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  • Interests Debate is one of my greatest interest. Debate is what permits the wheels of the Republic to turn; it is the tool for progress, understanding and ultimately compromise. History has shown that without free debate a nation will fall into a state of despotism and stagnation; for debate breeds ingenuity that can tackle today’s most pressing issues. A one sided argument has no hope for victory over such problems that our Nation faces. Whether those issues are education, health care or the military, debate must lead the day for only debate can bring resolution. My passion is the only tool that allows Daniel Webster’s government to exist. The people's government, made for the people, made by the people, and answerable to the people can only be found where free and open debate is prevalent. This is my passion, my commitment, my love.
  1. Violation of Free Speech

    This is the great thing about law. The Supreme Court can interpret the constitution any way that it wishes. The court has the power to redefine the First Amendment to include commercial speech. The court has changed its mind time and time again. At one point is said that separate but equal was constitutional and then it changed its mind. All that I am saying is that I think the court should protect these tobacco companies. The government is legislating morality on someone else's dollar and that is not justified.
  2. Violation of Free Speech

    Full Story Four of the five largest U.S. tobacco companies sued the federal government Tuesday, saying the warnings violate their free speech rights. "Never before in the United States have producers of a lawful product been required to use their own packaging and advertising to convey an emotionally-charged government message urging adult consumers to shun their products," the companies wrote in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington.
  3. Tax the Rich

    "While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks," wrote Buffett, who has mentioned in past interviews that the rich should pay higher taxes" Opinions please. Tax the Rich
  4. CPUSA chairman supports Comrade Obama's reelection bid

    My favorite line was when Glenn asked Sam how much he donates in charity each year and Sam gives some cop-out answer about donating 500 bucks so some communist newsletter. It is funny how Sam wants to take everything everyone else owns but keep all of his own wealth. Sounds like a typical communist.
  5. CPUSA chairman supports Comrade Obama's reelection bid

    Glenn Beck interviewed old Sam. Look here, it was funny.
  6. It was an old debate topic. I brought it up because I had been reading about some PMFs and foreign policy in Africa. I am not arguing to replace the entire standing army with PMFs. That would be insane. My thesis was that PMFs use is justified.
  7. PMFs do not provide the bulk of combat services. Combat still remains in the hands of the military itself. Basically, I ask why should you have a military man serve food, fix helicopters, wire circuits and do other things along those lines when he could be doing what he does best, fighting wars. Also, if one considers that the government doesn't have to provide a PMF employee with Veteran Administration benefits and GI bill privileges then it is considerably cheaper to hire a PMF. I cover some of this in the essay.
  8. There is a huge need for outsourcing. One of the main points is efficiency. Privatization is the key to reach efficiency. PMFs are far more efficient than the military itself in provided certain key skills to achieve foreign policy objectives. PMFs are also bound by law. However, even more than that they are bound by the law of contract. If they wish to receive contracts they will abided by the stipulations of the contract that the US government writes. The United States Military simply cannot operate without PMFs. The broader context of this essay is just to show favor for an already favorable entity.
  9. I would not compare PMFs to the mercenaries of the Roman Empire. First, the PMF market is owned almost solely by the United States company. They are not traders and certainly do not wish for the downfall of America. THis would mean a downfall of profit.
  10. Another Greenspan nugget

    You don't even have to known anything about economics to understand how ridiculous that idea is. All that you would need is common sense. That is the kind of answer a 5 year old gives.
  11. Obama Vacation

    I am thankful for that much.
  12. Obama Vacation

    Obama on Vacation So should President Obama be vacationing next week in Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts, where the average home costs $650,000? Yes, says White House press secretary Jay Carney. Obama, like most Americans, needs down time to recharge his batteries for the battles ahead. And besides, he says, "The presidency travels with you.". Maybe not, say some academics, authors and political pundits. While Obama deserves a break, they say, this might not be the time, and Martha's Vineyard might not be the place. I personally think that if I was the president at a time like this I couldn't even enjoy a vacation with all the issues at hand.
  13. Foreign Aid to Starving Children

    You make an incredibly valuable point. It has been called charity by Government officials so often that it has become second nature to use their terminology. It is theft and it is morally wrong.
  14. Foreign Aid to Starving Children

    Therefore, I must deem this charity to be wrong. I am not choosing to throw my money into the hell hole known as Africa. The government is taking my money (all of our money) and is then choosing where it wants to give it as charity. These African nations are not necessary even deserving. If anything this money being spend on these nations should be put on the chopping block and labeled "spending cuts." I don't understand why America has to feed the world and everyone else gets to criticize us for our debt. If you ask me this is all poor economic and political policy on part of the American government.
  15. " Hundreds of thousands of Somali children could die in East Africa's famine unless more help arrives, a top U.S. official warned Monday in the starkest death toll prediction yet. 'One of the reasons to be here is just to ask Americans and people worldwide, the global community, the human family, if they could just reach a little deeper into their pockets and give money to help these poor people, these poor mothers and children,' said Biden, who met with two Somali mothers and their eight children." The Objectivist opinion on giving foreign aid?