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  1. "We're not meeting with Iran ..."

    Partly unreliable. The Wikipedia articles on mathematics are generally (mostly) correct as far as they go, which is to introduce the concepts and provide further references. For mathematics of much of physics Wiki is a good jump off point. On matters political, I would have reservations with respect to any source. Bob Kolker
  2. When conceptual thinking stops

    Here is the issue: are all VIRUSES alike so that a generalized virus killer is possible? The human body which produces a wide variety of antibodies to attack a wide variety of pathogens does not create a single fits-and-fights-every pathogen antibody. Different antibodies for different pathogens. Perhaps it would be more productive so find out how the human immune system is so -versatile-. The immune systems seems to do two things rather well: identify the pathogen as a pathogen and read its structure and using that read fashion an antibody that molecularly locks the pathogen are neutralizes it or partly neutralizes it. It would appear that the humans would have to use exactly the same approach do deal with pathogens in an artificial way. In the matter of fighting cancers, one possible approach (that is successful in some cases) is to starve a cancer of its nutrient supply via blood vessels. Two things happen: the cancer is identified in its locality and a blood vessel blockage is applied to that locality. That might work in a large number of cases. Bob Kolker
  3. When conceptual thinking stops

    Have you considered the possibility that there is so much variation in viruses (their genetic makeup) that there is no typical virus as such? Maybe it is necessary to fight them one at a time. Do you have evidence that there is sufficient similarity between viruses that a generalized attack might be feasible? I would be very cautious and not let our mode of description and verbalization lead us astray. What might be more useful is to figure out how our bodies make antibodies. Somehow our bodies fashion just the right antibody to attack each type of pathogen. If there is a generalized attack mode it is buried somewhere in the means by which are our bodies make antibodies. Bob Kolker
  4. Whirlpools

    Has Someone pulled the Plug? Bob Kolker
  5. Induction vs. Deduction

    The definition of logic held by professional logicians and mathematicians who do mathematical logic for a living is that logic is the science/discipline of valid inference. Logic does not determine what is empirically true or not true. Logic cannot tell you how much you weigh. But if you weigh more than your brother and your brother weighs more than your cousin, and the scale is not broken, you may logically infer that you weigh more than your cousin. Bob Kolker