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  1. Disintegration And Sexuality

    Rand notes, in The Comprachicos, that there was no "reading neurosis" before Progressive education's "whole language" method. Was she also scientifically ignorant, not sufficiently attuned to the latest brain scan coincidences? Is Ritalin the cure for today's schools, regardless of the intellectual structure of their curriculum and teaching method? Or shall we assume that "reading neurosis" has a material base which is precipitated in the presence of the "whole language" method? And is the alleged genetic base of schizophrenia a potential actualized in a Kantian culture? Can you discuss how training in physics provides expertise in other sciences?
  2. Sex in Ancient Greece

    Hull, in "Ancient Greece" (TIA), notes that Greek culture was a shifting combination ofmysticism, reason, and subjectivism. Mayhew, in "Reason In Greek Drama," also outlines this. The discovery of reason was, especially before Aristotle, incomplete and, to some extent, degenerated into Sophistic subjectivism and Platonic mysticism. Thus Greeks had three cultures competing for control of their souls, a very intellectually and psychologically disintegrative situation for a growing child. The Greeks should be respected for achieving as much as they did, given the anti-intellectual forces in the culture.
  3. Anti-intellectualism in America

    The nihilists, domestic and foreign, call it arrogance.
  4. problem of induction

    What, in Zeus's name, is a "human event" class? Is is like a '60s "happening?"
  5. problem of induction

    Do you mean a mathematical or logical restatement of the rules of induction in Peikoff's "Induction in Physics and Philosophy?" Or? How might "generalize from valid concepts and self-evident generalizations" be formalized?
  6. Models and Patterns

    What is the difference between models and theories?What problems exist because there is not yet a full philosophy of science? Eg, there is, I believe, no theory of theories. Better, what could you do if you had a full philosophy of science? Would it provide a better method or allow you justify what you know by your present method? As for patterns, I believe that the criticism is that brute animals perceive reality in patterns that are merely perceptual. Eg, getting too close to a dog breaks its "safety" pattern implicit in its visual field. Primitive cultures are susceptable to conspiracy "theories" because they have merely noticed coincidences (of facts at different conceptual levels). But man conceptually organizes his perceptual patterns and notes that some are, indeed, merely coincidental, non-conceptual. Eg, Marx noted some patterns but they were non-conceptual.
  7. Disintegration And Sexuality

    One of Objectivism's great cultural insights is the identification of the influence of culture upon intellectual and thus psychological integration. Eg, "For The New Intellectual," "Cultural Value-Deprivation," "Art & Moral Treason", "Madness & Modernism," and "The Comprachicos." This is in clear contrast to the absence of concern with intellectual integration by mainstream thinkers. I cannot understand why Objectivists, especially Objectivists, have not considered the effect, on the developing sexual psychology of the child, of the increasing intellectual disintegration of our culture. Compare this to Rand's description, in IOE, of the intellectual and psychological disintegration of students in schools influenced by Progressive anti-intellectualism. Our culture is conditioning people to develop in unintegratable fragments instead of holistically. What, after all, is ADD but the intellectual-psychological effect of Pragmatism, ie, of the culturally pervasive hostility to systematic reasoning about, at least, basic issues. Whatever science may discover about the material causes of sexuality, it will never discover that man reproduces homosexually. Man is a heterosexual animal, regardless of the personal psychology of any individual. A is A. A rational hypothesis, at least, is that one of the above fragments is homosexuality. Consider the intellectual disintegration, as the result of subjectivism, in Greece, Rome, Weimar Germany, and post-60s America. Homosexuality was/is prevalent in these cultures, an interesting coincidence with subjectivism and intellectual disintegration. One such subjectivism and explicit advocacy of contradiction is Chris Sciabarra (_Ayn Rand: Russian Radical_) and his use of dialectics, as a type of contradiction, to interpret Rand as a Hegelian! Sciabarra is an advocate of homosexuality, a topic that is of profound concern to some who claim to like Objectivism. There are two books, at least, on this fragment which wants to become a whole. We should be concerned about Objectivism being perverted into a powerful rationalization for a partial integration of personality, really a disintegration posing as integration. In these cultures people complained about the disintegration of personality. Free will and reason develop. We are not born as volitional/conceptual adults. The intellectual disintegration implicit in a disintegrating culture is subconsciously learned by very young children from their parents before they have developed reason and choice on the adult level. Some, at least, of this very early failure to integrate is correctable as development provides more volitional/conceptual power to the growing child.
  8. Models and Patterns

    Is there a problem w/models and patterns as part of scientific method or of reasoning in general? It seems to me that an Objectvist, years ago, claimed that models were not theories because they were merely perceptual-symbolic and not conceptual. And Lisa Van Damme, in her "Objectivist vs. Classical Education" recorded lecture, said, I believe, that patterns were perceptual. I don't recall her conceptual alternative.
  9. Soulmate

    I was so shocked and awed at first that I wasn't sure whether I should enjoy the momentor use philosophy to understand it. I made the right choice. The fact of it has stayed with me as a very realistic rebuttal to those who claim cynicism is "mature."
  10. testing

