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  1. Ain't Fascism Fun?

    It is. If one wanted to put the knock on eco-fascism, productions like that are the way to do it. I saw a mock-commercial on you-tube savaging GM (Government Motors) after the bail-out. The model auto being touted was a two seated abomination called the Pelosi-2. It gets 40 miles to the gallon but one needs a shoe horn to get in and out of the car. And here is a mock-commercial savaging Citi Bank after the bail out. Or should I say F**king Citi Bank? Please have a look and a laugh at: Bob Kolker
  2. Record Blizzard

    Don't you go where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow. Bob Kolker
  3. Documentary on Autism

    I just saw the HBO bio pic -Temple Grandin-. Just two words: See it. Bob Kolker
  4. Record Blizzard

    Calling this current snowstorm a Blizzard is absurd. A little over two feet of snow fell in Washington D.C. and in Philadelphia. What is the big deal? When I was a kid I used to walk to school in show storms that piled up snow as high as my nose. And it was uphill in both directions to and from school. Foo upon this panic! Have we become a nation softies? Bob Kolker
  5. Documentary on Autism

    Some good news on that. Temple Grandin reviewed Claire Danes portrayal and found it right on point. She said she loved it. Claire Danes researched the part thoroughly receiving biographical material, early photos and movies of Temple Grandin, from Temple herself. In addition Claire Danes husband Hugh Dancy portrayed an Aspie in a movie, so the two of them together had a very good grasp of the externals of Aspie and Autistic behavior. I can hardly wait for the HBO biopic to air. Temple Grandin is one of my favorite people. She went through a great deal and overcame a great deal to succeed as well as she has. Very few of you know, first hand, what effort it takes for an Aspie or and Autie to adjust to living among the Normals. Normal kids have a natural inborn talent for grasping the nuances of body language, face language and tone of voice. They develop "a theory of mind" at around four to five years old, with no problem. The people on the Autistic Spectrum have to labor and struggle to get to the same place and it takes much longer. For me learning body and face language and voice tones was like learning to paint by the numbers. Except that I had to figure out what the numbers were in the first place. I think of Bob Seeger's song -Night Moves-. "Searching for mysteries without any clues, working on the night moves....". Fortunately Aspies and High Functioning Autistics are generally very intelligent, so eventually they figure out "those night moves". Yup. Bob Kolker
  6. Documentary on Autism

    Rainman was based on the real life Kim Peek who died recently. Peek was not autistic. He had a congenital brain condition FG Syndrome which rendered him mentally handicapped. It also produced a fantastic eidetic memory in the man. (FG Syndrome is related to damage to the X chromosome). He just never forgot anything. A remarkable fellow, but not an autistic. His condition rendered him unfit to take care of his everyday needs and he was in the care of his dad, and others. Please see: Bob Kolker
  7. Please have a look at this essay by the late Michael Crichton "Why politicized science is dangerous" What a shame that he is gone from us. But he is not forgotten. Bob Kolker
  8. Eugenics and the "science" of global warming

    Not so. The transistor was invented at Bell Telephone Labs by a team consisting of an engineer (Robert Shockley) and two quantum physicists (Bardeen and Brattain). The transistor is an application of the quantum physics underlying semi-conductor material. The band theory of conduction depends wholly on quantum effects and could not be derived from classical electrodynamics. The integrated circuit, a further application of semi-conductors, was invented at Texas Instrument Corporation. Bob Kolker
  9. Documentary on Autism

    There was an article in -Wired- that gave the origin of this statistic. I will try to dig that up for you. Bob Kolker
  10. The Selling-Out Of America

    The economy of the United States has been mixed from the beginning. For exampe: eminent domain is built right into the Constitution. The government can take your property against your will. We have been taxed from the beginning. Some degree of regulation of interstate commerce is built into our Constitution. The U.S. until 1865 had legal slavery. The government manufactured weapons for its army. The means of production were government owned and financed by taxes taken from the citizens. Ditto for the ships and canon of the Navy. So the issue is not: do we have a mixed economy, but what is the mix? What is the degree of regulation/interference in commerce by the government. The historical fact: The U.S. has never in its entire history been a genuine capitalistic economy. The closest thing to a pure capitalist economy was that of Hong Kong, and even Hong Kong was not one hundred percent capitalist. Presented in the interest of providing an accurate historical context to the question. Bob Kolker
  11. Eugenics and the "science" of global warming

    Which is why applied science is alive and well. I am not quite as sanguine about theoretical science. In addition to "trendy" enviro and climate science there are also fashions in theoretical physics which do not bode will, such as lemming physicists flocking to do work in String Theory and M-Theory. I think this is a trouble spot. Bob Kolker
  12. Eugenics and the "science" of global warming

    You have a point. There if often an actual corruption and always a potential corruption in receiving a government grant for scientific research. On the other hand, there have been genuine scientific breakthroughs that have been government funded. This leads to a question: If a scientific researcher is not independently wealthy (as many were during the 19 th century) then he is obliged to take money from another party. Unless the other party is totally objective and committed to the truth of things, there is always a danger of "donor bias" injected into the work. One wonders how Charles Darwin (for example) would have done if he were not independently wealthy. If he had to get a grant from a university (which in England meant a connect to the Church of England) could he have published -Origin of Species- or -The Descent of Man-? Bob Kolker
  13. Supreme Court strikes down censorship!

