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  • Interests My interests are being with my new husband, Prodos, and also acting, writing, reading, ballroom dancing, drawing, jewelry design, philosophy - obviously - and creating a new storytelling show with my husband for which I'm doing illustrations and eventually costumes. <br /><br />I'm also writing about my early childhood development - my mother's own technique of nurturing my mind and the input of the adults around me led me to an extraordinarily early interest in philosphical ideas. And I was on the right track from the beginning.<br /><br />And I also help Prodos Celebrate Capitalism (TM)! <br /><br />Plus, I'm a big fan of the tv series BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Now on DVD. *8 : )
  1. Happy Birthday to SydneyKendall

    Thank you so much, Betsy! Two of my favorite things, ice cream and cats! Thanks alann and RayK for the birthday wishes, too. It was a rather rough day at our house. My dad was having a very hard time most of the day, and so Mom and I couldn't go out for a birthday shopping spree (two big one-day sales) as we had planned, but Prodos and I did get to go out for a lovely dinner and had a good time.
  2. Happy Birthday to SydneyKendall

    Oooo! Pretty sparkles! Thank you, Betsy! Thanks, Ray! Thanks, Jason! I'm sorry you couldn't make it, too. I had a lovely day.
  3. 3-D Digital Art

    I've been developing my skills in 3-D art for about 3 years now, and I've finally won the weekly contest at DAZ 3-D, a website catering to the needs of the 3-D artist. Winning this contest is not a big deal (although I'm silly with joy over it, anyhow) but it did prompt me to send the winning pic to my friends, which prompted Betsy to suggest posting it here. Hey... YEAH! Also, I've won a $4.00 gift certificate. Hey, don't sniff! I can get two packages of high quality models or textures for that in the "Platinum Club" at DAZ. Cheers! Sydney (aka "Tallulahdahling" over at DAZ 3-D)
  4. Happy to Be Here!

    Hi, Elizabeth, I see that you posted this message in March. I'm sorry that I haven't checked back here since then! Both Prodos and I feel frustrated that we haven't had time to get involved with this great forum as yet. If you're on one of Prodos's mailing lists, you probably already know that the radio show is ACTIVE AGAIN!!! The latest interviews are with Dr. Michael Hurd talking about what makes statism so BORING, and another interview with Dr. Hurd as well as Dr. Andy Bernstein on the flip side of that topic: what makes Capitalism MAGNIFICENT! And for Objectivist controversy, Prodos has also interviewed James Valliant on his new book "The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics". There are also two interviews regarding eminent domain, and tonight (Australian time 1:00 AM!) Prodos is going to be interviewing James Valliant on the dissenting opinion of Justice Clarence Thomas in regard to the Supreme Court's Kelo V. New London decision. That interview should be be available online in a couple of days. Cheers! Sydney
  5. Happy Birthday to SydneyKendall

    Thanks, Stephen and Betsy! It *was* a happy birthday. In the afternoon Prodos gave me three big bunches of colorful, beautiful flowers. In the evening he took me to dinner and then to see "Madagascar" with some friends. The movie was hilarious, even if the ending was disturbing. When the zoo animals discovered that living in "The Wild" was a nightmare, I was a happy viewer. Afterwards we went to a cafe for treats (I had coffee ice cream) and excellent conversation with our friends. I wish I had enough time to come here and read and post more often, but we are swamped with projects in this house! This is a terrific forum. I'm glad to know it's here and that when I have time I can browse around or send others here. Thanks for remembering me on my birthday! And thanks for posting a link to my book! All my best to you both! Sydney
  6. Happy to Be Here!