  11. femininity vs heroine worship

    If you listened to Einstein discuss relativity, would you call it stream of consciousness or would you allow that you might not know his facts and/or logical connections among them? But even more importantly, why are you confused by my restatement of Rand's insight that one's basic values form one's sexual responses? In _Atlas Shrugged_, the profoundly selfless James Taggert has a brief, sleazy affair with a woman writer(?). His response is one of amused disgust. Rand said that only the strongest people could hold out for a long time in a profoundly irrational culture before, perhaps, becoming irrational themselves. Accepting Objectivism does not cause you to float free of this here culture. You are in it and must respond to it. Its a constant fight to maintain rationality in a culture that discourages it on the basic level. If nothing else, you'll grow properly resentful of the significant lack of rational values. You may even numb yourself to it. If your life is very good there will still be the problem that you are not living in your ideal culture. Its not a good situation. And this is if one knows and accepts Objectivism. What of those who don't have the advantage of knowing and accepting Objectivism? They are psychologically vulnerable to the irrationalism to an important extent. In OP, Peikoff said that the nihilism is already changing the American character away from the rationality of the Enlightenment. I see people and talk to them, including the younger philosophy and other humanities teachers at my alma mater. The chairman of the Philosophy Dept. painted his office door an unapproved color so he could "stick it to the man." He's seriously stupid, saying of the 9/11 attack, that it was "remarkable." There's a fact w/o a value! I see the "new man" writ large in TV commercials and movies. I made the mistake of seeing "The Ice Storm," a sour, fetid even, despicably superficial, liberal escape from a totally corrupt society in which businessmen and gangsters are equally amoral, a sort of updated "Easy Rider." The irrationalists of the last generation are more rational than the average person of the present generation. I see a bizarrely unrealistic irrationality and hollowness in many younger people, whether relativist or religious. And I see good people, too, and that encourages me to the extent it can.
  12. femininity vs heroine worship

    Your claim depends on what is naturally feminine and masculine. And this has not been clearly identified beyond the definitions. I know a woman who can yell louder and deeper than a Marine. But she is one of the most feminine (in my estimation and merely from a casual, visual observation) women I know, w/a woman's unique perceptiveness and two daughters. What does this mean? She's worth someplace between a half-million and a million dollars yet gets very upset if I (not wealthy!) am a bit delayed in buying her a drink if we're at a bar. She's very competent and confident in her business. She has a forthrightness and firmness of manner that some might perceive as masculine tho I perceive a feminine strength. The more i think about this issue, the more I'm convinced that our culture's nihilism is destructive in deeper ways than often understood. I wonder if what has been observed is a sort of dual (split?) sexuality or a partial lack of sexuality, a disintegration of consciousness, even the consciousness of one's own body. Peikoff noted, in OP, that women in the Nazi death camps stopped menstruating. That's pretty damned physiological from a non-material cause that affected their volitional/comceptual consciousness.
  13. femininity vs heroine worship

    MY FIRST REPLY TO THIS VANISHED BECAUSE I ACCIDENTALLY HIT A WRONG KEY. I DON'T SEE IT POSTED.Perhaps your example is a weak example of your point because its a _woman_ with an unusual chemical and hormonal balance. Is she partly feminine and partly, what, some oddity beyond masculinity? Or, a physiologically dis-integrated _woman_? Masculinity and femininity depend, to some extent, upon the degree of mind/body unity. The researchers you note must be very careful to properly contextualize their findings. Out-of-context coincidences may suggest something "fruitful" but they dont prove causation. And the widest, rational context is missing from mainstream culture. Eg, when these researchers claim a certain chemical and hormonal balance is associated with (would they dare to say caused?) masculinity or femininity, God knows what they mean and He doesnt exist. What do they mean by masculinity or femininity? Look at the difficulty that we Objectivists, with our methodological advantages, have in understanding these concepts beyond very abstract definitions. Yes, of course, man is a mind/body unity. I meant to stress that in our nihilist culture, psychological problems are much more likely to be caused by our volitional/conceptual consciousness (including that of childhood developement) rather than something purely physical. A certain percentage will, of course, be purely physical. But, even there, I wonder if the scientists in that research into the material causes of sex know how to interpret their observations, measurements and experiments. I wonder how much of our culture's irrationality has contextualized their claims. A clinical psychologist of, enamored of brain scans, and who had taught doctoral students, heard me read Rand's description of intellectual responsibility ("Obj. Ethics," pb, 23, ΒΆ1). She, who denied volition, merely shook her head. There was no intellectual defense to her denial of intellect. I'm sorry but I find it difficult to trust alleged scientists when they make claims about the more basic aspects of human nature.
  14. femininity vs heroine worship

    There's no mind-body split, no sexuality/person split. Sexuality is an expression or aspect of the person. I know a woman who studied philosophy in a university, has an IQ of 140, has been the personal model of a famous designer, and is extraordinarily perceptive. I could never perceive or understand where her mind stopped and her feminiity began. Her discussions of philosophy had a subtle femininity to them and her feminiinity had a bright intelligence to it.
  15. femininity vs heroine worship

    Why effeminate? How does hero-worship imply these things?