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  1. Happy Birthday to JMR

    Thank you! And a beautiful day it is, indeed.
  2. Professor M. Northrup Buechner of St. John’s University has posted an essay entitled, "How the Economy Works." It goes along with his new book, Objective Economics: How Ayn Rand's Philosophy Changes Everything About Economics. Essentially, his book explains a new theory of how prices work. He discards the modern view of economics and casts prices in terms of the objective-subjective-intrinsic trichotomy that Objectivists are familiar with. I'm in the middle of reading the book now, and I like it so far. The essay is posted on Buechner's site here: He has granted permission allowing anyone to post or republish the essay, as long as it is reproduced in its entirety. I decided to make an attractive two-column PDF version of it, which I've posted here: (I also corrected one typo that was in the web text. "choses" > "chooses".) Enjoy, Jared
  3. Current line up of presidential candidates

    If you're interested in hearing more from Gary Johnson, I just posted some video from a town hall meeting of his that I attended earlier this week in New Hampshire. I condensed the 90-minute event down to about 12 minutes, here:
  4. Hello everyone, I just want to let everyone know that we are accepting suggestions for future books to cover as part of our "Twead" series, which people seem to enjoy. To "twead" a book, as I use the term, is to read a book and then send out via Twitter a handful of comments, reactions, highlights and/or selected quotations (good or bad). I then collect these tweets into one place and post them on the website. The format is very brief; it is not intended to be the same as a book review, which is a separate art form that I love but do not do myself. We've posted nine tweads so far on Here is a list to browse: I'm limiting the subjects roughly to politics, economics, and health policy. Also, I try to twead books that are no more than a few months old. We have five books in the queue right now (e.g., #10 will be "The Truth About Obamacare" by Sally Pipes, and #11 will be "Restoring America's Health Care System" by Scott Atlas), but I thought it would be good to welcome outside suggestions as we add more. Thanks! Jared
  5. Dae Jang Geum (2003-2005)

    My wife and I just started watching this; so far, we like it. Another period drama with a medical component that I can recommend is Bramwell. For a little write-up, see:
  6. Happy Birthday to JMR

    Thank you, everyone! A year older and a year wiser :-)
  7. Fascinating! I look forward to watching it. Thanks for posting.
  8. Happy Birthday to JMR

    A belated thank you, Betsy! Hope all is well in sunny California.
  9. Scriabin's Etudes

    Thanks for posting that link and recommendation. I don't know if anyone has already mentioned these, but Medtner’s Op 47 and 54 might also appeal to people who like the Scriabin pieces above. Unfortunately, I do not have a link. Best, Jared

    To Ed and others, For anyone who is interested, I posted a brief report on the July 4th Tea Party in Boston. It covers the first of the two events. Also, for anyone who is not familiar with The Lucidicus Project, feel free to click around and learn about it. We give away books and materials (including Atlas Shrugged) to medical students in order to help them learn about the moral and economic case for capitalism in medicine. We're growing and we would love your support! Regards, Jared

    The link above somehow got mangled. Here is the actual URL: Regards, Jared

    I have posted some Tea Party pics in an editorial on the protest in Boston, where it all started 236 years ago. Lucidicus Editorial: Tax Day Tea Party '09 That is a permanent link that won't change. Regards, Jared Rhoads
  13. Seeking good podcasts

    Yes, it has become a favorite of mine, particularly for any car ride of over an hour in duration. p.s. If you have any interest in business or management, be sure to catch the episode featuring guest John Allison of BB&T (5/7/2007).
  14. Seeking good podcasts

    No worries--it would have been wise for me to make that clear. After all, this is a philosophy discussion forum. As for your observation about the Lenin painting, the Wikipedia entry on him notes that he was a staunch leftist in college. I heard somewhere else that he gets a kick out of his own physical resemblance to Lenin. That doesn't surprise me in the least. -Jared
  15. Seeking good podcasts

    I hope my recommendation of Jim Cramer's podcasts isn't misconstrued as an endorsement of his philosophy or politics (or, for that matter, his television show). Wall Street Confidential is a show that does day-to-day market commentary. I recommend it in the same sense I would the Wall Street Journal for business news.