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  1. NAACP should be abolished,

    Are you advocating the government forbidding a private, voluntary association?
  2. Population and resources

    Julian Simon deals with these objections and more. I suggest you check out and deal with his arguments before dismissing them.
  3. IF gov't quit wasting resources

    WHY is it "legitimate" to violate the property rights of anybody -- especially those who made a ton of money in voluntary trade with people who wanted what they had produced?
  4. Is it rational to HATE those who threaten your loved ones?

    Some recent posts have been split off into a new thread entitle "Population and resources" here.
  5. IF gov't quit wasting resources

    Taxing anyone -- citizen or foreigner -- is a violation of their property rights. How can that be morally justified let alone advocated as something desirable?
  6. Implicit Concepts and Units

    Ayn Rand meant something specific when she used the term "implicit concept" and she didn't mean a percept at all. See Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology for what Rand meant.
  7. It costs 1/2 million $ each to raise a kid properly in the US

    How about if we leave it up to parents to pay for THEIR OWN children and don't FORCE anyone to support someone else's children or someone else's birth control? As for the alleged problem of overpopulation, see my recommendation of Julian Simon's The Ultimate Resource (here).
  8. Population and resources

    Julian Simon wrote a whole book debunking the "overpopulation is the problem" point of view and anyone who argues for it should read The Ultimate Resource and be prepared to counter Simon's arguments. (link).
  9. Roy Child's critiques of Ayn Rand's essays

    We've discussed David Kelley in many posts and threads already. Use THE FORUM's search feature to find them and then, if you wish, you can add your comments to the existing threads. As for Ray Childs, search for "anarchy" or "anarchism".
  10. Should the government pay for criminal defense?

    From another thread: I think a criminal defendant should have his defense funded by the taxpayers -- if he is not found guilty. Making an innocent person pay for his own defense puts him at a distinct disadvantage to the prosecution which is funded with taxpayer dollars. It can also lead to the abuse of political power. Observe the hundreds of thousands of dollars the Duke lacrosse players families' had to pay, while the District Attorney used the case to garner support from black voters. Observe what it has cost Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn to defend themselves in Canada. The idea of "loser pays" makes even more sense in criminal trials than it does in civil cases. In fact, I think the government should pay much more than the actual attorneys' fees if they lose. A falsely prosecuted innocent man has lost a lot more than what he had to pay his lawyers.
  11. Happy Birthday to JRoberts

    Wishing a very to JRoberts .
  12. Yaron Brook Speaks to UT Austin Business Majors

    That sounds like a great talk. Was it recorded?
  13. Manifesto on Essays for the Masses in General Forums

    I think it is worthwhile to attempt to apply Objectivist ideas to discussions and debates on internet forums. I've been doing it myself since the beginning of the internet. Along the way I've learned a lot about how to explain and persuade. What I did was directly address Andrew's issue -- that Ayn Rand never gave a logical proof of her assertion -- instead of discussing related issues and controversies. In this case, he was factually wrong and my response was to provide the facts to correct his error.
  14. Ender's Game (2013) listing for Ender's Game (2013) Movie suggested for rating by theDML2112.
  15. Happy Birthday to MikeMarotta

    To member MikeMarotta:
  16. If Ayn Rand were still alive...

    There's SO much I would want to ask, but I'd be interested in her opinion of the books Objectivists have written and endorsed since her death.
  17. Gravity (2013) listing for Gravity (2013) Movie suggested for rating by Jim A..
  18. There's privacy violations, and then there's this.

