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  1. When Speech Becomes a Crime

    One of the first things to be done is to overturn McCain-Feingold. That law is explicit government censorship of political speech. If they enforce that, we will find that we will have a very difficult time getting rid of incumbants, or have any voice in the government of our country. If we will not fight this blatant power grab by all three branches of government, we will find we no longer have the right to protest speech codes and hate crimes -- or much of anything else. Two of the most important rights underpinning our freedom are the right to property, and the right to think and speak aloud those thoughts. Both of these are under attack by our government. The one good thing the war has done is rip the lid off of the deep corruption of our most important institutions - most especially the universities. We have several important battles to fight besides the Islamists. I'm happy to see people waking up to that fact.
  2. The Vatican Steps toward the 16th Century

    I always enjoy the irony involved when such people admonish others not to play God.
  3. First Gates -- Now Buffett is giving away his fortune

    Post #66, Burgess: I won't go into why, but thank you for that post. Thank you very much.
  4. I have to say, Joss, that I don't understand how anyone can wonder whether money thrown at "poverty" would alleviate it, either with short- or long-term programs. No entity in existence has thrown more money at poverty than the US government, and it continues to do so. We are still spending the wealth of this country on FDR's programs, such as social security; LBJ's War on Poverty will complete the destructin that FDR started. We have prospered in spite of, not because of, such programs. Your thinking on this matter of world poverty alludes me. How is it not altruism to even frame the question the way you have? If you are interested in how to better man's life on earth, speaking in a general way, Miss Rand spent a lifetime teaching us how to do just that. It is the social structure of Capitalism, with its basis in Individualism, and the rights of the individual, that will free men to rid themselves of their poverty. Nothing you could do that simply throws the wealth created by Gates and Buffet at poverty will do anything but destroy the continuing productive value of that wealth -- and pay for the salaries, and the whims, of a legion of middle men.
  5. Justice Prevails in Denmark

    On the surface, this is wonderful news. (I say "on the surface" because I haven't read anything else about this verdict or the reactions to it by the Danes.) It will be interesting to see what happens now. If the umma shook their collective fist over cartoons, how will they react to the prosecution of this beloved tradition?
  6. Great Apes Get Rights

    Hell, the Spanish will bend their knee to anything. These are the people who immediately kowtowed to the Islamists after they committed mass murder in Madrid. They have a lot of nerve to talk about rights all, much less for gorillas. You see the progression that egalitarianism takes? Soon we'll all be equal to the dirt.
  7. First Gates -- Now Buffett is giving away his fortune

    Family, clan, tribe. Did you coin the term "familial fascism"? It does catch the flavor of what I see happening and I thank you for sharing the (astute) observation. I've been hearing the term "reprimitivation" lately, to describe what is happening in places like Somalia. I'm not sure if they are talking about atavism, but that is what I've been calling it. Would you say that familial fascism is a form of atavism? I knew that the term "giving back" was the evil spawn of collectivism -- hence the "to society" part of that phrase, but the information and reasoning offered is valuable to me. Thanks to each of you who responded to my question.
  8. Wal-Mart's critics make me smile

    Oakes, you will never know how much you make me smile, not just with what you write here, but also on your blog. If anyone hasn't visited Oakes' blog, I recommend it highly - especially his vignettes about his classes. And his dad.
  9. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Atlas Shrugged movie?

    I'm glad to hear that you aren't offended, Diana. It's still embarrassing, however, because I visit Noodlefood everyday and I admire you; nothing like a red face to sear it into my brain so I won't make that mistake again. Thanks for giving a pronunciation. That will make it easier to remember.
  10. First Gates -- Now Buffett is giving away his fortune

    I would like to know just what Buffet, et al, think they have taken from society, that they must give back? Does anyone know where that disgusting bit of rhetoric came from in the first place? .
  11. Gary Hull founding a college?

    My goodness, but the government educationists certainly have a death-grip on "the process". Then again, they must make sure that the curriculum is "standardized". I admit that I had a laugh at that bit. Would that they would standardize their curriculum to Dr. Hull's standards! Aside from the information about Founders, I was interested in the very last bit about how New York is freezing any further accredidation for new for-profit propositions. The part I found interesting is that there are so many new for-profit start-ups. This suggests to me that people have just about had it with government schools, and government subsidized schools. If this is so, I think we can expect a major blow-up before it is all over. The teacher schools and unions are not going to go quietly into that good night. It is wonderful to see the beginning.
  12. Piggy banks banned -- Offensive to Muslims

    I would like to highly recommend a new article (a long one) in Front Page Magazine, by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappin. I am not familiar with the authors, nor have I checked out their copious endnotes, but I am familiar with much of the information they highlight in this article and know of its validity. "The Truth about the Muslim Brotherhood", Front Page Magazine Online (June 16, 2006) http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadA...le.asp?id=22916 The Islamism we face today began in Egypt in the 1920's, with the Muslim Brotherhood. This article gives a good, concise history of the movement and what we face in this war. It explains a lot about the sorts of things we've been discussing here.
  13. Gary Hull founding a college?

    Thank you for the new information. It answers some questions raised over at Noodlefood. Some folks seemed to think that, since there weren't enough Objectivist scholars, or enough students of Objectivism, it would be best to hold off on opening a college. I think that is a ridiculous critieria, myself, and I couldn't imagine that the college was to be Objectivist per se. I happy to see I was right.
  14. Piggy banks banned -- Offensive to Muslims

    I think we would be surprised at the sort of thing that is taught here in the U.S. We know, for example, that there have been several instances of high school teachers saying much the same kind of things about our country to their students, without consequence to themselves. What we don't hear about are the classes in Islam that are becoming ubiquitous in our schools, where elementary school aged children are given courses in "being" Muslim, using packets ultimately paid for by Saudi Arabia. (Daniel Pipes' site is a good source for these stories - in fact, there was one on his blog recently. I've searched many times for stories and there always seems to be something new from this city or that.) The enemy has gone after our children, abetted by our government run, politically correct educational institutions. Allah is patient and has all the time in the world.
  15. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Atlas Shrugged movie?

    Oh, do go and read that site. In order to justify renaming themselves "The Atlas Society" (actually, to begin reusing a name and site they had allowed to stagnate), they go into a whole song and dance about how they don't mean Atlas the god straining to hold up the world, but a wonderful, newly defined Atlas who has no need to shrug (I guess). I cannot take seriously anyone who isn't aware enough to be embarrassed by the whole thing.