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  1. Don't shutdown the forum!

    Thank you for your kind words, Scott. My plans are keep the complete contents of THE FORUM available forever as a DVD and/or as an online archive, but I'm moving on to other forms of public activism. In the past few years I've been politicking up a storm on Facebook and doing presentations on Ayn Rand to Tea Party and Republican groups. But my most important project has been writing a book: The WHYS Way to Success and Happiness (link). It's just about finished and I hope to have it up on Amazon before year's end. Then I'm planning to do a lecture tour based on the ideas in my book. When I'm in your part of the country we'll have a chance to meet and spend some time enjoying common values and each other's company. I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Don't shutdown the forum!

    That works very well! The only thing that doesn't seem to be working is the search feature. It finds the relevant posts all right, but the links take you to THIS website and not to Objectiscan. I suspect it's probably just a little tweak to fix that.
  3. Don't shutdown the forum!

    Thanks so much. I'm at OCON with limited access to THE FORUM, but I'll get back to you when I get home in about a week about archiving THE FORUM.
  4. Don't shutdown the forum!

    The reason I will be closing down THE FORUM is because the quantity of postings and the traffic in terms of the number of people who actually read THE FORUM have declined to almost zero. Where have they gone? Where have the quality posters and discussions gone? To Facebook. I understand the concerns people have about privacy and security on Facebook, but you can set up a Facebook account using an anonymous identity or only provide the personal information you choose to. As for the chaotic nature of Facebook, it doesn't have to be. You can select who you "friend" and who you follow and who can see your posts. You can participate in private groups for Objectivists on topics like books, art, education, parenting, Objectivist conferences, property rights, or cooking. What's going to happen to THE FORUM? Since past postings and discussions on THE FORUM present an enormous store of value, I am working to preserve them on DVD and make them available to anyone who would like to have them.
  5. Happy Birthday to jacassidy2

    Wishing a very to jacassidy2.
  6. Here's the link:
  7. Objectivist Culture

    Isn't this an overgeneralization? Some Objectivists understand relationships very well and, as a result, have mutually beneficial relationships with friends, family, business associates, Objectivists and non-Objectivists. Some Objectivists don't. In that respect, Objectivists aren't that much different from people in general.
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  10. Drones and Innovation vs Regulation

    Unfortunately, you have to be a Wall Street Journal subscriber to read the article. Can you summarize?
  11. Happy Birthday to Paul's Here

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  12. ObamaCare Survival Guide by Nick Tate. Book suggested for rating by Bert.
  13. Man of Steel (2013) listing for Man of Steel (2013) Movie suggested for rating by theDML2112.
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  16. Happy Birthday to Bold Standard

    Wishing a very to Bold Standard.
  17. Q regarding Whitman's, "O Me! O Life!"

    Knowing Whitman who, in "Song of Myself," dismissed his own contradictions as unimportant, I doubt he meant the law of identity. I think he was more likely referring to an emotional sense of one's own personal identity or selfhood.
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  19. Evolution v. Creation 'Debate'

    Listen to this lecture by Dr. Keith Lockitch:
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  22. Amazing product.

    That would be good for coating furniture.
  23. Aloha

    Also, adult non-students often gravitate to the talks and activities of Objectivist campus clubs in order to hear the speakers and mentor and support young people interested in Objectivism. As a result, campus clubs often become social centers for Objectivists. I participated for over a decade in Jeanette Leneman's informal every-Wednesday-night Objectivist gathering at her house. It began with a bunch of UCLA students and then expanded to 20 - 30 people a week when she put notices in local papers and bulletin boards telling people who liked Ayn Rand about Wednesday night.
  24. Drawings

    Lovely! I'll bet they were delighted.