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  1. Atlas Shrugged

    Aside from everything else that is great about it (that is a very big aside), the thing that amazes me about Atlas Shrugged, that I notice more each time I travel through it, is the level of integration. Given the scope of the story, it is magnificent how everything fits together so flawlessly.
  2. The Fountainhead

    Not only do I second this, I raise it to a power of 2 .
  3. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

    Warning: There are spoilers about this movie in this post. Kill Bill vol. 2 is much lighter on the violence than vol. 1. There were two parts of vol. 1 that truly bothered me, the first being the opening scene where she's shot in the head, the second being where she kills the two semi-necrophiliacs [Neither one of these scenes came close to Passion of the Christ though, the violence in that movie literally made me sick to my stomach]. I wouldn't say that vol. 2 is more light-hearted, but it is much less blatantly violent, and overall, more enjoyable.
  4. NPR listener - should contribute?

    Ahh, now this is a whole different can of worms! That 1-2% figure did seem low, and I didn't even think about the tax issue. It saddens me that the only classical and jazz stations in my area are funded in this manner.
  5. NPR listener - should contribute?

    According to their website, only 1-2% of their annual budget comes from government funding. Why don't they just stop accepting government money and run themselves as legitimate company?
  6. Spell check

    When I post I type the post in the reply box, and then copy and paste it into MS Word to check the spelling and grammar. Then I copy and paste it back into the post box and preview it. It rids me of 99% of my spelling and grammar errors. It's a modified version Burgess's method .
  7. Out-Googling Google

    I downloaded the free trial of Grokker and played around with it for a little while tonight. It is an interesting way to see data organized. It seems that it would be very useful for doing research, but not great if you are looking for something specific. Doing an Amazon search on Ayn Rand yielded some puzzling results. It didn't seem to provide all of her works and provided some things completely unrelated, especially in the realm of classical music.
  8. Out-Googling Google

    It looks pretty interesting, especially with the google plug-in. Have you tried the free trial yet? I'm going to D/L it as soon as I get home.
  9. Do you believe anything?

    Having beliefs isn't necessarily a bad thing, provided that the basis for your beliefs is sound. Where you say, "I have no beliefs, rather only facts," I would say, my beliefs are based on facts (as opposed to faith). I would argue that a belief and an opinion are essentially the same thing.
  10. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

    I was thinking the same thing. Actually, I've got an unopened copy of Kill Bill 2 sitting next to me right now that my sister got me for my birthday. I saw them both in the theatres but it seems that I missed a lot....
  11. The DaVinci Code

    I read it and it was decent. It wasn't the best pop novel I've read, but it wasn't the worst. It takes some pretty good digs at Catholicism, which I liked. I would say it's worth reading but not worth purchasing in hardback.
  12. How could VW's shortcomings have a negative effect on the overall economy? Let's pretend that VW completly fails and goes out of business. That doesn't change the economic demand for well engineered, fuel efficient, mid-sized cars. Some other automaker would be more than happy to pick of VW's slack.
  13. Copyrights and television

    None, a DVR is simply a hard-drive that stores data from a video signal. I see no problem in transferring this data to another digital medium, as long as you are not distributing it. I have a friend that used to tape every single episode of Golden Girls and The Andy Griffith Show on VHS. If you don't find this immoral, it can't be any less moral to create higher quality recordings of these shows.
  14. I've already got the tag installed in my left forarm, now if I could just get this scanner working.....
  15. Apropos of Nothing

    My computer doesn't have a name anymore, but my iPod is called Colonel Excitement! (the exclamation point is part of his name).
  16. Infinite regress

    This is precisely the point that I always make in regard to theists. I've never understood why they want to take things one step out of reality. If you take things one step out, why not 2 or 3 or 1000?
  17. A Hundred Years Ago

    I know I would not have and I'm only 26 . I had debilitating asthma as a child. When I look at the advanments in asthma medication just during the past 20 years, I can not imagine what it would have been like in 1905.
  18. You Be the Jury #2

    In this case, and any other case where there is no "living will", the decision should always default to the spouse. In general, someone's spouse is their chosen life mate, and the person who can most accurately predict the choice they would make in a given situation. If you have a martial situation where you don't trust your spouse to make these types of decisions, you better make damn sure you a have living will or have given someone you do trust “power of attorney”.
  19. A Knight's Tale

    I would like to suggest A Knight's Tale (2001).
  20. I Don't Believe in God

    This reminded me of when I was a kid and my parents encouraged me to go to some religious functions with my next-door neighbor. His family is "hard-core" fundamentalist Christians, and going to those functions stick out as very uncomfortable situations in my childhood. I was probably about 8 or 9 years old, and it was the first time I started to realize that something was awry with the whole idea of religion.
  21. Godless

    I am little confused on this topic. Does this mean that anything that is fictional is an invalid concept? I would loosely define a "god" as a being with supernatural powers. Given this definition, "god" seems to be a perfectly valid concept; the omitted measurements are just extraordinarily open-ended.
  22. Changing the way the forum looks

    I personally like the "aesthetic fluid background skin". I like the color scheme, and it adds a touch of "aesthetic individuality" to THE FORUM. As the default skin is indeed the default, it's the skin that most forums running Invision Power Board use. After a while, it gets a little old to look at.
  23. Problem of Universals

    But after he understands rationality, while the concept of man remains the same, the distinguishing characteristic that essentially separates man from other concepts is replaced. It doesn't matter what the initial distinguishing characteristic was when the concept was first formed. Distinguishing (or essential) characteristics are not immutable.
  24. Singles?

    That's exactly what I found . Now I'm even more curious as to its meaning.
  25. TV: Numb3rs

    I watched Numb3rs this past Friday (it happened to be a rerun of the pilot episode), and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What I liked best is the portrayal of the mathematician (the mind) as the primary hero of the show. While this is precisely what I expected, it was nice to see it in action. Thanks for the recommendation Stephen ; I would not have watched it otherwise.