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  1. I have been in the beauty industry for 6 years. I have heard it said time and again, that I'm an artist, that I'm creative ect... I think hairstyling is more of a skill than anything. Yes, you have to be creative and have a good imagination for what color, cut would look great on a person, given their skin tone, facial shape ect..... But to be able to manipulate the hair and make it do what you want to look a specific way, regardless of how the hair naturally lays, is a skill. I think that make-up artisrty (mind the pun) is more of an art and a skill, because you are working with color, shadows, lines, light, shape. Your goal in this is to create proportion. I don't think make-up artistry is an art, but, it is close to it. What are your thoughts on this? ~ Carrie~
  2. Central Purpose in Life

    I agree with the post that Ray K wrote. But, what if the central productive purpose is not determined yet, but the ultimate purpose is the mental state of Atlantis, (clear strong mind, happiness, and serenity), and the ones' passion is learning!? About more than one could ina lifetime!! ~ Carrie ~
  3. Integrity

    I'll second that!! Ed! I loved your post! Even though I know what integrity means, that also clarified things for me really nicely!! I really liked your comment about how all the virtues are applications of reason in different contexts! That was awesome! ~ Carrie ~
  4. Forgiveness

    Right now, there are three people that I know, that I will never forgive. I say this because, they took something from me they could never give back or make up for. At one time, they were two of the closest people in my life, one of them my whole life. In their whole record of positives, it was a few really bad negatives that made me unable and not wanting to forgive them. It can take a long time to earn trust, but a second to break it. I think forgiveness must be earned. I think that there are two parts to forgiveness. 1) The person who did the crime or wrongdoing fully recognize the extent of his behavior and consequences. He then plans out how he will rectify the situation (if applicable) and he changes the premises that he acted on, and completly change his course of behavior (regarding the crime). I think that the only way to really judge if a person honestly understands the wrong in their actions and wants to make amends for it is consistency. 2) If there is some value to be salvaged out of the person, to make it worth working to rebuild it. Because I know that even if one the people I know were to make amends and change their course of behavior, I still wouldn't want them in my life for other reasons. So it isn't worth it to me to even try. I also don't think it's necessary to forgive someone to get the hurt of what they did to you out of your soul. I think that even if you don't forgive them, you can still say to yourself, "I know what they did was wrong and why. I am stronger and smarter than to let what they did to me consume my life, and affect my future dealings with people. I know that even though this person was irrational and hurt me, not everyone is like that. I can still retain my capacity to trust and love. If anything , it has taught me to be more careful and be a better judge of character." I think that this is the best way to deal with that. Even if a situation has been rectified and forgiven, the relationship between the two people would never be the same. The crime would always be in the back of the victims' mind, and would affect the kind of interaction with eachother. For example, if Sue cheated on her husband Joe. No amount of fidelity and apology could ever change the fact it happened. The special, magical kind of intimacy that they shared, would always be tainted. Whether it would be in the form of thinking about the other mans' hands on Sue as they made love or, the feeling of alienation that comes from the belief of not being able to fully trust her. ( Not that any self-respecting rational man would stay with Susie here, but it helps for clarification!) Cody D, I have a question, what do you mean by
  5. Dr. Rosman, I would like to know under what circumstances it would be appropriate to forgive someone? I know you can't forgive someone who has willfully lied to you, and there may be a margin of error for a person if they made a mistake out of ignorance. Could a person who lied, stole or betrayed you ever be forgiven if they honestly changed the principles by which they acted upon? Thank you ~ Carrie
  6. conceptual faculty

    Never put anything higher than "what is." Don't accept an idea from anyone until you know exactly what it means and have verified it first hand yourself. I completely agree, and am practicing and exercising that in my life. But, what is appropriate for one to do if they can't immediately verify it for them selves firsthand, in the cases of specific events in history or similar situations to that? Also, since one is confronted with lots of facts daily that he must verify and research, what if one simply doesn't have the time to research and verify every detail? Should he then prioritize what facts would be most beneficial for him to know? ~ Carrie
  7. Singles?

