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  1. OpenSource Software

    Ah, I guess so yes. I think it can get confusing between Open Source and Free Software. Thanks for the link. Evo
  2. OpenSource Software

    Many interesting comments in the thread! Unfortunately I have not been as active as I would like, have been quite busy as of late. I agree with this sentiment and is one of the main issues I have with Linux and OS apps. Look at the Linux distros, they are just a slightly tweaked Microsoft Windows, they even have the same taskbar with start menu and all. Look at OpenOffice, it has the same icons and even in the same order as Office 2003. For another example look at Pixel32, a Photoshop rip off. Yet, despite this, OS advocates criticize commercial software claiming that it stagnates innovation. Hypocritical when they shamelessly copy the very software they criticize. Evo
  3. OpenSource Software

    Greetings, I am curious to know what people here think about open source software and the philosophy that goes with it? Is it something that is compatible with capitalism(and Objectivism)? Or is it more of a socialist thing? For some reason I see the whole OpenSource movement as a bad thing, I also think it is linked with Antitrust laws. There seems to be an opposition to closed source/propietary software and it is seen as a bad thing. Evo
  4. Pure Consciousness

    Sure. In one of the testimonies given, the person describes the experience: "I was meditating one late afternoon when I began to settle down much more deeply than usual. As I became more and more still, all thoughts and feelings settled and I was left in a deep quietness. All familiar boundaries that defined where I was and what time it was, and even who I was, began to fade from awareness and dissolve altogether. There was nothing else. No trace of thought or memory entered into my awareness; even the sense of my body and its position in space had vanished. It's not that I missed these things. It simply did not enter my awareness to miss them or not to miss them." This, at least from my understanding, flatly contradicts the experience this person supposedly had. If he was conscious of nothing, then how does he know what was NOT on his mind? That is, how can he say things like "There was nothing else. No trace of thought or memory entered into my awareness; even the sense of my body and its position in space had vanished."? The fact that he can even describe the state implies that he was conscious of something, I think the whole concept is incoherent. Evo
  5. Pure Consciousness

    To know whether or not such a state is indeed possible. Evo
  6. Pure Consciousness

    Has anyone heard about Pure Consciousness? I had not heard about it till a few days ago. I was debating with a mystic and he brought it up. A brief definition of it is: "a silent state of inner wakefulness with no object of thought or perception.". In other words, it is be conscious of nothing or only of one's self. This seems to contradict what Ayn Rand said about consciousness "to be conscious is to be conscious of something". What do people here think about Pure Consciousness? Here is are a couple of links with more info about it: http://ccbs.ntu.edu.tw/FULLTEXT/JR-PHIL/ew99036.htm http://www.spiritwatch.ca/cehsc/ipure.htm Thanks in advance, Evo