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  1. Limits

    Hence the term paradox...
  2. Fun with Words

    As an semi-interesting side note, grammarian Richard Lederer is the father of of world-class poker players Howard Lederer and Annie Duke.
  3. Fun with Words

    Here are the words from the article: The only one on the list I've been 'guilty' of using is ginormous. I've heard slickery used rather frequently (probably because it is frequently slickery here in Colorado during the winter months ). For reasons I cannot explain, the word woot irritates me, although I've never actually heard it pronounced.
  4. Organ transplants from death row inmates

    I don't understand why inmates are not encouraged to donate organs. Every death-row inmate should be given the option to donate all their organs before they are executed. From a practical standpoint, they have been eating healthy and have been clean of drugs for several years, making them ideal donors. Plus, it would give them a chance to repent for the horrible crimes they committed by being able to save some lives. And then, as Dave mentioned, they could just carry out the execution as soon as the operation was finished. They could just triple the dosage of anesthesia and the prisoner would simply never wake up.
  5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

    Having read the books, I enjoyed the movie. But it came across to me as a sort of inside joke for fans of HHGTTG or a tribute to it. For someone who had never been exposed to the Hitchhiker's universe, I could see the movie being a little confusing or bizarre. I found myself laughing at parts of the movie before the scene even occurred [such as the part when they are approaching Deep Thought for the answer to the "Great Question of Life]. The best thing about the movie is that it encouraged me to reread the books, which I haven't read in several years.
  6. Violation of Free Speech

    The only legitiimacy I can find in Motley Crue's charges is the fact that NBC is a broadcast network using "public" airwaves. If the airwaves are "public", then doesn't everyone have a "right" to them? Maybe I'll sue CBS for not airing the sitcom I wrote.
  7. What was the context of her remembering her mother in the old movies? Who did she consider her mother, Padme or her adopted one?
  8. Unwarranted Radiation Attacks

    Thanks for the link Stephen, I will begin to contruct my AFDB immediately. I have one question though, will the AFDB be able to prevent the Crystal Children from reading my mind? [The Crystal Children are another recurring topic on the Coast to Coast show]
  9. An Introduction to Progressive Exercise

    Ray, First off I want to thank you for posting all this information. I haven't been to the gym since October, primarily due to boredom and stagnation in my workouts, and I've been looking for a new exercise program. I have a couple of questions though. You say that the only exercises are leg-press, pull-down, bench-press, lower-back machine or dead lifts and overhead- press By pull-down do you mean lateral-pull-down (click)? And by lower back machine do mean this (click)? Do these exercises ever change? If so, how long would one do these exercises before changing to slightly different exercises for each muscle group? In a previous reply to Carrie you said that traditional cardio and stretching are a waste of time. Can I really get all my cardio and stretching done simply through this type of weight-lifting? What about warm-up cardio and stretching before starting to lift weights?
  10. As soon as I walked out of the theatre I wanted to go pop Episode IV in my DVD player. Then I remembered I only own it on VHS and no longer have a VCR . After seeing the end of Episode III, I really want to rewatch the initial interaction between Obi Wan/Luke in SW and Yoda/Luke in ESB.
  11. Problems with the forum and firefox?

    I use to Firefox browse THE FORUM in both Windows and Linux, I've never had any problems in either OS (it actually looks a little nicer in Linux).
  12. A consciousness interprets sensations that are perceived from external entities. If a person's central nervous system was somehow magically separated from all its nerve endings and never experienced another sensation, they would still be able to interpret and process sensations that were previously perceived.
  13. Wireless Networking

    That post managed to slip under my radar . I am unsure of the protocol that Verizon uses for their wireless broadband network, but I don't think it's 802.14. It appears that it is directly dependant on cellular technology. The new 802.14 protocol works exactly like the current wireless networks used in homes, offices and hot-spots [based on the 802.11 protocol], but it has a longer range and higher speeds. Not only could ISPs use it to distribute wireless broadband access, but individuals could use it to set up private networks that span across the city, with no cables!
  14. Wireless Networking

    There is a relatively new wireless protocol, 802.16, that supports speed up to 100 Mb/s and has a range of 30 miles. A typical cell phone has a range of 4-6 miles. Once the infrastructure is in place, [which seems simple, they could just use existing cell phone towers] cell phone-like broadband internet access will become a reality.
  15. Wireless Networking

    Unless something has changed recently, satelite connections also require that you be connected to a phone line to send signals upstream.
  16. Dr. Rosman, A counselor at my college gave me a referral to a therapist that specializes in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy to deal a serious car accident I was involved in. The accident resulted in the death of a close friend and has caused numerous problems in my life. The idea of this type of therapy sounds strange to me, I was wondering if there was any merit to it and if it is a type of treatment I should pursue. I appreciate any insight you can provide. Bryan
  17. Headaches caused by thinking

    What about the lighting conditions, level of fatigue, posture, comfort level, hunger, and level of stress while studying? I don't think that the act of thinking can cause a headache, but the environment that you are in while you're studying could.
  18. Abortion

    This last paragraph pretty much sums up the issue. The woman is the one who has the carry the fetus for nine months of her life, therefore it is her choice.
  19. Employer's Choices

    Morally, it is wrong for an employer to irrationally discriminate when hiring people. I don't think discrimination should be legislated though. A racist grocery store owner should be legally allowed to hire people based on race. He should then be boycotted to the point that he goes out of business. Then he suffers real consequences for his racism. Forcing him to hire people of other races doesn't "cure" his racism, it just covers up the problem.
  20. Is there a Clocky in your future?

    Wow, I want [need] one of those, sometimes I'll hit the snooze button for up to 3 hours. How do IP rights apply in this case? While the Clocky is a novel idea, it would be (relatively) easy to design and build one.
  21. Honesty and space flight

    How does the hierarchy of command work during NASA missions? Is it similar to the way things work in the military, where there is a chain of command and single person is explicitly responsible for all decisions (including what to tell and not tell the astronauts)?
  22. Halting Problem and Free Will

    Which part isn't true? That there is no maximum prime number, or that every even number can be expressed as a sum of two prime numbers?
  23. Halting Problem and Free Will

    Doesn't this just have to do with the nature of prime numbers? There is no (known) "maximum prime number". The goldbach returns true if 'n' is the sum two prime numbers. If there is no maximum prime number, then every even number can be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers.
  24. Halting Problem and Free Will

    Out of boredom I coded it in Python: def prime(y):    x = y / 2    while x > 1:        if y % x == 0:                 # remainder            return False            break                      # skip else        x = x-1    else:                              # normal exit        return True def goldbach(n):    for x in range(n):        for y in range(n):            if prime(x) and prime(y) and (x+y)==n:                return True    return False                 x=0;n=2 while(x==0):    if goldbach(n)==False:        print 'True',n        x=1    else:        n+=2        print n N got up to about about 1500 then I got tired of looking at it . You said that GOLDBACH(n) terminates for all n, so that loop wouldn't terminate because it is looking for an 'n' that terminates on NOT GOLDBACH(n).
  25. Halting Problem and Free Will

    This has more to do with time and resource restrictions than a human being's inability to solve the problem.