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  1. If that is what is meant: statement retracted, and apologies to alann. Agreement with the anti-anti-cure culture... definitely.
  2. Leaving out the philosophical objections I have with most of these "* pride" campaigns. The psychological and cultural changes that many undertake to make are valid and valuable. I agree that having autism is nothing to be proud of. But as long as one is as productive as one is capable of becoming it certainly is nothing to be ashamed of. Further, autism is not failure. Failure denotes a value that one is striving to achieve and is subsequently not successfully achieved. I agree it is not a virtue, but it certainly isn't evil either. I would also add that it is probably to Autistics that hear words all their life such as grief, frustration, defective, failure; that such a campaign is aimed, as well as the people who utter those words or suggest in their deeds and actions about Autistics.
  3. What are your Favorite B and C Movies?

    The Librarian: A made for TV B release but I loved it. Pretty zany and far fetched and doesn't take itself seriously. It's also quite embarrassing how much I identify with the lead character in this too... DORKS UNITE! If you're wondering what it's like... think Indiana Jones type adventure... but cheesier.
  4. Congratulations to you both, and a toast to your futures.
  5. I also thought it was fantastic. Typical Indiana Jones whacky adventure with action, escapes, recapture, escape, recapture, running around... I found myself laughing and smiling throughout the entire thing.
  6. Somehow, Humans Must Be to Blame

    Well, humans have sent 2 probes into the planets atmosphere... (well, one probe and the orbiter that delivered the probe)
  7. My impression of Bioshock was one big long Strawman argument. Presented with beautiful graphics and with great game play. My reasons for thinking this are very similar to those listed above. What concerned me most wasn't the fact that they had anything coherent to criticise Objectivism with. Is that it would infect the minds of those who didn't know any better against those Objectivist ideas before they even got a chance to be exposed to them. I know Ayn Rand didn't appear to be too fussed about it. I can't remember the quote, but I know Ayn Rand only sought to speak to those who hadn't already betrayed their humanity. But still, it'd be nice if those people weren't led to the slaughter before they knew they were being led to the slaughter. That said, movies and books have been doing it for a long time... it was pretty much only a matter of time before video games got in on the act of betraying their patrons.
  8. Vadim Perelman

    This isn't a comment on "Life Behind Her Eyes" but on the Atlas Shrugged movie... I don't think it's going to matter what the popular press will say about it. The popular press routinely trash Atlas Shrugged the novel, and it still sells well more than 50 years after its release. If even a quater of the people who have read (and liked) the book go and watch the movie it will have done well. Add in the boys and young men (and older ones) that will buy tickets because Angeline Jolie is starring and you have at least a half decent taking at the box office. For this type of movie if he translates the themes of the novel well, the movie will do just fine. Don't know if it will break records at the box office or not, but I know I'll be contributing my part when it is released.
  9. Mushrooms!

    "stuffed mushrooms" Field mushrooms, de-stalked. Fill cap with a mixture of peregrino cheese (or other 'hard' italian cheese) and bacon bits (mix cheese and bacon to personal taste... I prefer less bacon bits) fry face down till cheese "sets" (i.e. cheese doesn't run out of cap) then fry on other side till mushroom is cooked... then eat. Fried in a frying pan, with minimal lubricant of choice. I use canola oil VERY sparingly... i.e. use canola oil to heat up pan then pour excess off at heat point so as all that is left is the residue.
  10. The untapped power of the human mind

    That is actually a myth. Only about 0.5% if autistics have savant abilities. Much like the general population. The so called intelligence of Autistics is primarily given rise because they lack the desire (or need) of much interpersonal contact and so devote large tracts of time to their specific areas of interest. Where those interests intersect employable tasks... you'll not find a more qualified employee. I'd encourage people to find out some more truth about Autism than what has been bandied about so far. As an aside, it was "world autism awareness day" on April 2nd. Not that I condone anything by the UN, and 1 in 94 boys is a bit rich as a statistic... but still... just letting y'all know.
  11. Safari Browser

    I don't use Safari and don't know why it's quicker. But to make FireFox (and possibly IE) quicker, try looking up Pipelining. For sites that support it you can increase page load times to a phenomenal rate. Also, if you're a FireFox user you can try adding this to "about:config" integer preference: nglayout.initialpaint.delay value: 0 Makes it render immediately as oppose to waiting... don't know why that isn't on by default!? Plugins are available that automate the process of fiddling with connection and pipeline settings also. It is perhaps the reason why Safari is quicker. Firefox defaults to 4 connections at any one time. Safari might default to 8. (I have mine edited to 30)
  12. Gday Roger, I just read your opening blurb to your stories in the other section of the forum and it definitely looks interesting. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  13. My Original Art on eBay

    I just picked up my painting of "Pearl" from FedEx. It is more beautiful than the pictures do it credit on eBay. Thanks a zillion Mac! As it is my first experience with eBay (or buying art for that matter) I was quite thrilled with the process and the speedy delivery. It's amazing to think you can buy romanticist style art from the other side of the planet direct from the painter himself and have it on your doorstep three days later. Modern civilisation really is fantastic!
  14. My Original Art on eBay

    I am pleased to announce that as at 2am this morning (my time), I slept through my winning bid for the art work entitled "Pearl."
  15. Welcome fellow Aussie, and fellow AynRandFan. Enjoy your stay. It's always good to see more Aussie Objectivists. An indication of cultural change one hopes