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  1. Since this forum is almost dead and most of the others aren't ran and/or populated by true Objectivists who would like to create a new forum with me? I hope Betsy doesn't take this thread as being disrespectful because that is not my intent and I don't wish it to appear that way. I'll check in regularly and we can discuss the details here or elsewhere. Best, Eric
  2. Shrugging...

    Hi Sophia, the influence of religion here isn't as bad as it may seem to an outside observer. Most people might consider themselves Christians here but few go to church or take it very seriously. It's mostly just the politicians blabbing on about it. By the way, I'm EC over at OO.net.
  3. Stephen's Health

    I haven't been to this Forum in quite a while for various reasons, and have just learned of this horrible news. My deepest condolences go to Betsy for her loss even though I'm a year late. I greatly admired Stephen's knowledge of physics.
  4. Happy Birthday to Rational_One and nprovenzo

    Thank you Stephen!
  5. Happy Birthday to PhilO

    Late.... because I haven't been here in a few months. Happy Belated to the guy who made my favorite CD-ROM.
  6. Dreams are so weird

    About a year or two ago, I was thinking to myself not that everything that could be invented was, but that we could at least predict what will be invented. For instance, artificial intelligence or a holographic television, etc. That night as if to refute my own foolish thought I had a dream where I walked in to a kitchen and grabbed a special metal bowl and what looked like pourable pancake mix in an oversized plastic container with a large top from a nearby cupboard. I then proceeded to a tiny bit of the container's contents into the bowl. The second it touched it underwent a lightning quick chemical reaction that turned it into a freshly "baked" loaf of homemade bread. Trust me "pourable" bread is not something I had considered within the realm of possibility till I had that dream to correct my mistaken premise.
  7. Happy Birthday to Rational_One

    Thank you. I noticed on my first "birthday" of the month that something wasn't right. So I went and corrected my birthdate in my profile. Today's the real deal. I had a pretty decent day to.
  8. Rand Listed as Libertarian Advocate

    Yeah, and I'm sure Kant would be "comfortable" calling himself an Objectivist too.
  9. Should defamation be against the law

    In the recent Wendy's case involving the finger in the chili, the women who made the claim lied. This defamation clearly cost Wendy's a lot of money and even still does since some people (like my Grandpa) still won't eat there. I think it is totally proper for Wendy's to sue this lady for defamation, and that it is also totally proper for the government to prosecute her for filing a false police report. Even in a rational society not everyone is always rational and people will be emotionally swayed in a negative direction at times that can unfairly effect a person or company. The people who purposely lied, especially when their purpose was to loot the company, should be fully prosecuted and held responcible for the unfair negative effects their lies caused.
  10. self-service checkout machines

    Typically when I see these, and I've been using them since about 2000 when they first started putting them in at various stores, the machines will be placed in groups of four, two to a side. There will still be a single cashier with a register at the front center to both "supervise" and help the customers if they have problems with their self-service machines. Being that I first started noticing these things around the turn of the century, I thought they were more or less a novelty to say, "Hey, welcome to the 21st century!", but they are actually pretty usefull, quicker, and have the all important coolness factor.
  11. A Constitutional Convention

    Let's make it explicit up front: NO WELLFARE CLAUSE! Alright, just had to get that out of my system.
  12. The NeverEnding Story (1984)

    I had totally forgotten about this movie until just now. But as a kid it was also one of my favorites. I had a very active imagination and used to pretend that I was somehow in the movie's world after I would watch it. I can't believe I forgot about I can say this now though, thinking about it now brings a big smile to my face. I guess there was a time when I believed in "magic" to a certain extent. Weird.
  13. Thank you for your reply Mr. Speicher. I think I am going to read through Dr. Little's paper again soon so that I can "chew" some of these finer points of his theory that I may have missed on my first go through.
  14. (Bold mine.) It was my understanding that a particle becomes coherent with just a single elementary wave not a "full complex of polarized waves". Was my understanding wrong? And if so why and how?
  15. Bicentennial Man

    I also agree with Sarah, and personally think this is one of the best movie's that I have ever seen. There are many levels a person could watch this movie on I suppose, but if you look at it as the ultimate self-made man story it is actually quite moving, and you (from personal experience) might just tear up at the ending.