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  1. Happy Birthday to free spirit

    Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes! :-)
  2. Is it possible for a man to still care deeply for a woman, even though he doesn't desire a lot of communication? Context: They live across the continent and have been together for almost 6 months. She wants to communicate (text or e-mail) up to several times a day, where he would rather keep it to a few short texts a day and talk every other. Is communication preference a valid optional or is there some objective basis to how often a couple who really care each other should communicate?
  3. Ok, so to establish a bit of context... I met someone early to mid-November just past. When we had our first date then, we hit it off straight away and have been developing a relationship ever since. Now we are together. A lot has developed in these short months and feels like so much longer than it has been. I care very much for this person and am pretty certain he does also. He's originally from America and is completing his MBA here. (Toronto, Ontario) We have recently realized that there is a huge potentiality of him moving away within the next 4 months for job purposes. Most likely to California because of the job opportunities there. I have been trying to keep it light and fun as this is a new relationship and just enjoy him to extent I can. As we grow closer it's getting increasingly difficult to do so as it breaks my heart to think of him leaving. Sometimes if I think about it or we touch base on it, I will cry. In the same token though, it's too early I think to consider moving away with him... My feeling this way is certainly undermining the relationship and my enjoyment of it as I feel more of an anxiousness to spend every minute with him before he moves away. I know in this last stretch of school, he's stressed and the situation is certainly not easy for him either... The last thing I want to do is turn him off, nag him or bug him about this. But I know I have to talk with him thoroughly about it. Aside from talking with him about it, I am at a loss as to what to do. Almost every morning I wake up with an anxious feeling inside and all I want to do is talk with him... Establishing contact helps me feel close to him and in turns relieves me. Has anyone been in a similar situation...? Thanks in advance.
  4. Happy Birthday to taylor

    Happy Birthday!!
  5. Happy Birthday to free spirit

    Thank you Vespasiano! Thank you alann!
  6. Happy Birthday to free spirit

    Thank you Betsy!! :-D
  7. Pictures of my work

    HaloNoble6, There are multiple ways you can get rid of this problem. Temporary methods: 1) Waxing -- This produces results that are very clean, smooth, and can last up to two weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. It's not that expensive and effective. The only downsides is that a) you have to wait until it grows back until you can wax it again. if it is something your going to do over some lengthy period of time, the cost can add up. 2) Depilatories -- These are creams that you apply on the hair. This cream dissolves the hair at skin level. You usually leave it on anywhere from 5-15 minutes. (Nair etc...) Yes, you have to wait until the hair grows back again to do the procedure, but you can use "Nair" as soon as hair re-appears, as opposed to waxing, which needs at least a 1/4 of an inch to be effective. Permanent methods: 1) Electrolysis -- This method removes the hair from the root. It sends an electric current to the root of the hair, and destroys it. Depending on the coarseness of the hair, it will take a number of procedures. It also can be painful and expensive, but worth the money because the effects are permanent. 2) Laser (hair removal) -- This is similar to the electrolysis in that it deadens the hair follicle or root. Laser uses a (surprise!) laser beam pulsed on the skin to deaden/impair the follicle. This technique works best on fair skin and dark hair, but as long as your hair is darker than your skin, you should see definite results. Again, this technique is expensive, but worth it. ~Carrie~
  8. Happy Birthday to free spirit

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes!!
  9. Mao's Last Dancer

    I'd like to put this movie up to rate please.
  10. So in lieu of "Earth Hour", I am personally celebrating "Celebrate Human Achievement Hour". Since I am confident the people here will be receptive to that... I am inviting all of you to share your top 3-5 things you are celebrating this hour.... I am personally celebrating (so far): 1) Ayn Rand. For saving my Life, and for helping realize reasons to make it oh, so worth living! 2) Modern Medicine for elongating the Life I love so much. 3) The computer :-D

  12. Happy Birthday to free spirit

    Haha wow B . Royce! You're on a roll!! Thanks so much for the lovely words!! And thank you everyone on here for the wonderful and thoughtful birthday wishes!!
  13. Happy Birthday to AdamM

  14. Britain's Got Talent - Susan Boyle

    What part of it is absurd...? Her gorgeous voice or the fact that she won? It was a treat for me to watch that clip.... her voice is, I think she's a super cute Lady.
  15. Drawings

    Those drawings are incredible. Thank you for posting them.
  16. Celebrate Human Achievement Hour

    Great video! Thank you ewv.
  17. Celebrate Human Achievement Hour

    Thanks for sharing #5 Paul's Here. Power surge!! Woot woot!! I celebrated it by having a glass of red wine, with my computer on of course, having an amazing conversation with my dear friend/ Philos. tutor about the ideas I've been conceptualizing / realizing Now, I can't stop grinning... Life is great!
  18. Celebrate Human Achievement Hour

    ... thanks B Royce. That was great! And you're welcome
  19. Celebrate Human Achievement Hour

    P.S, I can not take credit for the concept of "Celebrate Human Achievement Hour". It is a Facebook group, and got it from that. :-)
  20. Casting for The Anthem?

    Really? Do you know why?
  21. Happy Birthday to Scott A.

    Happy Birthday Scott!!! Thank you so much for your very insightful contributions to THE FORUM. Hope your day is filled with many wonderful values!!
  22. Happy Birthday to RJM

    Happy Birthday!!
  23. Photo of Ayn Rand

    ...... Thank you for posting this Paul's Here... I particularily adore her eyes of course and brooch.
  24. Chef Gordon Ramsay

    Haha, thanks for that! When I posted this thread, I was ignorant of that show... now I own both the series