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  1. Happy Birthday to Ayn Rand

    Beautiful Ray!! Happy Birthday to the most amazing human being that has existed... and my hero
  2. Hello!

    The Philosophy of Objectivism isn't just "someone else's". It is a Philosophy derived from reality. Ayn Rand's genius just saved us the time and effort of figuring it out and beautifully putting it together. I do not dare try to "interpret it" or put my own twist on it. I take her formulations because it could not have been said any clearer or better. What I do try and do however is fill in the concepts with my own concretizations and relate the principles I learn to my own actions and life experiences.
  3. Caption this Picture

    I have his book "Emotions Revealed" It's a great book. Really neat insights.
  4. Caption this Picture

    I agree Paul. Nothing against you Scott, I respect you very much, but I do think it's a little dangerous to try and interpret a photo in depth with little or no context. Bu on the other hand I personally like very much reading people expressions and facial movements. There are some Objective standards for certain expressions EX: A real, genuine smile is where the eyes crinkle up and the two corners of the mouth are brought up to the full height. Emphasis added to the eyes becase I think they play a very important role in reading whether the emotion is real or not. Be it smiling, shock, surprise or sadness. Again, I do not mean to take this thread off topic.
  5. Caption this Picture

    Caption: McCain--- I wonder how long it is socially etiquette to hold this fake smile for? Clinton --- "That's right, put your best tight-lipped smile forward Hil"
  6. If you say, do it!

    I agree, but what if the member has done some thinking and has something to add or say?
  7. Happy Birthday to Piz

    Happy Birthday!!!
  8. Jokes

  9. There's hope for France yet!

    I think the first video was unecessarily promiscuous. She is a cute girl that does not need to dress like that to perform, she has a good voice. It was obvious to whom the target audience was and for what purpose. It is boring, a "been there done that" routine. Come on women! You have much more to offer than that!
  10. Canadian Publisher Persecuted for Cartoons

    Well, I'm going to focus on how truly heroic this man is whether he is from Canada, U.S or India.
  11. Canadian Publisher Persecuted for Cartoons

    I've just watched the video of this mans opening statement. I give this man much , much applause. I am proud to call him a fellow Canadian.
  12. Canadian Publisher Persecuted for Cartoons

    I meant the actions of Ezra Levant. Not the Canadian government. I think it's hideous what the gov. is doing, but I'm talking about Ezra here. Well, a lot of the people I speak to everyday feel this way as well. They may not know the explicit principles involved like we do, but they do feel it.
  13. Canadian Publisher Persecuted for Cartoons

    It's really nice to hear something positive about Canada recognized by the world. Thanks for posting this.
  14. Best Christmas presents (actual or desired)

    One of the best christmas presents I've ever gotten, was a beautiful brilliant opal stone necklace my sweetie gave me Another of the best presents I've ever gotten was the genuine benevolence, love and support I have offered to me from the people in my life. ~Carrie~*
  15. Happy Birthday to JRoberts

    Happy Birthday
  16. Happy Birthday to Aurelia

  17. Happy Birthday to Nicolaus Nemeth

    Happy Birthday Nicolaus!!
  18. Happy Birthday to Carlos E. Jordan

    LOL Not if I can seduce him first
  19. Happy Birthday to Carlos E. Jordan

  20. Yet Another Fantasy Genre Topic

    I Love fantasy genre, whether in movies, books or computer games. I do not think it is escapist intrinsically. It depends on motivation. It is only "escapist" if you spend hours upon hours absorbed into it. To the point where you don't get anything done or achieve any goals outside of the book, movie or game. I love fantasy genre because of the sheer creativity that went in to it! It's fun! And no not because Reality is boring. I adore Reality and my Life as well, but it's interesting, it's different when I read a story or watch a movie about magic like Harry Potter. Or read a book where there are dragons and such. The only thing that will even spark a remote interest in me though to want to read a fantasy book, is that it has all the elements that a GOOD story has: heroic, interesting characters, a well structured plot-line, a dramatic conflict, a heroic conclusion. There is nothing wrong with fantasy. It is definitely an optional. The only thing wrong with anything recreational is when it fills the void of the Life you're supposed to have.
  21. Paris Hilton finds the Meaning of Life

    What is Paris Hilton famous for? Good question. Although the first time I ever heard of her was because of a scandalous video.... I thought it has been because of that.
  22. Christian Private Schools

    Just to put in a few good words from the North Being a stylist, I literally come into contact with hundreds of people a month, and get to speak with them for a good chunk of time. I would say that 3/4 of those people are very friendly good-natured people. Yes, you get the sour one once in a while, but it is like that everywhere. When I visit Texas, which is quite often, I've noticed that yes, people are generally friendly, but I've also noticed that in Canada, Boston and Atlanta, Georgia.
  23. Christian Private Schools

    I agree.
  24. Christian Private Schools

    What do you mean "suffer in the North?"