    Au contraire. Aside from resigning, lying is his only alternative. The man exhales lies, like you or I exhale CO2. He does it with a straight face. I wouldn't be surprised if he could ace the polygraph test. All Presidents have lied (or obscured the truth) in mortally dangerous situations. Our Prince, Prince Obama does it ALL the time. As a matter of course. Bob Kolker
  14. India, China won't sign Copenhagen Accord

    PS. No Viking funeral is complete without laying a dead dog at the feet of the deceased warrior. I was thinking that Al Gore would be perfect for that role. Bob Kolker
  15. India, China won't sign Copenhagen Accord

    Let us give the Copenhagen Conference a Viking Funeral. Lay it out in a boat and set the boat on fire. Bob Kolker
  16. Brown! Brown! Brown! 52 to 47!

    There is the rub. Successful muddling through is often confused with success. The problem with lurching ahead is that when one comes to the precipice he is totally surprised. Bob Kolker
  17. Is Beauty Quantifiable ?

    Log onto and use the search function with the document number as the argument. Also you can search on Arthan. It is a nifty, nifty paper. BTW, thank you for the correction. Yes Book V, not Book VI. And it is here: complete with little Java Applets. Bob Kolker
  18. The Flop Sweats

    On Jan 28, Prince Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address to the nation. In it he will promise the middle class goodies and guarantees will pretending to trim the excess spending of his administration. If he keeps his promises he will dig us deeper in the hole and if he fails to deliver he will be exposed as a liar and a fraud. Obama is doing the dance of the doomed. He is jigging and shuffling this way and that. He is thrashing about. He is desperate. In stand up comedy he is showing what is known as "the flop sweats". It is the odor of fear exuded by a comic who knows he is loosing the audience and is desperate to get it back. But it is too late. Our Lord Obama has or will shortly Jump the Shark. The only question is: will he go down as the worst one term president in modern times or will that honor be retained by Jimmy Carter. Bob Kolker
  19. Is Beauty Quantifiable ?

    Not quite. Eudoxus was able to define proportions even for non-rational quantities. His method came within a whisker of producing what we moderns call the Real Numbers. The method of Eudoxus was reproduced and extended in a rigorous fashion by Dedekind (the so-called Dedekind Cuts) to give us our beloved real numbers. August Cauchy, the French mathematician introduced an alternative method of defining the reals, by means of converging sequences of rational numbers. But wait! That's not all! There is even a method more directly based on Eudoxus for constructing the reals, without first constructing the rationals from the integers. See arXivmath/04054v1 24 May 2004. -The Eudoxus Real Numbers- by R.D. Arthan Here is the abstract: This note describes a representation of the real numbers due to Schamuel. This representation lets us construct the real numbers from first principles. Like the well-know construction of the real numbers using Dedekind's Cuts, this idea is inspried by the ancient Greek theory of proportion due to Eudoxus. However, unlike the Dedekind construction, the construction proceeds directly from the integers to the real numbers bypassing the intermediate construction of the rational numbers. ........ For the original Eudoxus method, see Book VI of Euclid's Elements. Bob Kolker
  20. A Proposal

    I propose to compose a tutorial for those interested on how to get both zero and the negative integers out of the set of positive integers - 1,2, .... where nowhere in sight is a negative number or zero. If Madam Moderator thinks this is a worth while undertaking, I will be happy to compose a three part tutorial on how it can be done. The construction is not quite original with me but is based on a construction of the rational numbers from integers and the complex numbers from real numbers. It is very much in the spirit of Eudoxus and is illustrative of the formal approach to mathematics. So if Madam Moderator approves I will do the thing over a period of time... Bob Kolker
  21. Independents Voting For Independence

    You bet! Here is a recollection from 9/12/2001. In the Boston Globe there were something like 25 or 30 obituaries of people between the ages of 25 and 35 who died when the two planes from Logan International Airport were crashed into the WTC. I assure you that bit deep and it hasn't been forgotten in Massachusetts. I remember those obits staring back at me, all young people ready to do a day's work wiped out in an instant. I will never forget and I will never forgive. Bob Kolker
  22. Brown! Brown! Brown! 52 to 47!

    Wait until the first Tuesday in this coming November to judge whether this is a "fluke" or the first sign of the doom of the Obama undertaking. Actually it is the second sign of Things to Come. In two governor's races Republicans won. Anyway, hold on. We are all in for some interesting events. What comes to mind is the scene in -King Richard III- where the evil King has a troubled night before the battle in Bosworth Field. The spirits of his victims visit him and tell him to despair and die. Ill rest to you Prince Obama. Despair, despair.... . Your time is coming. Bob Kolker
  23. The 2LOT says that in a closed thermodynamic system entropy will tend toward a maximum. Bob Kolker
  24. Equality letter

    Ayn Rand described just such a society. Read -Anthem-. Bob Kolker
  25. Is Beauty Quantifiable ?

    The Reductio ad Absurdum for the Pythagorians was the discovery of numbers which are not the ratio of integers (the so-called irrational numbers). The first number proven to be irrational was the length of the diagonal of a square. The unitary case is the square root of two. PS: For those who claim one cannot prove a negative, I love bringing up the case of the square root of two. One can prove that two is not the square of the ratio of two integers. That is as negative as can be and it can be proven. Bob Kolker