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  1. I Am

    Turns out this thread title is already in-use on THE FORUM. Apologies, B. Royce--and thank you for posting that piece. You could've shown ol' Wordsworth a thing or two about perspective and sticking to the point. I enjoyed tagging along with you on that jog, though I prefer the sort of gentle, grey-skyed day that sets itself cooly against fatigue. But the principle is the same: "Without me it is ignorant, it is empty, it is worth nothing." Thanks, again.
  2. I Am

    I don't know much about Howard Hughes past what I gleaned from The Aviator and a few forays into Wikipedia--and I don't know anything at all about Joan Didion--but to say he "seems like an alright guy" would be an understatement. I want to find a neutral-ish biography to investigate my belief that Howard Hughes was essentially a heroic figure. My avatar expresses my conviction, in the face of (and, perhaps, owing to the nature of) mass sentiments against him, that he was.
  3. In Praise of the Hamburger

    I work for Five Guys in Charlottesville, and I'd put our Barracks Road store (most nights) up against any you've visited. I say "most nights" because a few of our rookies are prone to carelessness in the busy hours, but I've been part of a fair few shifts where we served up great burgers like clockwork. If you see a tall white guy with glasses and a loud, throaty voice at the grill, you've struck gold: his name is Bill McKechnie, he owns the Charlottesville stores, and I have a sneaking suspicion that he's physically incapable of over- or under-cooking a burger. He owned a bakery before investing in the Five Guys franchise, and it shows in the buns we serve--"tender" is a weird word for bread, maybe, but it fits, and they toast well. Your lettuce is shredded, your onions diced, your tomatoes sliced, your bacon fried, your patties formed, &c. in the morning. They're stocked and used quickly-enough, as Five Guys stores don't have freezers, only a walk-in refrigerator. Potatoes come in fifty-pound bags--plainly-visible behind the counter--and are cut and soaked in cold water (takes the starch out) twice daily. Everything in the store is "fresh" in the truest sense of the word. Some of us "doctor" our meal-break burgers with cajun spice or A-1 sauce before they're grilled, but I usually prefer the slight mess of sauce on top of the patty.
  4. I Am

    I'm a kid with an active imagination, working on becoming an adult--independent and productive. To that end: INDEPENDENT - I'm a second-year at the University of Virginia. Starting this summer, I'm bankrolling my own education by way of student loans. I want to see if school is still "worth it" when every credit of every semester is a real debt in my name. PRODUCTIVE - I'm going to be some kind of writer--sportswriter, news-writer, author, prosaic bathroom-stall graffito artist, or some combination thereof--because writing passes the Sister Mary Clarence Test: If you wake up in the morning, and you can't think anything but singing, then you should be a singer. So long as I can earn my living (and then some) by paying aesthetic tribute to the strength of Man's mind and body, there's nothing I'd rather do. I read the world, from the most-concrete blade of grass to the highest heroic abstraction, in prose. I don't suppose that's special in and of itself--from some posts I've read here, lucid prose seems to be the norm--but I do a good job of styling what comes to mind in words that say what I mean. I'll post some short stories this May as proof, and I'll be glad for the kind of criticism that'll make me even better. To paraphrase--and invert, to some extent--a God-awful quotation: I'm done asking what THE FORUM can do for me...so, what can I do for THE FORUM? You tell me. See you around.
  5. Test Post