    Thank you, Richard, for stopping by the PayPal site, and for purchasing DeWURST as well! You needn't worry about who Reeva Ray is, I promise. Cheerios! Sydney
  7. Moral Dilemma #1

    Oops! How'd I miss that? I meant to say that if they then tried to charge me, I would have the record of conversations and the names of employees I spoke with - and hopefully the company would have a record as well - to show that I had cancelled the channels and had made a good effort to get the problem solved. I can't get soaked for it.
  8. Moral Dilemma #1

    As soon as I realized that I wasn't getting charged past the introductory period, I would call up the company and tell them about it. I want honest relationships between myself and the people I do business with. And good will. I want to deserve to be treated honestly and respectully, and to know that I deserve it. So I do the honest and respectful thing. (Also, if I didn't want the premium channels, I'd cancel them.) The first time I'd call, I'd do it for those reasons. If it goes on longer, I might call a second time... although I must say that I get involved in my life and this kind of thing might keep getting forgotten until, say, I'm lying in bed at night, when nobody would answer my call anyway. And besides, you know how companies sometimes keep you on canned music for a long time. That's no good. I have a life to live. So why the second call? This time it would not be for honesty and benevolence's sake, but to try to get something done so that I don't wind up with a big hunky bill all at once. And if I got one more bill that didn't charge for the premium channels (even if I wanted them) I might cancel them just to make sure I didn't get a big bill all at once that I'd have to pay off. I hate paying off accumulated bills, and if it wasn't my fault I'd hate it even more! But once I'd made that effort - and I'd get the name of the person I'd talked to each time and keep a record of the conversations - if I still kept getting the premium service, I'd let the issue drop. If I liked the channels, I'd go ahead and watch them. They're coming into my home, unbidden. It's not as if I'm using up goods, as far as I understand it. Pictures and sound are coming into my tv set. But that doesn't make the sender any poorer, really - I mean it's not as if they can't sell a particular physical item to a paying customer because a non-paying one has it in her possession. I've done the honest thing. I've done the benevolent, considerate thing. And I've been put out to do it, because of their error. They need to get some competent employees on the job and stop putting their customer out! And if they I will then feel secure in my right to refuse to pay any charges after I had cancelled the premium channels, even if I get to enjoy them through their error. And I will have a light and happy conscience! Sydney Kendall

    Oh, THANK YOU Bill Bucko! That was completely delightful! I want to read a lot of stories like this about Ayn Rand. I haven't yet read the Sures' memoirs about her, but I certainly will. I deeply enjoyed this essay. Sydney Kendall
  10. Happy to Be Here!

    Howdy R Wray! Whoa! One of the main characters in my novel is named "Reeva Ray". I sense a similarity here. Thank you for the picture compliment! That photo was taken at Prodos' and my Melbourne wedding. The hand in the photo is not mine, but my mother-in-law's. I put my face down next to hers and she framed me with her hand. As to the Internet show, *I* am not the distraction! (Although Prodos did take time to write me a beautiful, sexy song for Valentine's Day!) It's all the other projects he's trying to finish up right now. He's reinventing his Celebrate Capitalism campaign, creating a new system of websites for it, and developing a delightful webstore in order to try to support his Internet expenses, including the Interview show (he is really in need of that support). He's near completing these projects. And believe me he seriously misses his radio show. It WILL be back! I promise! In fact I insist on it! HOORAY! Sydney
  11. Happy to Be Here!

    Hi, Michael! Sure I remember you! But you've changed a lot since we met... a bit furrier and shorter than I remember... Yes, things are going very well, and my toes did not die of frostbite that night. Thank goodness you came along! Thanks again! Seeya! Sydney
  12. Happy to Be Here!

    Hey, HeroicLife! Thanks for the tip! Prodos and I will have a think about that! You can get the book through now if you want, although I just discovered this morning that the page is temporarily down. I've e-mailed Prodos about that! Cheers! Sydney
  13. Happy to Be Here!

    Thanks for the promotion, Jim! When my publisher accepted the novel, he said that he had high hopes that it would sell to television or movies - that is what he saw for it. I just wish he had a better distributor and was more on-the-ball with DeWurst promotion. Prodos has bought up a number of DeWursts to sell through his e-shop, because the book has been absent from Amazon for some time now. The publisher tells me it's the distributor's fault and he can't do anything about it. It certainly will never be made into a movie if the distributor isn't bothering to get it into the big stores where it can find its broader readership! And... is the publisher really that helpless? Looking forward to reading your posts! Sydney
  14. Happy to Be Here!

