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  1. You Be the Jury #1

    Me too. I have always admired the law because its principles were derived inductively from the experiences and the problems real people had in their dealings with each other. The Western Common Law is an achievement of human rationality and a model for how to derive and apply ethical principles to life.
  2. Objectivist anniversaries

    You've got SO MUCH to look forward to. It just keeps getting better. I discovered Objectivism 43 years ago this month, so I should know.
  3. Inner strength

    "Inner strength" in a psychological sense is a metaphorical application of the physical concept of strength that means the capacity or potential for action. A strong horse can DO something, like pull a heavy wagon, that a weak one can't do. Psychologically, a person's capacity for action is determined by his MOTIVATION. His actions are initiated and sustained by what he wants, what he seeks to gain and keep, by his VALUES. The reason why most people lack inner strength is that they lack values that are CLEARLY DEFINED and SELFISH. Both Roark and Keating wanted to be architects, but Roark wanted to build for his own, personal, selfish reasons and Keating didn't. Roark always knew WHY he was doing whatever he chose to do and what it meant TO HIM. As a result, he had the "inner strength" -- the motivation -- to do it. The secret of "inner strength" is to ask yourself, "What do I want -- and why?" and keep looking at the world and your own desires until you find an answer. Then put your whole self into gaining and keeping your values. You will be amazed to discover how strong you can be.
  4. Introduction Hello

    That's quite OK in the "R & R (Rational & Recreational)" section where things are less structured and more personal and casual. R&R is more like a dinner conversation with friends and "topic drift" is to be expected.
  5. Minor addition to the rules

    I'll think about it. Thanks!
  6. Looking for Gautam Sarup

    Darn, I wish I could help you, Ken. I checked my records and the last time I successfully reached him was in May of 2003 and after that his e-mail bounced. I did a quick Google for "gautam sarup" and found a mention of a Gautam Sarup who was businessman and an atheist and a link to an article he might have written to a bbs in 2003 here.. It looks like he isprobably still in India. You might try ARI for a lead to Objectivist groups and individuals there.
  7. Socratic Method

    The way to do that is to ask the right questions. With regard to any concept or idea, the right question is, "What fact(s) of reality give rise to this concept?" and the teacher should ask questions to guide the student toward discovering the answer. For an example of this, see the process Ayn Rand used to discover that "It is only the concept of "life" that makes the concept of "value" possible." With regard to any conclusion, the right question to ask is "Is this true?" and to use questions as a guide to exploring reality in order to find the particular evidence that will prove or disprove the conclusion. The right questions focus attention on REALITY.
  8. Bush's Social Security

    Look into a Roth IRA. You'll probably pay little or no taxes on the money you invest in a Roth and both the principal and the gain will be tax-free FOREVER.
  9. Richard Dawkins Annoys Me!

    It might, but what's that to us? After spending his whole day waging a losing battle with reality, your average Christian will be too worn out and too demoralized to bother us.
  10. Minor changes to Rules and Guidelines

    Thank you for your interest and ideas. The earliest drafts of the Rules and Guidelines were closer to the style you suggest, but as I edited it, I changed the style and this was deliberate on my part. In addition to the information, I wanted to communicate something that makes THE FORUM unique and different from other Objectivist lists and forums: an easy-going, benevolent, informality. Since the Rules and Guidelines are one of the first things a newcomer reads, I opted for a relaxed, conversational style rather than the "headings and detail" format I used later for explaining moderation policies. That way, I hoped to set the tone for the kind of friendly intellectual interactions I'd like members to have here.
  11. Endearing in private, annoying in public.
  12. How about "significant other?" It conveys a unique relationship and the high level of value. Then there's the way my sister would introduce her guy as "my POSSLQ" (pronounced "POS-sil-cue"). That is the official Census Department designation of a Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters. The bureaucratese is not very romantic but, when spoken, it sounds kinda cute.