    Scientist, Absolutely! You can have a great relationship long distance! I have been in a long distance ( phone, e-mail, MSN) relationship for almost a year now. He lives in Australia and I live in Canada. :S! My love and I met when he contacted me through MSN, replying to the posts I wrote on a forum. ;D Right from the very beggining, we were extremely in tune with eachother. Our senses of life were very compatible, and we both knew that right away. Ever since then, we have learned a great deal, about eachother and our ideal relationship. Our love has grown stronger and we grow closer with each day. It's kind of funny..... the person whom I feel closest to and at home with, is the farthest person from me! I agree with Sarah, it is completely worth it. My love is moving here in about a month, and we are to be married. !! It does take a lot of work, but what good relationship doesn't?!! It can sometimes be torture being away from eachother, but, in the end, it is completely worth it!! This relationship is the most fulfilling relationship I have ever had. 23,000 miles, 5 miles, makes no difference. I've found my ideal man. I'll wait as long as it takes.
  8. conceptual faculty

    Thank you all very much for your wonderful advice. It helped greatly. Thank you WahlMighty for the detailed advice you gave me. I will definitly check out those books you suggested!!
  9. Favorite Music?

    I absolutley LOVE the Spanish guitar. My favourite artist for this type of music is Jesse Cook. I have all his albums. They are fantastic. My favorite groups/ artists also include Delerium, Conjure One, Enigma, Enya, Yanni, Oka, Sade and a variety of eighties. I also love classical music. I don't have any favorites as of yet, but I do like Vivaldi, Beethoven and Mozart.
  10. Dear Dr. Rosman, First I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have been studying Objectivism for about three years now. Within this time span, I have learned a lot about Objectivism. Throughout this time span, I've had many questions. Mainly about how to integrate these ideas. I want these ideas to be mine, to experience the radiant peace and happiness I've experienced, to be a constant in my life. How does one train ones mind? Where do you start integrating these wonderful ideas and how do you do it? I find that I am very much a perfectionist. Sometimes the thought of the task ahead of me (restructuring and retraining my mind) seems a bit overwhelming. Yet, there are times where I feel completley happy and at peace with myself. How do you know if you are enacting proper discipline with yourself, or if you are being too hard on yourself? Is there such thing as over analyzing? I have a good idea of how subtle ideas can get and I worry that I won't catch them or be aware of them. Is a good idea to fix this, to just keep reading and ask questions? Also, what are some causes to mental blocks a person may have?
  11. Dangerous Beauty

    I absolutely LOVE the movie "Dangerous Beauty". What I liked particularily, was the main characters development. eg: At first, Veronica writes, "how can one fall in love so quickly?" (or something to that effect) to, at the end of the movie where she says that the kind of passion she experiences with her love, is like a prayer in itself...... wow...... that is truly beautiful. I didn't catch that the first time around, but it really hit me when I did. It was also interesting to watch the interaction between Veronica and her love, and their development. I really identified with Veronica's passion. Catherine MCormick really played that character well. She made that passion I know so well so real. Throughout the whole movie, she had this innocent sweetness, sensuality, intelligence and wit. As she grew, you could also see her strength grow. She was yet another amazing example of a courageous beautiful woman, that stood by her values uncompromisingly....... and that unforgettable passion that, that sweet poetess held.
  12. conceptual faculty

    I have learned that you should give commands to your subconscious. Kind of like focusing your mind to a specific task, and telling it "work on this". Are there any specific commands that you should give to your subconcious to "creatively make new connections" How does reading the essays quickly provide an integrated overview?
  13. Inner strength

    Throughout the course of being an Objectivist, I have been well aquainted with the concept of inner strength. In experiencing this concept, I have some questions. Where does inner strength come from? Is it aquired? How can you measure or guage ones strength? Does inner strength imply inner discipline as well? I think that getting stronger comes with experience, and fundamental premises. For example, if a child goes through a traumatic childhood, and still has the strength to overcome it and make something of himself, he preserves the conviction that values are achievable and he still finds his life worthy enough to pursue it. Also I think that because he has validated those convictions with action, that gives him a sense of pride and confidence. Is this partly what constitutes strength? Or is it a prerequisite?
  14. An introduction!

    Hello all! My name is Carrie. I am currently working as a hairstylist in Canada. In the future, I would like to go to University to study Psychology or Biology. I have been studying Objectivism for about 3 years. I very much look forward to meeting and talking with you all!
  15. An introduction!

    I live in Ontario! How long did you live in Alberta for?