    Hello, Ayn Rand Fans! I'm so happy that Stephen and Betsy have created this forum! Thanks, you two wonderful people! I'm Sydney Kendall, which is my pen name as a writer and performer. I have one published novel which is suitable for children from 9 or 10 years old right up into old age. Its title is A TURN FOR DeWURST, and it's all about a brillliant little girl who is fighting to keep her independence and love of learning alive while under the reign of a very twisted teacher. This child's battle eventually affects every child in the entire town of DeWurst. When my mom was a teenager, she began to observe how mothers interacted with their babies and young children. It occurred to her that maybe if the mothers took more time to show things to their little ones, talk to them, explain simply what's going on, or why something should or should not be done, that the babies and young kids would learn to understand language and to think and develop faster and better. This was before the experts started recommending this technique. Back then mothers were led to believe that that kind of thing was a waste of time. (No, my mother had never heard of Ayn Rand at that point.) When Mom finally had a baby of her own (that would be me) she applied her ideas, and the other adults in my life joined her. They were glad to answer all the of questions I could think up, breaking down the answers to what I already knew, building up from there. I was very receptive to this child-rearing approach. As a result I became philosophically oriented before I reached the age of 3. And quite the complex thinker and explorer of ideas, I was. And happily, I found the right track, not entirely on my own. As a result, when it came time for kindergarten registration and I found out that kindergarten, and school in general, was compulsory, I was already grounded in a set of ideas that allowed me to see immediately that this compulsory approach was wrong. And this made me suspicious of public school before I ever got there. I promised myself on the first day of kindergarted - which was HORRIBLE - that when I grew up, I would write all about my memories of life before kindergarten, what I had figured out back then, and why force and education do not belong together. It was the right promise to make. I've been working on that book for many years now, and I can see that it will be an eye-opening story on many levels. If I can just get it done amid all the other projects I've got going... For example, last year I married the inimitable Internet radio interviewer and CELEBRATE CAPITALISM founder, Prodos. (This is the first time I've ever been married in a whole half-century.) And now - inspired by me, by the way - he is writing a fantastic fairy tale which he is turning into a musical story-telling show. We will perform this show together on a tour of Australia (where I moved to from Cincinnati in order to be with Prodos), and of the USA. And perhaps other countries as well. I'm also doing the artwork. There are other things that I do - including laundry - and other interests that I have, including jewelry designing, but I won't go into those in this introduction, except to say THANK GENIUS for automatic clotheswashers and dryers, or all my other interests would be sloshed away on the scrubbing board of a washtub! Of course, I am also interested in Ayn Rand, or I might not be here. I don't just mean at this forum. I don't just mean here in Australia, married to a most unusual Objectivist. I mean I might not be here, on earth. School and the politics of the 1960s and '70s really took a toll on my spirit. They didn't undermine my convictions about reason and liberty, but they made my spirit desperately limp. When I discovered Ayn Rand in 1974 (a month short of age 20), I was gripping onto the last shreds of my love of life, feeling like there was no hope for a person like me to go out into the world of people and be happy. I thought I was much more alone than I was. That is why I know that projects like this forum are so very important. A forum like this can literally help save a life. Thanks again, Stephen and Betsy! Sydney
  15. Hello all

    Pleased to meet you, Coire. I have a special interest in how young people lose their eagerness to learn. As a young child I was actually conscious of the fact that school was the enemy of my love of learning, and I found my enthusiasm for building what I called a "Supermind" dwindling before my eyes. School's rigid schedule (which kept me from taking my time to explore and delve more deeply and to apply what I learned creatively - always a big motivator for my learning), and its overt "community" orientation whittled my drive way down from what it was, and I didn't get it back until I got away from school. I've been writing a book about the child I was before school and what happened once I got in school. I believe it will be be very revealing of the potential that can be undermined because of the coercive and cookie-cutter nature of public school. I'm sure that everyone here will be happy to cheer you on and help you in your quest to become the person you want to be. It's terrific that you've gotten such an early start on the project! Cheers! Sydney Kendall