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  1. Happy Birthday to RayK

    Happy birthday!
  2. Founders College Psychology Program

    Scott, What are the pre-requisites and cost for signing up? ~C~*
  3. Founders College Psychology Program

    Wow!! A huge CONGRATULATIONS Scott!! These course descriptions sound positively tantalizing! I am looking very forward to what you have to post. ~C~*
  4. Happy Birthday to dondigitalia

  5. Singles?

    Sara Beth. He is actually moving here from Australia! Thank you for your congratulations! PhilO, No, I have not met my love face to face. We interact a lot on webcam, and talk on the phone everyday. I used to think that too, that your not completly sure until you meet face to face. I've thought about that, and the immense in depth conversations I've had with this man, the amount of thought and work we've put into this relationship is enough for me to know that I love him. We've talked about literally everything that could come up as a potential problem. We are both very rational people, and trust ourselves to rationally discuss and deal with anything that we may encounter. We've connected and fallen in love with the most important aspect about a person, their mind and sense of life.
  6. Henna body art

    Well said Joss
  7. Henna body art

    Not necessarily. I've found that there are some colors to tattoos that can be quite nice with the girls skin tone. Also, I don't think that it has to be all about the design. If it suits the girl, (meaning whatever design she chose reflects her particular style) and the proportions are right, again, it can be very complimentary. I personally wouldn't get a tattoo, but I've seen girls who look great with one , because they can wear it. Same with baletindomewen and her sister. They can wear it. ~C~*
  8. Here's a creed that my very close friend and tutor wrote for me. Promise Yourself... To think noble thoughts. To talk health, happiness and prosperity. To make all your friends feel magnanimous. To look at the positive side of everything. To make your optimism come true. To think only the best. To work for only the best. To expect the best. To be happy for others' good fortune. To forget the mistakes of the past. To press on to great achievements. To give everyone you meet a smile. To be too big for worry. To be too serene for anger. To be too strong for fear. To be too happy for pain.
  9. Difficulties in Understanding Objectivism

    Don't ever be depressed about not having yet understood something. I used to beat myself up for what I didn't know, and felt embarrassed. But that's a completely wrong premise. ignorance DOES NOT make you immoral, or a bad person. I think you should be very proud of your will to understand and your desire for truth. Trust me, that, and your love of Life is what will keep you going... You have got the world at your fingertips now that you are (will be) armed with the most powerful, Rational and integrated Philosophy in History! And now all you need to do is learn it! I agree it is overwhelming in the first little while, but stick with it and don't overwhelm yourself. DON'T put any kind of pressure on yourself. Talk to people, ask questions, read, ask questions, write out your thoughts, ask questions!! You've got a wonderful, bright future ahead of you! You've got an amazing Philosophy, a great network of Benevolent people to talk with, a will to understand and your youth. ~Carrie~*
  10. Henna body art

    That's really, really great work! I have always found Henna to be very visually appealing, and beautifully exotic when it suits the wearer. I myself had wanted to get a little Henna design on my back, but couldn't find any place that I was confident about. If I'm ever in town, I'll give you a call ~C~*
  11. SENDING A WONDERFUL LADY, WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! Betsy, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!! Cheers! To the Woman who brings sunshine on this FORUM!!!!! xoxo~Carrie
  12. How do ideas influence society?

    Yes, I realize that. I wanted to make clear that Philosophers are very influential, if not indirectly. I don't think he's placed enough importance on the starting point.
  13. Happy Birthday to free spirit

    Thank you to everyone for all your birthday wishes!!!! ~Carrie~*
  14. How do ideas influence society?

    I disagree. I think that Philosophers do influence society. But by the medium of, like you said, Teachers, Artists and media. And just because the average man of a given society may not take ideas seriously, does not mean he isn't influenced by them. He is influenced by them in the worst way. Because he doesn't take an interest in pursuing the right ideas or introspect on what ideas he holds as true, he is the most susceptible to contradictions. Everyone is influenced by ideas, therefore Philosophers. Those ideas even wrong had to come from somewhere. Think of it like a huge funnel of ideas: 1. Philosophers 2. Teachers 3. Students of academia (Sciences and Politicians) 4. Art 5. Media 6. Mainstream Ideas have a lot more of an influence than you think. Philosophers happen to be the starting point. I suggest reading Ayn Rands "Philosophy Who Needs it"
  15. Happy Birthday to Dufresne

  16. What a wonderful event in your lives!! A grand Congratulations to you both! Best wishes for you all! ~C~*
  17. Prodos blogger accused of 'hate speech'

    I really don't think we need to elaborate on what race is here... The World is full of Human Beings, and amongst those Human Beings there are physically distinct, individual groups that populate the Earth: Whites, Blacks, Indians (the real Indians), Asians, etc. These are individual races, and I don't know how to say it any better than that because it really should be immediately obvious. To say that people in general of a specific race are physiologically different from those of another race isn't racism, it is the very method and definition by which we construct and define race.
  18. Happy Birthday to poojagupta

    Happy Birthday Pooja!!!! ~C~*
  19. Happy Birthday to dcyphyr

    Happy Birthday Ryan!!! I hope your day is filled with fun and passion!! ~C~*
  20. Happy Birthday to Elle

    Happy birthday!!
  21. Happy Birthday to Michael Jenkinson

    Happy Birthday!
  22. What WONDERFUL news!!! A heartfelt Congratulations to you both, on one of the most rewarding achievements in life. And what a gorgeous way to propose! Sounds like a keeper! Wishing you the utmost happiness. ~C~*
  23. Stephen's Health

    Betsy, My most sincere, respectful condolences go out to you. When I heard the news, it brought me to tears. I very much wish I were there to give you a long, big hug. I am here to help or support you in any way I can.... From what I know of Stephen, the song "What a Wonderful World" was a very beautiful and appropriate anthem to his life. My strength and affection go out to you Betsy... Sincerely, Carrie~*
  24. Happy birthday to Ed from OC