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  1. Charlize Theron on Cuba and the United States

    I'm often disappointed when I learn the politics of an artist I admire. One can usually discern the philosophy of a songwriter just by listening, but with others, such as actors, it's not so easy. Can one effectively (and morally) separate the actor's craft from his personal philosophy? There are plenty of leftist actors (is that a redundancy?) who can sympathetically portray capitalists, even though the portrayal is at odds with their own political-economic views. In that respect they are, ironically, allies of capitalism. Then there are others who believe so strongly in their lefty principles that they would refuse the role (I would guess only the most successful would exercise this option). Anyhow, I've known a few actors, and their combined intelligence could barely power a 15 watt light bulb. So perhaps we should go easy on them.
  2. Only Ed and The Almost

    Anyone wishing to hear iconoclastic, satirical, bouncy, witty, modern pop music composed, performed, recorded and produced by one person and quite unlike anything you have heard (really) may visit me <here. CD Baby is a great place for artists and a model of capitalism in action. And it's one of the few places around that lets prospective purchasers listen, in 128k hi-fi, to the first 2 minutes of each song from the beginning. Atheists among us may particularly enjoy Him Again, What Would Jesus Do?, Church Bus, When Jesus Cries, and hard-core Islamophobes will surely chuckle at The Mohammed Song. But fear not: only about 10% of my songs deal with irrational belief systems. I'm also represented (if not very lonely) at iTunes: Comments always welcome. Purchases even more so. Thanks for listening! -Ed