    Actually, Eckert got a bill for $6,000 from the hospital.
  19. Happy Birthday to B. Royce

    To member B. Royce:
  20. Meaning of the Word Soul

    Ayn Rand uses the word to refer to the faculty of consciousness.
  21. That wasn't the real reason ARI stopped promoting Kelley as their spokesman. In fact, they paid for and promoted his speaking engagements for quite some time AFTER he spoke to the Laissez Faire Supper Club and despite the fact that leading Objectivists had broken with Kelley years earlier. What really happened was that Kelley managed to alienate individual Objectivists over a period of YEARS, one-by-one, and ARI was one of the last to break with him.
  22. What for? What does Kelley have to offer ARI? I guess if he wanted to donate money they would take it, but what else could he do for them that they are not already doing very successfully without him? If Kelley wants to speak out and promote Objectivism, he can do so without ARI as many Objectivists,like me have done. If he wants to change Objectivism or move it in a direction the principals at ARI or their contributors don't agree with, it is not in the latter's self-interest to support him, but there's nothing stopping Kelley from starting his own organization and/or cooperating with groups that agree with him -- and he has. So what's the problem?
  23. Objectivist Dropouts

    In the four decades that I have been associated with Objectivism, I have seen 80-90% of the people I went to lectures and conferences with, and considered my best friends and teachers, drop out. I have watched and studied them so carefully that I now know what to look for and I can pretty accurately predict who will eventually drop out and why. Most of the people who drop out of Objectivism were once sincerely devoted to it. Their problem was that, in one way or another, they were seeking something from Objectivism that it could not give them. What did they want? Many different things. There are as many wrong reasons to affiliate with Objectivism as there are wrong answers to the problem 2 + 2 = ?. Still, there are some common goals and personality types among the dropouts. THE REBEL The Rebel is attracted to Objectivism because of what it is against: the authorities and standards that he wishes to reject. Objectivism intimidates his parents, stymies his teachers, and grosses out his minister -- and that's why he loves it. "Who does [Dad, Rev. Mills, the boss, etc.] think he is, telling me what to do?" is his battle cry as he takes up Objectivism with a vengeance. Eventually, he discovers that Objectivism is for something. Objectivism has standards. Objectivists expect him to actually be and do something specific. "Who does [Ayn Rand, Peikoff, Schwartz, etc.] think they are, telling me what to do?" he cries as he drops out and becomes a libertarian. THE LOST LAMB The Lost Lamb just wants to belong and to be loved. He's been rejected by the Peter Keatings, so he seeks validation and acceptance from the people who reject the Peter Keatings: Objectivists. He tries to fit in by espousing all the right ideas and participating in all the appropriate activities. It does work for a while until someone disagrees with him or doesn't give him enough attention and approval. Then he's shattered. It's all their fault, he decides. Those Objectivists are too damn judgemental. He drops out and looks for a place to belong and someone who will accept and tolerate him no matter what he is or does. He may find David Kelley. THE TRUE BELIEVER Eric Hoffer wrote about the man who looks for a Great Cause to give meaning to his otherwise meaningless life. It has to have an Infallible Leader whom he can follow and who will shield him from personal responsibility. A True Believer can be the most dedicated and zealous Objectivist you ever saw. He constantly defends us -- Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, ARI, etc. -- against them -- theists, libertarians, any Lost Lamb he suspects of straying from the Objectivist fold, etc. True Believers stick tenaciously until they discover, to their horror, that their Infallible Leader may have made a mistake. What did Ayn Rand say about a woman President? Peikoff likes Beethoven? Objectivist leaders are disagreeing with each other? He doesn't know what to believe or who to follow, so he just gives up and drops out. Great Causes are interchangeable, so you never know where he'll turn up next. THE EXPLOITER An Exploiter is attracted by the fact that Ayn Rand was a strong and famous personality with many loyal supporters -- and he wants a piece of the action. The Exploiter seeks followers and paying customers from among the ranks of Objectivists. Exploiters have included some knowledgeable and intelligent former Objectivist teachers, leaders, spokesman, and wannabe spokesmen, people with a political agenda, as well as the totally clueless proponents of get rich quick schemes and "Objectivist" countries in Costa Rican jungles. Since Objectivists don't like being exploited, Exploiters don't have to drop out. They are eventually ignored, sued, ridiculed, or kicked out. ---- The Rebels, Lost Lambs, True Believers and Exploiters drop out. The good news is: the real Objectivists stay.
  24. Induction

    Can you give a concrete example of doing this?
  25. Emergence

    Yes, it does, but for the universe to be DISorderly, things would have to be what they are not and fail to act in accordance to what they are.