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  1. The Women of IDF

    I disagree with your characterization of why those beautiful women are put in harm's way. I see nothing altruistic about the attitudes of the Israelis. While disagreements about the Israeli strategies for defending their land, their actions are clearly motivated with selfish reasons and done in the name of self-preservation. Unless you are being facetious I see nothing altruistic about Israel nor the actions of the USA. Please explain this.
  2. Masturbation for men is healthy for several medical reasons and using pornography saves time. Also both masturbation and pornography allow a person to act out fantasies that the person may not be able to do with a real person. Is the use of pornography irrational as long as it is not the illegal type? If so please explain. I know that to a rational being, sex is the greatest expression of that being, but masturbation is like having sex with oneself. Is there anything unethical or irrational about masturbation as well? From the Objectivist view point must all sexual pleasure be achieved with a person whom one loves? Is self-love of this sort rational?
  3. I would like to form friendships with virtuously selfish people. My intentions are purely selfish and symbiotic. I want and need to know Objectivists. While this forum is an amazing resource, I think that human interaction, with quality people, has no replacement. About me: I am 32 yeas old. I live near Seattle, WA. I work as a designer/drafter on my way to being an architect. I have a degree in history. I can speak Hebrew, some Spanish, and know some Arabic. I love nature, art, some architecture, reading, writing, playing guitar and other instruments. I have a green thumb as well. I also have a new business that I have started in which I sell stone body jewelry. I am very active. I run, swim, cycle, hike, do yoga, and more. I love traveling. I love Ayn Rand's writings and I have a great understanding of Objectivist thinking. I live my life by the principles of reason, rationality and virtuous selfishness. I use life as my standard of judgment, for my own purpose and result. I know that my life is my greatest value. I want to know people who refuse to sacrifice and who live by rational values. I am single, but my friendship is open to all rational beings. If you live near me, or would like to pen pal, or make a connection with me, I invite you to send me an e-mail through the forum. Thank you, I hope to hear from you. Benjamin Risha