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  1. Anti-Virus Software

    I swear by AVG. (Maybe one day I'll try Avast--it sounds good too.)
  2. Dog will do Tricks for you

    The dog rejects a lot of commands. Here's a chicken that does most anything. It's quite amazing!
  3. Rex Barks

    They're all PNs; the answer key is wrong--it's clear-cut. Some examples are not so obvious: "The color of her gown was such a red as made the eyes ache." In this case, "red" is a noun, so it's a PN. (The gown had the quality of red, but the color is red.)
  4. This inability to edit is really annoying! Rand
  5. This might be even more pertinent: Music with an Ayn rand Connection
  6. Some Sparkling Lehar for Sunday Night

    Thank you. I had been looking for a complete version of this aria on YouTube. Franz Lehár is my favorite composer, and this is one of my favorite songs by him. See this article I wrote: Evaluating Music--and Franz Lehár
  7. Jolie confirmed as playing Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged Movie

    Assuming the movie continues to face years of delay, here's my vote for the role of Ragnar:
  8. Spell Checking Others' Posts

    I almost always correct typos, and at times even punctuation errors, but only if I am absolutely sure it is a mistake. I take the side of caution with punctuation--but most people do not know how to punctuate (I'm a professional editor).
  9. Why is Free will an axiom?

    The concept of "subjective" is most properly used in contradistinction to "objective." For example, suppose a man does not acknowledge the flaws in his wife's character because his love for her colors his judgment. We would say he is being subjective--that is, his perception is subject to an influence that does not have cognition as its goal. What he needs to do is be objective. The term "subjective experience" by this definition of the adjective is meaningless. Precisely speaking, it would mean that the experience does not actually exist, or that it is not truly striving to gain knowledge. But of course, an experience is simply something that one undergoes, and we cannot find fault with it the way we can with a goal-directed process. Even the term "personal experience" is somewhat of a redundancy. An experience, by its very nature, can only be had by a single person. I realize this is a side issue to the ones raised in the original post, but I thought I'd weigh in anyway.
  10. ... it's spoofed ... respectfully

    I almost wish this story were true! And now, for the rest of this thread, it might be amusing to nominate passages from the novel that we would like to hear shrieked. This one gets my vote: "WE NEVER HAD TO TAKE ANY OF IT SERIOUSLY, DID WE?"
  11. Atlas Shrugged Movie On Hold

    It is worth noting that Ayn Rand never implied that Galt's speech convinced the country's leaders to abdicate. Rather, it was the strike--the withdrawal of the men of the mind--that forced them to. This is basic Shrugged. So I too am glad that this project has been put on hold. In fact, I find myself wishing that it would be abandoned entirely by this crew.
  12. Is this really Hillary Clinton talking?

    The way I see it, she is trying to co-opt the increasingly acknowledged observation that "liberal" has come to mean the opposite of liberty, and confuse the issue so that this reversal remains safely in place.
  13. About sweet-faced young women

    Absolutely disgusting.
  14. Textual mistakes in THE FOUNTAINHEAD and ATLAS SHRUGGED

    As the second line in every 3rd chapter, and in all the diagrams.
  15. Textual mistakes in THE FOUNTAINHEAD and ATLAS SHRUGGED

    First line in book.