Made Easy

    That solves my problem! Thanks
  4. Hello, I am starting to study Chemistry and have come across a hump. The book I am learning from uses a Quantum Mechanical Model to describe atoms... Is it necessary to learn this in order to understand chemistry? or should I be looking for a new book to learn from? The author of the book does not even give a good reason why they use this. "Early models of the atom had electrons going around the nucleus in a random fashion. But as scientists discovered more about the atom, they found that this representation probably wasn't accurate." ... And Ayn was probably right... Please help! I am eager to learn but do not want to get stuck on this point. Please tell me if I should learn it and move on or find a better book so that I can be firmly grounded in the beginning of my studies.
  5. Here's the lecture that originally got me interested in paleo. Given by Gary Taubes: In it he tries to point to some signs of the emergence of diseases of civilization. It's basically a summary of his book Good Calories, Bad Calories. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=4362041487661765149 Points: (It's been years since I've seen it so I can't remember all the points he made) Living on Indian Reserves vs Traditional Indian living Some studies High Fat/Protein unlimited calorie diet vs Restricted calorie, standard diet The effect of insulin in mice --->related to humans Weston A. Price
  6. Chemistry: Quantum Atomic Model for Atoms

    I'm working through this book now. On Chap 3. Do you know if there is a Answers/Solutions for this book?
  7. Scientific Theories to Watch Out For

    Thread derailing. Please let's stay on topic.
  8. Scientific Theories to Watch Out For

    I did write "if not yet proven beyond a doubt". But your point is taken as being cautious. However the purpose is more to separate into groups which theories are outright absurd vs the ones that show potential to explain things objectively. The degrees that I outlined are not written in stone, but rather a suggestion to start us off. Please feel free to post in any way you are comfortable with. More specific to me and what I look to get out of this thread is: as I study chemistry I will likely be looking to expand my knowledge in various fields, I'd rather that when I expand I start with solid material based in reality vs floating abstractions that are drowning every field. This thread can serve to be an outlet to compliment scientists and their work, highlight things you agree with that you think are on the right path, but also to criticize trends that you think are taking the wrong path, point out flat out mistakes in their respective fields, etc... But relating to the swan example: When the black swan was discovered, they expanded the definition to include black swans. Did they learn where they made their mistake when making generalizations? I don't know, but that's not the purpose of this thread unless you know that some generalization does not account for everything... then you can point it out and why and categorize the theory accordingly.
  9. The Iron Giant

    Please add: The Iron Giant http://www.amazon.com/The-Iron-Giant/dp/B001MZNW52/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1341753396&sr=1-1&keywords=iron+giant
  10. City of Ember

    Please add: City of Ember http://www.amazon.com/City-Ember-Saoirse-Ronan/dp/B001LPWGBO/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1341753333&sr=8-9&keywords=city+of+ember
  11. Oh My God Particle

    Carlos, All your posts seem on the ball to me. I read Wolfram's article and despite myself not being educated in sciences I could already see some problems in what he had to say. Particularly things that seem to conflict with the Law of Identity. I really appreciate your answers, and your posts keep me intrigued as well. Thanks again!
  12. Rearden Paper?

    The first question I had was can you rip it like paper?
  13. Oh My God Particle

    Does Hi Carlos, It is my understanding that many tests can be run a day; 20,000? So I would imagine that they've run more than just 1 test for the particular GeV. Could it be possible that they've run multiple and the data show in the graph is a compilation of multiple tests? I'm not a physicist, but let's say the graph is a compilation of 20,000 tests that consistently show the little bump. Would that change the level of excitement you are experiencing in relation to the topic? I hope that you can elaborate as it is a topic of interest to me but I have an insufficient grasp of physics in order to draw any conclusions of my own. Thanks
  14. Hey Guys, I'm a Canadian (Toronto) and I love the USA. I was wondering if anyone can shed light on what steps have to be taken in order to move to the USA and become a citizen? I have no profession. I am a student but willing to work an entry level job. As a student my tuition in Canada would be subsidized(cheaper $4000-6000/y) for Chemistry. I own two properties in Canada and am willing to sell at least one. Also, where are the most Objectivist filled areas? Any recommended places to move to that I can look at to consider? I do like a moderate climate like found in California (because I love to be able to go for a nice walk in the middle of the night anytime of the year).
  15. Chemistry: Quantum Atomic Model for Atoms

    Right now in my infancy of the study of chemistry I believe I will be leaning toward inorganic chem as opposed to organic chem (although I read that they have a lot of overlaps).
  16. Chemistry: Quantum Atomic Model for Atoms

    Carlos, Thank you for your very complete answer. You don't live in Toronto do you? Or for that matter anyone replying to this topic so far. hehe. I think my uphill battle would be a lot easier with mentors like you.
  17. Chemistry: Quantum Atomic Model for Atoms

    ruveyn, Awesome summary My question is: is the quantum mechanical model(QMM) just correcting previous inaccuracies? or is it 100% consistent with what is happening, explains everything without contradiction, and the reasons are understood? Regardless, since from what I've read here, in order to deal with the world of chemistry I need to know the QMM. Thus, I will do learning it.
  18. Chemistry: Quantum Atomic Model for Atoms

    Hi guys, Thanks for the replies. I'm just starting from scratch and my mathematics is not that strong(which I've learned on my own as well). I failed math and science in high school but now am 10 years later and want to learn and see if I can make a career out of it. I am trying to learn on my own, at least the basics, before enrolling into a university course/program. I figure this will give me at least some kind of advantage when I try to enroll. Which kind of chemistry? I don't particularly know. I will see which one I can understand before pinning myself down. You got it Carlos, I've purchased Chem for Dummies, I didn't know where else to start. Now I've ordered the Linus Pauling book.(thanks ewv) The reason I asked about the quantum mechanical model is because it kind of sounds to me like an answer when no better answer is available; kind of like Copernicus' Epicycles. Copernicus figured it was the sun at the center of the solar system but still could't account for all the movements of the planets, so he devised complicated models in order to attempt the describe the motions of the planets. However I am willing to bite the bullet as it seems there's no way around, at least at the current level of understanding of chemistry. Learning math throughout my childhood was difficult and I think I know why. 1. I was in French Immersion, and math was in french when my primary language was english(no wonder none of my peers developed careers outside the humanities) 2. Lack of respect for hierarchy in high school. 3. Teachers never giving concrete examples of how it applies to reality, everything seemed like a floating abstraction. Learning Objectivism, for me, was the easiest thing I've ever done (when I was age 23). I am very confident in my own ability to integrate and find that this is what gives me the most joy. My goal in pursuing chemistry is to develop a fundamental understanding of math and science and use that knowledge specifically in chemistry in order to develop new advances in the field. I don't look only to applying what I know to repetitive tasks but I look to innovate. At this stage only time will tell if I will be able to accomplish this. However, I do believe it will be an uphill battle. Do you guys know any Objectivist scientists in the Toronto area?